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Cheers and tears: the second week of the Winter Olympic Games



the first full week of the Winter Olympics brings the usual thrill of victory, the pain of failure and the joy of just getting the chance to compete on the biggest stage of their sports. Sochi is full of victories and tragedies, unexpected winners and disappointing endings, but also reminds people that sports should unite and compete with each other. Let's take a look at some of the most eye-catching images of the 2014 Olympic Games.

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bronze dance

Julia Mancuso may not have won the gold medal in the super group, but the American still has reason to cheer up. Winning the bronze medal in this event won her the fourth alpine skiing career medal, making her the Olympic athlete with the most medals in American skiing history. No one has won more than two games.

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dream failed

Japanese Sean duo hopes to get on the medal platform in the second Olympic Games, but he can't adapt to Sochi's weather and stadium conditions. He fell to 15th place after finishing seventh in 2010. Alex bilodio of Canada won the gold medal, and Patrick Denning of the United States won the sixth. Norwegians Megan Casperson Farah and ingwerd frustad Ostberg made full use of this opportunity to win the first and second place respectively in the women's cross-country freestyle sprint. This makes their country a medal leader halfway through the Olympics. I'm very glad to end. Few events are harder than two sports, both of which require skiing endurance and stable hands. But it's not a problem for Daria domracheva of Belarus to combine the two. She won the gold medal in the 10K chase and then another in the 15km chase. Although Slovenian TEGA gregorin looks downcast, she has every reason to jump: her bronze medal performance marks her country's first ever two-way all-around medal. When Irene Hamlin sped down a smooth track at 80 miles an hour, she was not discouraged. It was only a few inches from the ice. The new Yorker became the first American male and female to win a bronze medal in Sochi. His dream was denied. He started the Sochi Olympic Games and dreamed of winning the unprecedented three consecutive titles in the men's semi pipe race. He will be the first American in any sport to win three consecutive gold medals in the same event. But the Olympics were a disappointment for the legendary white man. After retiring from the spittel team and focusing on finding a third halfpipe gold medal, he worked hard in both events to finish fourth.

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jump into history

women get the chance to participate in Sochi Olympic Games. 90 years ago, the first Winter Olympic Games men's ski jump officially opened. Germany's carina Vogt won the first gold medal in women's events by taking advantage of the equal points. Vogt never won the World Cup before the Olympics.

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Olympic spirit

the Olympic Games are not only about winning gold medals, but also about sports. A dramatic example came in the men's cross-country individual sprint free semi-final, when Russian Anton jajarov broke a snowboard at the beginning of the race. Jajarov is ready to cross the finish line so that he can finish the race in his own country, but Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth runs out with his skis and helps jajarov fasten his ski belt so that the Russians can finish the race in a more appropriate way. In the history of the Winter Olympic Games, there has never been a draw in the gold medal of alpine skiing. This is not surprising, because the time of this event is one hundredth of a second. But Dominic gisin of Switzerland and Tina mezzi of Slovenia finished the women's downhill race 1:41.57, tied for gold.

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tripped over

the United States team is the primary opponent of women's hockey against Canada, and the first leg of Sochi is Canadian. Three goals in the third quarter proved that Canada won 3-2 differently, but the U.S. rebounded into the gold medal race and won a rematch - with more chances. Although the Americans won the first women's ice hockey gold medal in 1998, Canadians entered the Olympic Games as the defending champion of three Olympic Games.

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halfpipe hero

Kaitlyn Farrington had to fight for the women's semipipe final. Once she won the Olympic gold medal, she would face the last three gold medal winners there. But Farrington was not intimidated by competitors' hardware - she saved the best part of her life for the sport's biggest stage and left with a gold medal of her own. As a start for Caitlin Farrington's exclusive club to become a gold medalist. Australian Torah bright and teammate Kelly Clark also joined her, winning silver at Sochi, gold at Vancouver and bronze at Salt Lake City in 2002. Another former champion, 2006 gold medalist Hannah Tate, failed to win a medal.

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so that's how it feels! The Japanese women's ice hockey team has not scored since the 1998 Olympic Games. This is the last time that the team has won the qualification of this event. Although the team didn't win a medal in Sochi, they managed to score because toco put the ice hockey into the net and drew 1-1 against Russia. The Japanese team continued to lose, 2-1, but in the rematch, the Japanese team scored better, 6-3, in the consolation game to the host.

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stands upside down on the mountain

Luca Schuler is in high spirits when he tries to get rid of the uneasiness in the men's freestyle skiing obstacle project. Schuler had a bird's-eye view of the surroundings, but the Swiss skier failed to break the podiumBecause the Americans led 1-2-3 in the first game.

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the Star Spangled Banner swept the Olympic Games, occupying three positions on the podium. This is only the third time the United States has swept the men's Olympic Games. Jos Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Gopper won in such warm weather, with teammate Bobby Brown wearing a T-shirt in the final. Credit: al belo / Getty Images

bleak ending

Evgeni prushenko hopes to end his legendary Olympic career with another victory of the men's team, but it is impossible for him to skate on the ice at home. After leading the Russian team to the figure skating team championship, the 2006 gold medalist pulled out of the warm-up with a back injury. Han Yu of Japan won the gold medal, Patrick Chen of Canada won the silver medal, and Dennis Teng of Kazakhstan won the bronze medal. Others make sure the venue is ready for the athletes. Here, a large group of volunteers flattened the snow to prepare for the men's super combined skiing competition won by Swiss player Sandro veletta. Is it really winter? Sochi is a rare winter Olympics venue, with temperatures higher than most Americans wake up every day. As many East Coast residents are shoveling snow from sidewalks, athletes such as Norwegian cross-country skier Chris Andre Jespersen wear summer look clothes to avoid overheating during the race. However, shorts and T-shirts didn't help Jess Persson get to the podium, where he finished 13th. Bumps and crashes determine who wins and who loses. Eduardo Alvarez of the United States lost his edge in a turn and hit a wall in Charles Hamelin of Canada. When he was eliminated, his hopes were dashed. Russia's victor Ann kept his balance and slipped away with a gold medal. Credit: Richard lautens / Toronto Star team through Getty Images' shadow of 1980

the stakes are not so high this time: because the game is a group game, both teams know that they will enter the next round. Nevertheless, every time the United States and Russia hockey team play, it will remind people of the miracle of the ice hockey team. The intensity of the Sochi match gives people a feeling of medal round. Canfowler's goal gave Phil Kessel a reason to celebrate. The game drew 1-1, and the Americans won the match 3-2. Different from the National Hockey League, Olympic Hockey shooting allows the same player to shoot multiple times when the game suddenly dies. This gives T.J. oshie a chance to become an American hero. Oshi threw six of eight goals for the U.S. team in the crossfire and replaced four, including the champion, whose team beat Russia 3-2. In the fifth Olympic skiing competition, Miller finished his super-G with a score of 1:18.67, tied for bronze with Canadian Jan hood. He almost came out with a silver medal, but was overtaken by teammate Andrew weibrecht, who won an amazing silver medal. The two ended a week-long drought in the American men's skiing program. Due to the low visibility of the stadium, the event was postponed. In the combination of skiing and shooting, it is very important to see the target.

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cool running came back. During the Olympic Games, AI had to wait for the delayed equipment to pay the bill by crowdfunding. After this scene, Ali had to test his courage on the sled track. No Hollywood ending (remember the movie "cool run" in the 1990s? However, for Sochi's team, after the first two preliminaries, the team ranked last out of 30 sleds.

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Ice Dance Fever

American ice dancer Meryl Davis and Charlie white have skated together for 17 years. This experience shows that they have made a huge step towards the goal of gold medal by winning this short event. Their main competitors are defending gold medallists Tessa derus and Scott Moore of Canada. However, nothing competitors can do can surprise the other side - the two teams train together. Davis and white finally won the gold medal. What's your favorite moment?

the Olympic games often attract the enthusiasm of even occasional sports fans with its attraction to national pride and the degree of challenge to seemingly infinite potential athletes. What motivates you in these games? Please let us know in the comments below.


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