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These movies have ruined the real life of the stars


Acting can be a tricky career, especially when you are in a relationship. The actors tried their best to convince the audience of their performance. If that means kissing their partner, let it go, even if they have a relationship in real life. Sometimes, these on-screen relationships leak out of work, which is the problem. You've heard some movie legends, such as the infamous Smiths, but do you know anything else? Do yourself a favor and see what movies are ruining the real life romance of some celebrities.

Geely -- Jennifer Lopez and Christie Judd


revolutionary research and revolution studio critics split up Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's film Geely. It's often called the worst movie ever, but it paves the way for one of the best celebrity couples ever, benniver. The only problem was that Lopez was married to choreographer Chris Judd. It's unfortunate that the two divorced after a year together. Five months later, Lopez and Affleck were engaged. We want to thank Geely.

proof of life - Dennis Quaid and megrain

Castle Rock Entertainment Castle Rock Entertainment many people may not remember the thriller "proof of life" in 2000, but the related scandal is unforgettable. Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan have been through some off screen drama together. During this time, Ryan married Dennis Quaid in a high-profile way, but it didn't stop her from associating with Crowe during the filming! Viewers think it disrupts their screen chemistry, which remains to be discussed. This had the biggest impact on Ryan's relationship, as she and Quaid soon divorced. You also need to watch the live directors, not only the actors

snow white and hunters - Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart There's a certain amount of anger about director Rupert Sanders. The romance of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on and off the screen ignites the world, but it won't last. Sanders has a star studded cast for "white show" and "hunter," but it's not the actors who end up hanging out with Stewart. Sanders and Stewart came together during the production of the film. As a result, Pattinson and Stewart ended up in the scandal.

dream house - Darren Aronofsky and Rachel Weitz

Morgan Creek production company

Rachel Weitz and director Darren Aronofsky have been together for 9 years. They finally got engaged, had a baby, and even made a movie together, fountain. What will happen to this dreamlike relationship? The most forgotten box office fiasco happened. Daniel Craig starred alongside Wes in the film, shortly after Craig became 007. Long before the movie, the two were good friends, but after making the movie, they realized that they wanted more than that. [P>

The Expendables - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez; Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley

Marvel Entertainment and all their big fans are likely to erase Ben Affleck, and the expendables movies led by Jennifer Garner have disappeared from their memory. The film eventually contributed more to the romantic relationship between Affleck and Ghana at home, and then to the audience. At the time, Affleck was with Jennifer Lopez, and Ghana married star Scott Foley. Affleck and Ghana were not just friends on the set, they ended up breaking up two real backstage relationships.

green light - Scarlett Johansen and Ryan Reynolds

another superhero movie of Warner Brothers, green light man, is not Ryan Reynolds's pride. Scarlett Johanson has just started playing black widow for MCU, and her husband Reynolds wants a superhero role. Although the film was not successful at all, it succeeded in bringing the newcomer into Reynolds' life. Blake Lively played his love interest. The chemistry between the two on the screen was so strong that Reynolds decided to try. Surprisingly, Johnson ended it all shortly after the film was made.


seaside (2015) - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Universal Studios

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have had a history of strange things happening on the film set, but this did not prevent them from doing so again. After watching a different movie together (there will be more later), they decided to take it up a notch. Julie is written and directed by the sea. It's a movie in which she and Pete get married and quarrel fiercely. Julie knew it would test their marriage, but it did more than that. The couple ended up divorced - Sean pan and Charlize Theron movie entertainment movie entertainment movie entertainment movie for some reason, critics didn't like Sean Pan's movie the last face. The film, starring Charlize Theron and Javier Baden, failed. At the end of the shoot, Theron's relationship with Payne was not over. They were engaged in 2014 and began filming the last face the same year. Thanks to the rough production of the film, which caused great friction between the couple, they broke up a year later. Next, what happened to Brad and Angelina Some stars in Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Regency enterprises seem unable to do a good job. After his marriage to Jennifer Garner, Affleck plays the leading role in gone girl, a film of infidelity and revengeStory. According to reports, Affleck was too close to a partner, which caused various problems. It is reported that Affleck personally asked Emily latajovski to play an important role in the lost girl. Obviously, Affleck and ratakevsky had some private moments in the production process, which led Ghana to file for divorce in 2017. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Smith (2005) - Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were Hollywood it lovers before. They even made a meta episode of friends, with Peter geist playing an old friend who hates Rachel. A movie changed everything. Among the Smiths, Angelina Jolie and Pete are undercover spies and a married couple. Both denied infidelity on the set, but Julie did not deny that they fell in love while filming. Peter and Aniston divorced and ended up with Julie. We believe that when you are an actor, you have to ask yourself whether it's worth a divorce to make a movie. For Mia Farrow, who is filming the horror film Rosemary's children, her answer is yes. At the time, she was with music legend Frank Sinatra, so imagine ending things with an icon. Farrow wrote in her autobiography that filming Rosemary's children has become increasingly difficult and Sinatra wants her to leave the film. The long-term shooting plan interfered with their relationship, but Farrow did not give up. Sinatra handed in Farrow's divorce papers on set.

silence – Andrew Garfield and Emma stone

the sharps sword movie the sharps sword movie

Andrew Garfield and Emma stone meet in the shooting scene of the Spider Man series, which brings about perfect romance. It looks like a perfect match, but that's because they tamper with paparazzi photos. The movie silence will be a movie to end their romance. Silence is Martin Scholes's dream, Garfield wants to go all out. He makes every effort to shape his role, including losing weight. Fed up with the madness, stone broke up with him.

wax museum (2005) - Nick Carter and Paris Hilton; Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray

Warner Brothers Warner brothers may be a movie you don't want to be reminded of, but here we are. According to Hilton, Paris Hilton's relationship with Nick Carter was "very hot" and they appeared in the 2005 waxwork house together. Hilton said she didn't feel the same about Carter and ended up with Chad Michael Murray on the set! Murray also ended his marriage to Sophia bush, but his relationship with Hilton didn't last long. Carter later said it was all a bad idea. There are also some controversies over one of the most popular films of Paramount Pictures, just in case you don't know. James Cameron fell in love with his muslinda Hamilton while filming Terminator 2: judgment day. They eventually got married in 1997, but Cameron soon found another inspiration. When Cameron married Hamilton, Susie Amis played a role in Titanic. But that doesn't stop him from dating Ames when he's making this epic movie. Eight days after Titanic won all the Oscars, Hamilton announced his divorce from Cameron. In 1997 and 1999, Laura Dean and Billy Bob Thornton established a fruitful relationship. They were engaged before Thornton and Angelina Jolie appeared in the movie push can. The name sounded familiar, and Thornton immediately cancelled her engagement with Dean, leaving Julie alone. Sadly, Dean found out that Julie and Thornton had eloped without warning. The relationship between Julie and Thornton is the craziest ever.

paedophiles - Shia LaBeouf and Caroline pho

artificial eye

judging from the name of the film, people can guess what it is. Adult materials and guns are likely to have been wiped off by Shi'ite rabov. He ended his long-term relationship with karolyn pho and started some small moves. Mia Goth made her debut with the film, and she and LaBeouf also had an exciting time on the screen. They decided to turn the relationship into a long-term relationship and start dating at the time of filming. The two will get married in 2016.

open your eyes -- Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Warner Brothers are one of the largest love triangles in Hollywood. They are composed of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick decided to take a picture with Hollywood it lovers. It's not a bad idea. Kidman and cruise play a boring couple who argue and turn to experiment. The tabloids attacked the film because it was clear and analyzed a relationship that people thought they knew. Coupled with Kubrick's early death, all this was too much for the couple, leading to their divorce two years later. Mom! - Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence protozoa picture

mother! It's a strange movie on the list, which to a certain extent led to the occurrence of things. Jennifer Lawrence starred in the crazy movie directed by her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky. The premise is that Lawrence eventually lives in a big house full of murderous strangers. The production of the film was so painful that it became a problem for the couple. Aronofsky was so fascinated by how people saw the film that Lawrence ended their relationship.

LangI> - Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been together with French singer Vanessa Paradis for 14 years. During that time, they had two children, including Lily Rose Depp. When Johnny met amberhead in the Rum Diary, all bets were cancelled. Their on-screen relationship began to turn into reality, which affected Johnny's relationship with Palladius. Johnny and Hurd finally got married, but things didn't go smoothly. Hurd will charge Johnny with physical abuse and drug addiction before his divorce in 2017. Shortly after the break-up of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston starred in films that might have therapeutic effects on the break-up. In the movie about a couple breaking up, Vince Vaughn recently starred in and co starred in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a film that disrupted Aniston's marriage. It's a real irony. Vaughn and Aniston started dating, but only briefly bounced back. Vaughn admits that the public is paying too much attention to the two, but Aniston doesn't feel any pain.