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Restore vitality through these 8 open mind yoga postures


Believe it or not, our chest is full of tension. It doesn't help to curl up in front of the computer all day, because it tightens the muscles in the front of the body. But these open heart yoga postures can actually release the stress and tension in your chest. It's the perfect way to move when you've been in the office all day, or when there's something in your head that you're constantly worrying about. Add them to Dionysian flow or pose for yourself. In any case, you will feel the benefits of posture.

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1. Ustrasana


is the mother of all open heart postures. It opens the entire front of the body, challenges core strength, and improves flexibility in the spine, hips, and shoulders. However, it's a deep back bend, so you have to go through several Suns to salute. What to do: kneel down and separate your knees from your hips. Press your calves and toes onto the floor. Put your hands on your lower back with your fingertips down. Lean back slowly. Bend back as far as you can and don't feel uncomfortable. If you're flexible enough, grab your heels or ankles. Take three deep breaths here. To get up, place your hand on your lower back and slowly roll it back. Do this pose three times.

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2. "A roulette is a good pose for people who sit at their desks all day," says yoga teacher taramilam. It opens the chest to help with posture adjustment. "How to do it: lie on the floor with your feet flat on the ground and your heels close to your sitting bones. Bend your elbows, place your palms on both sides of your ears, and point your fingertips at your shoulders. Actively press your feet and hands on the floor and push them off the ground. Take a few deep breaths. Slowly lower to the top of your head, then lie flat on your back. Curl up into a ball and roll on your back to counteract the pose.

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Cobra (bhujangasana)

cobra is a great, friendly back bend for beginners. If done right, your spine should be shaped like a snake coiled around the floor. When kept for a long time, it is a refreshing and efficient heart opener. Method: lie on your stomach and press your hands tightly on the ground under your shoulders. Hold your elbows on both sides of your body and press your toes and thighs on the ground. Inhale deeply, lift your chest and hips off the floor, and keep your elbows slightly bent. Keep your shoulders away from your ears and look forward. Take a few deep breaths, and when you're ready, slowly return to the ground.

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tree combines the art of balance and the beauty of opening the heart. Because you're standing on one leg, you're going to challenge your balance, by putting your hands in the center of your heart or lifting them up, you're releasing the tension in your chest. How to do it: stand up straight. Transfer the weight to the right foot, bend the left knee and place the left foot on the inside of the right thigh or the right calf. Put your hands on your heart, and if you feel right, lift them over your head, palms facing each other. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the release. To get out of this position, reach down and put your feet back on the ground. Repeat on the left.

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5. Natarajasana is one of the most effective and stress relieving pistachios you can do. You will feel the tension in your chest relaxing and your breath will flow easily into your chest. It's a tense position, so keeping your breath steady is the key. How to do it: tie your right foot firmly to the ground, bend your left knee, and hold your left foot with your left hand. Raise your right arm and kick your left foot into your hand. If you are flexible enough, hold your feet with both hands. If you don't, wrap a strap around your ankle. Take three deep breaths. Put your left foot back on the floor and slowly leave the position. Repeat the opposite side.

correlation: : span> Kelsey Tucker / describe fanana < / span> H3> 6. Utthita Trikonasana (Utthita Trikonasana)

the Trikonasana relies on the strength and balance of your legs and feet, while creating a wonderful opening in your chest, shoulders, hips and, of course, heart. Methods: face the short end of the mat with the right foot and the long end with the left foot. Your heels should line up. Place your arm in the shoulder height t position and move your right fingertip forward. Put your right hand down on a block, on your shins or on the floor. Stretch your left arm straight up, or look to your left hand, or if your neck feels better, look to the ground. Take a few breaths here, slowly return to the middle and repeat on the other side. Related: 13 yoga postures can help you reduce clumsiness. The posture of the Sphinx (Salamba bhujangasana)

is a passive back bend, which is often practiced in the restorative course and serves as a guide for the restorative part of the more rigorous course. One of the benefits of a sphinx is that you can keep it as you wish without fatigue, which is a treatment. What to do: lie down. Extend your elbow to your ribs. Your hands should be at a distance from your shoulders and flat on the ground in front of you. Peel your chest off the ground and pull your shoulder blades back and down the spine. Either look forward, or let your chin drop to your chest and rest your neck. Take a few deep breaths here. Look down on the ground and to one side.


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8. Although Savasana is technically a resting position, it can also make people feel relaxed and happy. The supportive prairie allows your chest to be more leveraged and allows for ultimate relaxation of your back, neck and shoulder blades. Most importantly, your mind and soul can let go. Methods: place a long pillow, rolled up blanket, towel or other comfortable items on the upper back, under the shoulder blades and under the head. Lie down comfortably. Rotate your arms outward, palms up. Let go of yourself. Breathing.

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open your heart to do everything yoga can provide. Whether your mood is camel like intensity or supportive grassland like peace, yoga has something for you. You can practice at home, in the studio, and even take part in wonderful podcasts during your lunch break at work.

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What do you think? What are your favorite happy yoga postures? What are your favorite ways to reduce stress? Have you tried these yoga postures? How do you feel after that? Share your yoga thoughts, questions and stories in the comments section below!

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