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25 wonderful moments of 2014 Winter Olympic Games



with the 2014 Winter Olympics coming to an end, there are many memorable moments. Whether it's Mikaela Shiffrin, 18, who won the gold medal in the slalom assist, Ted ligety's mastery of the U.S. men's hockey team's ramps or a painful exit, Sochi offers an unforgettable game. Here are some of the most striking images from the last week of the 2014 Olympics. Source: Julian fini / Getty Images)

1. After a hot night on a cool track, the American bobsled duo Stephen Holcomb and Stephen Langton won bronze medals in Sochi, the first time the United States has won a medal in the event in 62 years. But it's not finished yet. Both players were part of the four man team, and they also won bronze medals at 3 percent per second. This makes Holcomb the first sled driver in the United States to win multiple Olympic medals in 62 years. Heavy fog is a problem for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The abnormal warm temperature has turned the snow on the ski resort into mud, and the fog has come quietly, delaying snowboarding and winter competitions. But it turned out that the challenge was temporary, because the athletes had the chance to finish every competition before the end of Sochi Olympic Games. In time, the coach always told the athletes not to celebrate before the end of the race, but obviously the Norwegian Emir Hegel svenderson didn't receive this message, which almost made him lose a gold medal in the 15km cross-country start. When Swenson raised his arms early to celebrate, Martin Foucault of France rushed to the finish line. The Norwegians won by a few inches. Fall, stand up and win the bronze medal in the 3000m relay final of Italian women's short track was shattered when Ariana Fontana fell on the ice. But she got back on her feet, and her team finished the game, and it turned out to be a medal worthy performance. Italy won bronze in the competition, second only to South Korea and Canada, when China was disqualified. The last time Ted Ligeti won a gold medal at the Olympics, he was a 21-year-old unknown who competed in the Olympics in Turin in 2006. Eight years later, he entered the Winter Olympics as one of the most popular athletes, but was long blocked from the podium. He won gold again and became the first American man to win two gold medals in alpine skiing.

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6. Gold standard

Gracie gold did not win a personal medal in Sochi, ranking fourth in women's figure benchmarking. But the 18-year-old sparkles when she skates two clean events at the Olympics and says she will be back in 2018. However, she will have some competitors: teammates Ashley Wagner and Polina Edmonds also said they had no plans to hang up their skates.

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7. Russia's men's hockey team is under great pressure to win gold in front of its own fans, but it's a disappointing Olympics for Alexander ovichkin and his teammates. They made it to the finals as one of the gold favourites, but lost to the United States in the group stage and then to Finland 3-1 in the quarter finals. The Russians pulled out of the competition, not showing their efforts, but a lot of criticism from the local people.

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8. Flying at height

not many athletes can enjoy the scenery as Sochi's ski jumper. French player Jason Lamy chappis held his national flag at the opening ceremony. He was more focused on his landing point than the surrounding mountains, which helped him to finish fourth in the Nordic portfolio. Sometimes the difference between gold medal and silver medal is as small as a snowboard. In the Nordic group event, Norwegian Jorgen grabak and German Fabian lissler sprint to the finish line in the last 100 meters. Grabak was the first to cross, handing gold to Norway, three tenths of a second ahead of Germany.

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10. Iron curling looks like a game. You and your friends can play in the backyard, assuming the yard is made of ice. But it's a game that requires skill, athleticism and concentration, a winning combination that Canadians used to dominate in Sochi. The Canadian men's and women's curlers won the gold medal. Heartbreaking failures sometimes win silver. Sometimes you lose gold. For the US women's hockey team, the feeling must be the latter. The United States led Canada 2-0 with a score of 3-26, but after Canada scored a goal, the United States shot in Canada's air net. After that, Mary Philip prin equalised with less than a minute left in the game and won the championship for Canadians in extra time, winning the gold medal in women's hockey for the fourth time in a row. Kim hye Jin, who hit South Korea, felt the pain of a long jump mistake during a bad take-off in Sochi's 16th place. But it was not the result of the women's figure skating competition, which caused the greatest pain in her country. Defending Olympic gold medalist Yuna Kim's silver medal was a controversial decision, with Russian Adelina sotnikova winning the gold medal. Mikaela Shiffrin, 18, made the biggest stage of the Olympics and became the youngest hurdle champion in history. After finishing fifth in the turnaround earlier this week, she is well prepared for the next project. Her lightning fast whirl took her to a gold medal, ahead of Austria's Mary Schild, whom schifflin adored.

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14. At the end of the men's hockey semi-final against Finland, Henrik lundkvist had every reason to celebrate. The Swedish goalkeeper led the team to a 2-1 victory over traditional hockey opponents, which won the gold medal. However, when Sweden lost 3-0 to Canada on the last day of the Olympics, the good fortune ended. Walking in the clouds

this is not a science fiction movie about sliding across the sky. But Vita semelenko of Ukraine has reason to feel that he was in Sochi's winter women's relayLike a dream, like a dream. She and her teammates ski and shoot to win the gold medal. End... But no victory cigar

it seems that the United States and Canada have been in the process of collision since the first confrontation in Sochi. Each won the group and set up a meeting in the medal round. The two teams played close to a draw, but Jamie benn raced the ice hockey past us goalkeeper Jonathan in the second quarter, and the US team found themselves tripping over Kerry price at the other end. As a result, Canada won 1-0, the second consecutive Olympic Games. Americans saw their neighbors end their ice hockey gold medal dream. There was a reason why they called it the women's cross-country mass, but Marit bjorkan wasn't stuck in the traffic for long. The Norwegians led the race, with compatriot Therese johnog winning silver and Christine stomer Stella bronze. It was also her third gold medal and tenth medal in Sochi, setting a record for women's most medals in Olympic history. For athletes like Daniel mesotitsch of Austria, the triathlon is one of the biggest challenges in sports. After finishing a tough cross-country skiing circle, the competitors must calm down and shoot at the target accurately. Austria scored enough in the men's 4x7.5km relay, second only to Russia and Germany for bronze. The high hopes for the US men's hockey team came to an abrupt end in the Olympics against Finland. Perhaps still feeling the impact of the previous day's loss to Canada, the Americans lost two free throws and 5-0 in the bronze medal to the Finn. Although the U.S. team beat Russia in the group game is the same, the U.S. team left Sochi without a medal.

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20. On the contrary,

not all Olympic dreams end in success, or even in the glory of completing the game. For Canada's third four man team, led by Justin Cripps, the result of the second round was that the sled turned over in one corner and looked scary. Fortunately, all four Olympians came out of the accident, but their pursuit of medals is over. Canadian hockey fans put a lot of pressure on their Olympic team. In Sochi, the men's and women's teams are able to cope with challenges. The women's team knocked out the United States in overtime, while the men's team knocked out Sweden 3-0 on the last day of the Winter Olympics. This time, is it deliberately said that Russians have no sense of humor? When performers remake the Olympic rings at the closing ceremony, they take the form of four rings and a smaller dot to make fun of an accident at the opening ceremony. At that time, a small fault caused a ring to fail to display normally. The credit: Matthew stockman / Getty Images

23. As part of the closing ceremony, the waitresses walked into the stadium with national flags. This is in line with the overall theme of the Olympic Games, which traditionally emphasizes bringing countries together to compete peacefully in sports, regardless of political differences or hostility.

spa> Credit: Peter parks / AFP / Getty Images

24. Mascot party

every Olympic Games has mascots - what better way to decorate souvenir T-shirts and pins? But the Russians let them play a bigger role in the closing ceremony. The polar bear blew out the Olympic flame, leaving a tear in the process. Let's be disappointed that the opening ceremony of any Olympic Games is full of pageantry and environment. The athletes are officially entering the stadium to prepare for the competition. But what about the closing ceremony? It was a party! Music, hip swings and athletes from all over the world soon began to hang out, celebrate their achievements, come to Sochi and compete.

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What's your favorite moment? The Olympic flame had been extinguished for two years before Rio de Janeiro resumed its Olympic Games, but the Olympic spirit remained. From the dominance of Norwegians in speed skating to Canadians in hockey, to all the players in the competition, the Olympics show that despite the pressure from the outside world, it is still related to sports. Did you watch the winter sports meeting this year? What's your favorite activity? What's your favorite moment? Please leave a message and let us know.

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