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10 healthy lunches when you can't handle another salad



tired of salad? There are many ways to eat healthy at lunchtime, and you can also eat vegetables. First, keep an open mind to multi leaf selection. It is rich in varieties, including cabbage, kale, beet, sesame, spinach and dandelion. They can be interchanged to make your meals interesting. If you need extra encouragement, know that every leaf is rich in nutrients that can play a key role in heart health, eye health, diabetes prevention, cancer prevention, etc. So, please continue to enjoy this 10 simple and delicious lunch full of green, wish you health.

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1. Vegan energy green tortillas

these tortillas will explode some good things, including green and beans. Avocado sauce and garobico sauce are on the side, so the burrito won't eat too much. But there are more people who like Mexican lunch than its size. It has super food and super taste. Use a mix of vegetables, such as kale and spinach, to add flavor and nutrition. Keep this recipe in your weekly recipe: it's a delicious way to increase fiber intake. Your digestive system will thank you!

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2. California white beans and chard chili

use this bowl of hot pepper to stimulate your appetite. This is the favorite football season! But don't feel like you need to wait for a sporting event to launch a batch of vegetarian comfort foods. It provides a year-round delicacy for each bowl. It is rich in plant nutrients from almost every ingredient: Swiss beets, beans, tomatoes, garlic, onions, orange juice and spices. The addition of chard is a unique reason for the pepper; in addition, it provides a flavonoid called Syringate, which may help the treatment of diabetes.

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4. The grilled chicken and grape salad packed by colonial

will upgrade your chicken salad sandwich! Red grape, sliced natural almond and fresh tarragon were added to the wine respectively. Wrap it up with mother earth's earliest "corn cake": kale in feather! The leaves are smart and strong, and, yes, they are naturally green. Just cut the stems, trim the ribs, and use raw leaves - no cooking or scalding. With this fresh chicken salad package, you will know that the total nutritive density index (Andy index) of kale is 1000, which is basically a "perfect 10" in terms of nutritive richness.

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5. Grilled goat cheese and dandelion green

you don't need dozens of ingredients to make the recipe delicious. In fact, five or fewer people can be winners. Here, goat cheese, raspberry jam, dandelion green, whole wheat bread and a small cup of natural cooking spray are what you need. You'll get a different grilled cheese sandwich! Dandelion green may help improve immunity, in part because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Preliminary studies showed that dandelion leaf extract may also have weight loss effect.

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6. You must like a bowl of noodles, especially in such a delicious sauce! You sprinkle a layer of sesame oil, peanut butter, corn flour, lime juice and coconut juice on the wheat flour. More! You will add fresh coriander as a unique herb flavor, while cabbage as a color and taste. Cabbage is a kind of cruciferous vegetable, which contains dozens of phenolic compounds. To further attract your taste buds, you can sprinkle a little bit of sweet and spicy gochujang and sesame on these Asian style noodles.


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only time for frozen main course? Of course, you can choose macaroni and cheese occasionally. But choose a main course that doesn't contain artificial ingredients at all, and then top it up in a healthy way. Here, you will use seasoning to wilt the spinach, and then mix it into the prepared apples and cheese. In terms of health, spinach is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. The American Optometric Association recommends that Americans may need at least three times their daily intake of these carotenoids to help reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. In cooking, spinach turns the main course into a more delicious (richer) meal.

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8. Middle East lunch platter

an interesting way to "lunch" is to create a small platter, such as the Middle East Platter (called mezze). This sandwich features hummus, tortillas, stuffed grape leaves and grape tomatoes. You don't have to make dipping sauce or grape leaves. Go directly to a natural food market where you should be able to find them. This plate also has Belgian caudate leaves. OK, so endive doesn't really fit the theme, but a head can only provide 15 calories! It's a lot less calories than if you dip in pita bread or chips.

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9. Cheat's Curry pumpkin green

don't wait for dinner! It doesn't take a lot of preparation time to taste this satisfying stew at lunchtime. You can start with a glass of "clean" pre made butternut or other white gourd soup, then frosting it. Once you measure all the ingredients, including spinach, kohlrabi, brown rice and condiments, you just boil everything for a minute. this is it! In addition, the combination of vitamin K, calcium and magnesium in spinach makes the stew surprisingly bone friendly.

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10. Sometimes there is nothing better than a good bowl of spaghetti. But lunch is not always easy to enjoy. This recipe proved not to be like this! Ideally, you'll make this pasta in advance and put it in the fridge overnight. At lunch, you just need to reheat your homemade fridge meal in the microwave until it's hot. It's simple, isn't it? Goat cheese makes it very comfortable. Kale, on the other hand, stimulates nutrition - providing cancer fighting properties from its glucosinolates.

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? Do you eat greens every day? Why or why not? Are you tired of eating salad? What's your favorite way to eat greens at lunch? Please leave a message below, let us know!

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