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Angelina Jolie eats spiders?! And nine weird celebrity food ads.



celebrities are never people who do things in the traditional way, including how they support themselves. In recent years, some of the most famous stars have made some of the strangest food confessions. From Angelina Jolie's hobby of eating insects (does anyone like eating toasted tarantula?) In order for Courtney Kardashian to drink a glass of melted butter on Jennifer Lawrence's "signature sandwich" every morning, some stars go ahead with their cooking drums. Find out what some of the hottest celebrities admit to spending. However, the spoiler warns: These are not all aimed at the timid.

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1. Matthew McConaughey's "breakfast of Champions" played an AIDS patient in "Dallas buyer's Club". He may have lost 38 pounds, but in 2016, Matthew McConaughey had to gain about 50 pounds because of his role in the movie "gold". Matthew McConaughey didn't take the healthy approach many celebrities used to do, but at 48 he decided to enjoy his food. For him, it means pizza night - not all of it. " It's a good idea to have cheeseburger and beer for breakfast. I'm really relaxed! " He said on the Graham Norton show. It's no secret that Angelina Jolie's insect buffet tends to go the way that people don't know, but who knows it applies to her food? The mother of six told BBC's Yalda Hakim earlier this year that she and her children had made an insect buffet in Cambodia. Julie teaches twins Knox and Vivian how to properly fry spiders ("see the hard part of your teeth? "Take out the fangs.") , then revealed that she had tried worms on her first visit to the country. But the actress didn't plunge into insect eating: she had to work hard to eat eight legged reptiles. " You start with crickets. "Crickets and beer, and then you're a bit like a tarantula," she said. Kim Kardashian's daily salad

what food is moldy? In a 2017 episode, "what happened on the spot," Kim Kardashian confessed to Andy Cohen that she had eaten the same salad "every day" for the year to help reduce the baby's weight that she had gained with the saint and reach her goal of 120 pounds. If you've seen an episode of keep up with Kardashian, you know that the mother of two still likes this dish (it's a Chinese chicken salad with healthy nuts in Carabas), but she doesn't eat it 365 days a year. Sometimes you just have to mix it up.

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4. Shailene Woodley's clay consumption is

with her strong physique and shiny skin, people are not surprised by the diet of "big and small lies" star shailene Woodley. But when the 25-year-old told beauty websites she ate clay, clay fans began scratching their heads, understandably. Woodley admitted that when she learned about it from the taxi driver, she started the strange way. For the first time, I heard about the benefits of eating clay from taxi drivers. He's African, he said, and where he was born, women eat clay when they're pregnant, the "divergent" star confessed. So I found that clay is good for you, because your body can't absorb it, and it obviously provides a negative charge, so it combines with negative isotopes... It also helps to remove heavy metals from the body. " Now listen to how to calm down in 3 minutes. Credit: kevork djansezian / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images

5. Kourtney Kardashian breakfast butter

some people eat butter for breakfast, Kourtney Kardashian breakfast butter. But, of course, for a mother of three, it's not just any old butter. Kardashian drinks clear butter or ghee every morning when she gets up. "Butter is the first thing I put in my body every morning," 36 year old shared on her website. I take a big teaspoon of butter every morning, melt it on the stove in the pot, and then drink it from a lovely little ceramic white cup. After eating, I don't eat anything for 20 minutes, and then drink a glass of water before eating. "It's clear that butter is rich in oil-soluble vitamins and is considered a healthy fat," Kardashian wrote, "meaning that fatty acids are absorbed directly into the liver and burned as energy." Points: Slavic / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images

6. Jennifer Lawrence's signature sandwich is either to eat or to go home. In 2016, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence revealed to glamour that she had invented a signature sandwich when she felt indulgent - on which pizza was used instead of bread. " "It's called a chili pizza sandwich," she said. You have a pizza. You put chili and noodles in it - just like Southern chili and noodles. Then have another pizza, and you can eat it like a sandwich. "God knows how many calories an Italian chili pizza sandwich has, but hey, there's a reason it's called" cheat day. " Tim Tebo's coffee has added a little bit of tune, so far we've heard of bulletproof coffee, but it used to be NFL's Quart back pack Tim Tebo who took this fashionable drink to another level. The 30-year-old didn't want to drink that much caffeine when he woke up. He first mixed half a regular coffee with half a decaffeinated coffee, then added "a heavy organic whipped cream", a piece of butter, a small amount of unsweetened almond milk and two to three drops of liquid Stevia (British toffee flavor, thank you very much). According to TEBOW, this carefully crafted drink tastes "a bit like a milkshake" and "really invigorates your day."

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8. As a mother of five, Tori Sperling has one or two things to know about letting children eat green vegetables, but her house's gummy salad recipe is far from mixing some vegetables into a bowl of MAC and cheeseThere is a long way to go. On her blog, the actress wrote that while the recipe was created by her husband, Dean McDermott, she was also a fan of the recipe herself - and so were her children. Stirring up the infamous bear sauce salad involves melting the sugar and mixing the sugary liquid with other ingredients to make a salad dressing. Then, of course, some sticky bears were thrown on it to decorate. Good appetite!

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9. Channing Tatum's cheese sandwich

most people will not regard Channing Tatum or his abdominal muscles as cheese lovers, but obviously cheese snacks are the key ingredients of "magic Mike" star's favorite sandwich. At a 2015 reddit AMA event, the "21 Jump Street" actor was asked what his favorite sandwich was, and his answer immediately made headlines. Bread, white. Peanut butter - not crisp, creamy. Grape jelly - double, more suitable for a piece of white bread than you think. Bread. Tatum wrote, "then some cheese is squeezed in, and then you can go." Hey, don't laugh at it until you try.

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10. In her impressive career, Renee Zellweger has gained and lost weight in various roles, so she knows one or two tips for dieting. Perhaps her strangest "snack" is eating ice, not real food. According to reports, when the Golden Globe winner was asked to slim down for a movie, she didn't reach for the apple, but chewed the ice. Obviously, ice can keep Zellweger full between meals and help her lose extra weight. Of course, doctors or nutritionists are unlikely to agree with this diet, whether or not it works.

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What do you think? What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten? What's the strangest thing you've ever seen someone eat? Have you ever tasted these strange celebrity foods? What strange food advertisements have you heard from famous people? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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