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How a Female Swimmer Body Can Slim Down


Female swimmers usually have muscular bodies, broad backs and strong shoulders. This figure is good for swimming. However, in the off-season, many female swimmers are slim, hoping not to maintain their muscular physique. In order to avoid increasing muscle, female swimmers usually change from weightlifting training to aerobic exercise to lose weight. (picture: Ryan McVay / Stockbyte / Getty Images)

weightlifting training

female swimmers usually carry out weightlifting training in competition season to increase the weight of thin muscles needed in water. 'redesign your weight training course to reduce the amount of weight you exercise,' says David Salo, author of swimming total adjustment. For example, if your bench pressure during the race season is 150 pounds, reduce it to 75 pounds. Don't do more than three sets of 10 repetitions, says Salo. Reduce protein consumption during the competition season. You must consume enough protein to support your muscle shape. If you continue to eat the same amount of protein in the off-season, it may be difficult to lose weight, said Bill switenham, author of champion swimming training. Sweetnham explained that the general rule of thumb for weight loss is to halve protein intake. When you reduce your protein intake, some of your muscles turn into fat because there is not enough protein to maintain it. Aerobic exercise is effective for fat burning. In addition, aerobic exercise does not stimulate or promote the growth of new muscles, which are important for weight loss. If you have a sports coach, talk to him about how to design an aerobic program for you. If your back and shoulders are bloated and you want to reduce their size, you have to avoid the movement of those areas, sweetnham said. The goal is to trim your shoulders and back to make you look less bloated. You can continue to train your abdomen, legs and arms, but avoid using heavy weights. You want to avoid adding new muscles, sweetenham explains.