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Demi Lovato Candice Bergen and eight other celebrities who oppose dieting



for every popular diet, whether it's ketone, antique or whole wheat 30, you can find a hot celebrity who swears by its efficacy. But some stars are tired of following a restrictive diet to look like it. From the amazing supermodels to the funny real people, the following celebrities have given up dieting completely, and they can't be happier. We interviewed Dr Andrea Thornton, a licensed clinical psychologist, to understand why fashion diets are unhealthy and to get her advice on how to achieve a balanced diet. Demi Lovato can always hope to sprinkle some much-needed positive body wisdom to the world. For example, take the time to get her to give up all the stress of dieting and all the stress of dieting. " "I'm not depriving myself of food (moderation), I'm not lying, I've gained a few pounds since I gave up dieting, but I've given up the long-term stress of eating because I don't want to set an example for my fans," she tweeted in January. Stop humiliating yourself with food! Then, in March, she attacked the food culture and raised awareness of chordoma, a new eating disorder characterized by an obsession with what is considered "healthy." "It keeps telling us that we're not thin enough anyway," the 25-year-old singer songwriter tweeted. No matter what others say, you are very beautiful. " Next step: learn how to make the "Riverdale" star swear not to diet and change his life.

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2. Camilla Mendes

"Riverdale" actress Camilla Mendes no longer let her diet hinder her from enjoying life. Mendes shares a life changing question from a naturopath on instagram: "if you don't spend all your time eating, what else can you think of?" She wrote. I suddenly think of the activities that once occupied my time that I like. At some point in my life, I let my obsession with slimming engulf me, and I refused to make room in my mind to think about anything else. " Dr. Thornton, a clinical psychologist, says that focusing all your attention on your diet will unbalance you for the rest of your life. Instead, she says, know that food plays a different role in your life - whether it's nutrition, social or emotional. Consciously deciding when and why to eat different foods can help you maintain a balanced diet (and life). Next step: the supermodel refuses to feel guilty about eating Mac and cheese.

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4. Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez perfectly navigates in a crowded schedule, shoots "Jane the virgin", kicks his ass in the ring, socializes, and all his energy is consuming Hashimoto's illness. Her trick? She doesn't give time and time to go on a diet. " "I think a positive physical state is important because it relieves a lot of the anxiety and stress we spend on it every day," she told shape. Instead, put all your time and energy into doing what you want to do to make your dreams come true. "Once these dreams come true:" don't forget to sit down and enjoy it, "she said. For the 33 year old actress, it means eating food and drink with her favorite without guilt. " Eating, drinking and toasting are important parts of my family party, "she said. Next step: the actor no longer cares what those who humiliate their bodies are going to say.

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5. "Modern family" actor Ariel winter developed a curve at the age of 12, known as "fat," "ugly" and "slut," and was bullied by Internet pranks, Ariel winter said in an interview. So she desperately wants to change her appearance. " "I'll make these strange fast food," winter explained. Always, no matter what I do, I always get this negative, negative, negative backlash. After a while, I was a bit like, if I can't please them, I might as well start doing things that make me happy. "Dr. Thornton said that our relationship with food can be traced back to our childhood." We start to connect what is important to us. If we start to emphasize fashionable diet as a way to meet our important needs in the early stage, it may continue to our adulthood and beyond. Happiness. Credit: Gabriel Olson / filmmag integrated circuit / gettyimages

6. Amber Riley played a miserable woman on TV. I never wanted to play a role that hated me. I want people to know that this is not the only role for women like me. "A normal girl," she said in MTV's "I did it this way," went to auditions and heard the casting director say, "you need to lose weight a little." I don't understand why people can't accept my identity. 'we don't have as much control over our appearance as society thinks,' Dr. Thornton said. One can change [weight], of course, but be realisticThe effort needed to make this change now may eventually have a real negative impact on the rest of their lives and nutrition. " Next: the 1990s TV star has a very public relationship with carbohydrates. Credit: Earl Gibson III / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images

No.7. 72 year old "Murphy Brown" star Candice Bergen is not afraid of the word "fat." In her 2015 memoir, "a good romance," the former model denounced dieting and claimed that she loved cookies, carbohydrates and ice cream. "Let me just say it - I'm fat," she wrote in people. In the last 15 years... I've put on 30 pounds. I live to eat. "None of these" eat and live "things are suitable for me," she continued. At a recent dinner, my husband and I shared bread and olive oil, followed by chocolate ice cream. A woman next to me looked at me, scared, and I thought, "I don't care!" Last step: the actor refused to lose weight for a role. Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images entertainment / Getty Images

8. When Sophia Coppola, the "cheated" director, suggested to Kristen Dunst that she lose weight to play Edwina, the 36 year old actress had nothing. It's harder when you're 35 and hate exercise, "Dunst told variety. Her excuse? It was shot in rural Louisiana. I eat fried chicken and McDonald's before I go to work. So I thought, "we have no choice! Sorry, I can't lose weight for this role. '

next step: the writer has put on 24 pounds, and can't be happier.


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9. Lena Dunham has gained 24 pounds, and she's happy about it. " Left: 138 pounds, a day of praise, men proposing, a tabloid cover about diet effectiveness that says, "Dunham recently posted a front and back photo on instagram." In addition, she suffers from tissue and head disease and can only live on a small amount of sugar, tons of caffeine and a drugstore. The author, producer and actress of "girl" lost weight earlier this year when her battle with the ten fold dragon of endometriosis culminated in hysterectomy. But she is happy to announce that she has recovered. " Right: 162 pounds, happy, happy, free, only those with important reasons will praise, live on a steady stream of interesting / healthy snacks, apps and entrees, and be strong by keeping dogs and refreshing... When I type, I can feel my back fat curling up under my shoulder blades. I lean in. Next step: the reality star is not afraid to wear a bikini.

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10. In 2015, when the paparazzi took a more curvy picture of Jennifer Farley, the 32 year old reality star was not ashamed at all. So she uploaded them to her instagram account and attached an important message about self love. " I want to sit here and say that I'm embarrassed by these photos, but to be honest, I'm not. "I'm a new mom, like exercise, but also like food," she wrote in the post. I will always try to eat healthy, and... Keep exercising. But I am also a person, I love to be myself, I love my life. I will never try to follow the trend of slimming. I follow the trend I love in my life... I love you. " What do you think of Philip Fallon / filmmagic / gettyimages

What are your contributions? What do you think of fashion diet? Have you ever tried a fashionable diet? How do you maintain a balanced diet? Share in the comments area!

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