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Female UFC Fighters Who'll Make You Want to Take an MMA Class


In order to get some inspiration in real life, we once again turn to women of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), especially the ultimate Fight Club (UFC). We have brought together the women who are leading this training to help you get motivated for the next training.


curious about top female UFC fighters? We have made up a list. (picture: Sean m.haffe/getty images sport / gettyimages)

mixed martial arts and ultimate fight club

MMA is the real sport, and UFC is an alliance in this sport. The simplest way to explain it? According to Alex Lee, social news editor at mmafighting.com, basketball is a sport and NBA is a league. &Fighters compete in MMA, but they can fight for UFC or any other organization. UFC is the largest and most successful MMA promotion activity so far, he said. Bellato MMA ranks second in North America. &However, in North America and around the world, there are hundreds of small promotions that put MMA shows together, Lee said. At present, the best MMA female boxer is usually the heaviest boxer in UFC, Lee said (see the list below). However, in other promotions, some famous champions are considered close to this level. Lee includes:


  • Julia bard: badminton champion, 145 pounds, in bellator MMA,
  • Elima ray McFarlane: flying ball champion, 125 pounds, in bellator MMA,
  • aga nedzweiz: an MMA champion, 125 pounds, in Poland. Pound, in Invicta FC, an all female promotion
    • the best female UFC fighter

      according to Li, the top female UFC fighter in each department is:

      • sister Amanda: bantam weight, 135 pounds (nun also recently won the badminton - 145 pounds - champion, so she & 39; he said that she is currently the champion of two different weight levels ).
      • Valentina Shevchenko: flying weight, 125 pounds
      • Jessica Andrade
      • : straw weight, 115 pounds

          but there are several other top boxers in UFC, famous for different reasons. Here is a list by weight that summarizes why every female boxer is so highly rated.

          heavyweight boxer (115 lbs and below)

          • Joanna jedrzejczyk, a former champion from Poland: she successfully defended her weightlifting Title five times before losing to namajunas on November 4 in UFC 217, 2017. Jedrzejczyk also recently competed with Valentina Shevchenko for the flying weight championship, losing unanimously to one of the sport's most popular female fighters. The best competitor in a row.
          • Claudia gadelha: has long been considered to be the second best straw in the world after jedrzejczyk, and gadelha is only one level lower than other competitors. The former Olympic wrestler has been derailed by a neck injury and thyroid cancer. After successful treatment of thyroid cancer, she came back and won all seven games. UFC is the ultimate fighter reality show.
          • Michelle Watson: this top competitor and veteran is also known as the karate spice girl, and Watson is very popular for her personality and fighting style.
            • hammer fighter (116 to 125 pounds)

              • Jessica eye: she is a veteran who has experienced a losing streak in the competition for a long time. She has become the number one competitor and won the last three games.
              • Liz carmocchi: as the first woman and a member of team 39, in the history of UFC, in the UFC 157 (February 23, 2013) against Rossi, carmucci won the victory of the current champion Valentina Shevchenko. Strong: Antonio Shevchenko / she and 39 years old are Taekwondo stars. She is unbeaten in MMA (7:0). She has a sister, Valentina Shevchenko. She took part in UFC for the first time at the age of 20. Although her performance in prison is uneven, she has achieved considerable mainstream success and won the second place due to her role in dance with the stars.
                • heavyweight boxer (126 to 135 pounds)

                  • Holly Holm: former champion and long-term competitor, Holm is also one of the most decorated Female Boxers in history.
                  • caitlon Vieira: unbeaten Brazilian boxer with 10-0 record (UFC 4-0), Vieira is currently regarded by many as Rhoda Rossi: the most famous MMA female boxer in history, has been inactive since December 30, 2016, and may have retired. She is currently a top player in the world wrestling entertainment company.
                    • badminton Boxer (136-145 pounds)

                      • Cris E-man: won Badminton Championship for a long time before losing to nuns. Since November 20, E-man has won 21 times in a row, in 2005. Would you like to know more about MMA? Start by watching UFC. It's a barrier free product with dozens of free performances throughout the year, and to a large extent, you guarantee at least two or three high-level competitions per performance. There was a time when people might watch several UFC shows a year, but the MMA movement itself flourished in the 2000s. Now, in addition to other promotional programs, there are UFC activities almost every week. From there, Lee said, you will start to learn the rules and what is good fighting, good fighting, good technology and bad technology. Then look at other promotions and events.