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Vmas highlights scroll: everything Vmas missed in 2019


You may already know that the MTV Music Video Awards in 2019 took place on August 26. If you are too lazy to watch the program, or you just want to watch the wonderful program, then you can chat in the lounge, we have arranged for you. From wardrobe failures to political statements to messages of self love, Vmas always leave us with unforgettable pop culture moments to remember. Miss Elliott published the video of the year in 2003. Her Nokia mobile phone, loose clothing and timberland Cameo brought the main atmosphere of the 2000s. Among all retro fashions, the video also shows 10-year-old Alyson stone breaking some serious dance moves.

fast forward to Vmas in 2019, where Miss Elliott performed her music mix, and 17 years later, she returned to her featured moment with Alison stone. The audience absolutely likes it.

Michael Jackson video Pioneer Award, which is to honor outstanding artists, was renamed in 1991 to commemorate Michael Jackson. Mickey was the first female rapper to win the award, which was presented to her by Cady B. Artists like David Bowie, the Beatles, Madonna, the rolling stones, Britney Spears and J. Rowe won the award before she did. Who is Sebastian? In 2018, Vmas chose not to have a host, so they could "let music speak for themselves". But this year, they decided to invite comedian Sebastian Maniscalco as the host, and he received mixed reviews. It seems that Twitter would rather have no host than suffer Maniscalco's opening remarks. The comedian is known for being outspoken. Considering that he has his own Netflix comedy special, some people must think he is very interesting, but social media didn't respond well to his teasing about the concept of safe space or triggering warnings last night.

wardrobe failure can't prevent Norman from performing her first solo single motive at the music festival. She killed it directly. If someone said that the members of the fifth harmony could not dance, normany proved that everyone was wrong. Like the queen, she deals with her wardrobe problems. You may not notice the struggle of the sweater at all, and we don't blame you. Her abs, her incredible choreography, and her literal gymnastics are really important.

Taylor's award speech


picture source: Mike Coppola / Getty Images for MTV photo credit: Mike Coppola / Getty Images for MTV

pop star Taylor Swift sang her song "you need to calm down" at the beginning of the program, which is one of the songs in her latest album lover. This song won her a prize He won the best video "moonman" award in 2019.

Taylor used her winning speech to further promote her video, thanking all fans who voted for the video and signed the petition entitled "support for Equality Act" sponsored by swift, which appeared at the end of her yntcd music video.

Taylor's Senate shadow

photo source: Bryan bedder / Getty Images via Getty Images to credit: Bryan bedder / Getty Images via Getty Images

before her "you need to calm down" video was released, Taylor started her change.org petition "supporting the Equality Act", which is aimed at the US Senate. In her speech, swift cast some shadow over the Senate, saying, "I want to thank all those who signed the petition, because it now has 500000 signatures, which is" five times the response required from the White House. "

John Travolta's film of the year award for "near mashup" magazine has almost brought us back to the 2014 Oscar for John Travolta's "Adele dazim" event. The video of the year award was presented by Travolta and the queen of Latifa, but Travolta almost missed when he handed the award to swift on stage. At first, Travolta gave the prize to swift, but realized that he had found the wrong person. He was interested in jade Julie, the queen of Delaware, rather than Taylor Swift. Fortunately, he found out, which proves how attractive Julie is.

Taylor Swift VMA Topper

picture source: Dimitrios kambouris / vmn19 / Getty Images for mtvphoto credit: Dimitrios kambouris / vmn19 / Getty Images for MTV

Taylor Swift has become one of the five most decorative VMA winners with its latest victory on VMA in 2019. Taylor has won three visual effects, video and video of the year awards, winning 10 games since she was first nominated in 2009.

she was followed by Lady Gaga and Peter Gabriel, who won 13 VMA awards respectively. Beyonce ranked first, and she won 24 Video Music Awards.

lil NAS X has grown up. You've all heard this song, like it or not, because it's all over this summer.

the song won the lilnas x song of the year and director of the year award, and was nominated in eight categories, plus NASS himself was nominated as the best new artist.


lizzo disseminates love

picture source: Kevin Mazu / wireless image image source: Kevin Mazu / wireless image

lizzo, a pop music giant, attended Vmas and was nominated for four categories. She performed a wonderful performance in front of a huge buttock sculpture. In her performance, she briefly narrated the importance of self love. What else can we get from her?

her VMA debut is a mix of her popular works true hurt and hellish good. During the performance, lizzo took tequila from a jewelry bottle, because, well, she thought. Photo credit: Jim Spellman / wireimagephoto credit: Jim Spellman / WireImage

Rosalia, a Latin artist, won two awards for her song con Altura, with J balvin winning the best Latin music and choreography award. Along with her award, she performed three songs, one of which was by Puerto Rican artist ozuna. In addition to the two awards, she was nominated as the best new artist, and after her performance, it was clear why.

Miley killed her performance

picture source: Kevin Mazur / wireimagephoto credit: Kevin Mazur / WireImage

Miley Cyrus made her first appearance at the awards ceremony since she broke up with her husband Liam Hemsworth in early August, and she also performed an incredible touching performance for her new single "the good luck". Cyrus's girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter recently broke up with her husband, Brody Jenner, and attended the show. According to reports, Cyrus and Carter were found to be lazy backstage before Millie's performance and at a VMA backyard party, but their relationship has not been confirmed.

Sean and Camilla

picture source: Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty imageshoto credit: Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

since the release of the single "I know what you did last summer" in 2015, rumours about Sean Mendes and Camilla Cabello have been circulating, but with the release of their songs in 2019, "Miss" we I'm sure they're dating.

everyone in the audience is looking forward to the hot performance ending with a kiss, which will finally confirm their relationship status, and this is almost going to happen, but then they end their appearance with a fake action. People are wearing snakes. Photo credit: Getty Images

in Britney Spears' I'm a slave for you performance around 2001, one or two celebrities in VMA wear snakes as accessories, but the ratings are not high.

Internet celebrity Tana Mongolia and singer h.e.r. have tried this Python accessory, but twitter doesn't. Yes, Britney did it first, but Britney did it nearly 20 years ago. Now people really care about the health of snakes. Artist of the year: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for agphoto credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Ag

in the competition with Jonas Brothers and Billie eilish, Ariana Grande won the MTV VMA artist of the year 2019. The victory was a bit out of place for grant because she toured Europe on the night of the awards ceremony and failed to attend, but she still won the honorary title because she won a fair and just award. We are sure that they will have more Ariana performances in the future.

Jonas Brothers continue to make their comeback

photo source: Brian ACh / Getty Images for mtvphoto credit: Brian ACh / Getty Images for MTV

2019 is an exciting year for the reunion of Jonas Brothers, their new album and the beginning of their sports field trip. To continue their comeback, the brothers performed together at the awards ceremony for the first time in 11 years. What better time to host a show in your hometown? The brothers performed a long-distance performance at the stone Horse Park in aspery Park, New Jersey, and apparently fans ate it. The reunion of the little soprano was disappointing because it was the first time that New Jersey hosted an award ceremony. Unfortunately, this "Reunion" left some unsatisfactory places.

dreia dematro, Jamie Lynn Siegel and Vincent pastor presented the best pop music award and briefly introduced the 20th anniversary of the classic mob show. The most disturbing thing for fans is that the late James Gandalf, who played the infamous Tony Soprano, has never been mentioned.

J balvin and bad Bunny stop you from thinking about reality. Their title song "Qu é pretends" comes from their LP oasis . The artists show their voice range, and also show their multitasking ability, because they once wore huge costumes and hung on wires during the performance. We are not sure if anyone fully understands the meaning of this set, but they have a successful LP, we do not know who we should judge? Where is Tyler?

photo source: Efron Landao s / SopA images / lightrocket via Getty Images to credit: Efron Landao s / SopA images / lightrocket via Getty Images

fans of bachelors now know that Hannah B's runner up, Tyler Cameron, has started dating model Gigi Hadid - we think - we want him to be on the VMA red carpet with her. To the dismay of fans, Gigi and her sister Bella Hadid walked on the carpet together, but Tyler apparently attended a party at VMA. The couple may not be fully prepared to admit that they are dating, but they are found kissing in the Fleur room after the VMA, which is the confirmation everyone needs. See you off in New Jersey.

born naughty Jersey rappers Redman, fitti wapp, wyclive Jean and queen Latifa all performed on stage. The audience watched fitti wapp's National Anthem "the queen of traps" and the performance of Queen Latifa riding a motorcycle. It's a bit confusing, but you can see it as a whole success.