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5 Restorative Yoga Poses for Restful Sleep


One of the best ways to make sure that rest sleep is the end of your day to restore yoga posture. Turn off your TV, put down your phone, and slowly start using these five relaxing yoga postures to calm your nervous system. This is a good way to relieve pressure, naturally prevent insomnia and promote the dream of peace.


in Savasana, yield to the present. Although it is a rest position, there is not enough time to go to sleep. Start lying on your back. Then put your pelvis away, your tailbone up into the sky, and pull your navel down to create length on your spine. Place the arms on the floor with the palms facing up or on the heart and abdomen.

press gently into the arms and head, lift the chest slightly off the ground, and draw the shoulder blades together and down. Inhale to open the heart, expand the chest, and then exhale to rest. Relax from toes to fingertips and let your tongue fall off the top of your mouth. Take a deep breath and let go of it every time you exhale. Yield to the present, let the mind calm down, embrace the beautiful and quiet posture.