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10 breakfast super food bowls you want to eat all day



would you like a champion breakfast? A nutritious, easy to make and delicious? Reach for a large bowl. These bowls of rice can be either meatless or meaty. They can also be hot or cold. No matter what you like, they usually follow a simple formula. Every full bowl here contains six ingredients: green, grains, vegetables, protein, seasonings and rich flavors, such as nuts, seeds, avocados or cheese. An optional popular colorful product can be added - Vanilla, red cabbage, orange wedge, pomegranate aril. Fortunately for your taste buds, these super food bowls can be eaten at any time of the day - not just breakfast!

Credit: Jackie Nugent

1. Bloody Mary chickpea bowl No, there is no wine in it. But the condiment is based on Bloody Mary mixed for a hint of cocktail inspired joy. You'll also find cucumbers, red cabbage, chickpeas, feta cheese and fresh mint. Peppermint is actually used as a leafy plant; you don't need to put vanilla in the decorative category anymore! In fact, peppermint oil may help to effectively alleviate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Therefore, please consider this delicious bowl of food to help digestion.

recipes and nutrition information: Bloody Mary chickpea breakfast Super Bowl

Credit: Jackie Nugent

2. Cabbage, sweet potato and free bowl in language, "free" is a very interesting word! In cooking, it's a rather earthy grain. Freekeh is basically a young wheat, which is baked to provide an attractive smoky finish. It is an important source of fiber and protein (about 6 grams per serving) and is good for the gut. When used in a cracked form, freekeh cooks much faster than most other whole grain foods. To increase the appeal of the bowl, grains are paired with sweet potatoes, kale, Haas avocado and fried eggs. In short, you have a bowl that can satisfy all your tastes.

recipes and nutrition information: cabbage, sweet potato and free breakfast Super Bowl

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3. Spinach, beet and white bean bowl This refreshing gluten free bowl is the answer. Its core is quinoa. Choose the rainbow Version (red, white, and black) for more sensory interest. Use packaged, pre cooked beets (although pre baked beets can provide extra flavor) to keep this rich bowl simple. Beet contains betaine, which has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and chemical preventive effects. You have to put beets and quinoa and white beans, spinach and sunflower seeds together. So what's the inspiration for breakfast? You'll combine everything with the freshly squeezed OJ sauce.

recipes and nutritional information: spinach, beets and white bean bowls

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4. Do you know that "cerealis" means "bourgol" in Roman? Is it sacred to Ceres, the mythical goddess of harvest? Then call this the goddess bowl! After all, it's centered on expanding wheat. In practical cooking terms, booger is actually a kind of broken, standard cooked wheat grain. It just needs to be rehydrated to make it repair quickly. In addition to bulgur, you can enjoy fresh arugula, cherry tomatoes and avocados. In order to get high quality protein, you can put a boiled egg in the bowl. Simple but delicious.

recipes and nutrition information * * : * * Bulgarian salad breakfast Super Bowl

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5. Delicious green and goat cheese oatmeal bowls are much more interesting than traditional ones. You'll be surprised when it's used as a big bowl! Just try your best to taste the taste slowly, not gobble it up. Oatmeal is made from vegetable soup, green onions and green beans, so you have a successful combination of soluble fiber and protein that makes you feel full. It's served with red bell peppers, fried to caramel, wilted kale and fresh juicy goat cheese. Are you drooling?

recipes and nutritional information * * : * * delicious green and goat cheese oatmeal breakfast Super Bowl

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6. Hueos ranchoros inspired bowl [H / H3>

this is a warm Mexican bowl appetite - natural, nutritious, colorful indulgence - which will have you say "goodbye" to burytos and tacos. The texture and taste of this rich bowl are unforgettable, and the super food is nutritious! The most important nutrients include lutein and zeaxanthin, which you will get from the four main ingredients in this bowl: spinach, egg, avocado and corn! These nutrients are considered essential for eye health. What a pleasant sight this bowl is.

recipes and nutritional information * * : * * breakfast Super Bowl inspired by Huevos rancheros

Credit: Jackie Nugent

7. Swiss sauce, pumpkin and natural sausage bowl Fortunately, it's better for you than regular breakfast fries or standard breakfast sausages. To do this, you will cook cream pumpkins and organic chicken sausages. What's more, you can add quinoa, red Swiss sauce, fresh basil and pine nuts. Chard is rich in natural nitrates, and these compounds may help improve performance. So, do some exercise and use this delicious bowl as your post exercise meal.

recipes and nutrition information * * : * * Swiss sausages, pumpkins and natural sausages breakfast Super Bowl

points: Jackie Nugent

8. There is no denying that the Middle East chicken bowl

. This bowl must be very rich! It is full of rich flavor, rich nutrition, full of Lebanese joy. Fresh parsley is the green choice. Rotating roasted chicken quickly provides protein. Peppermint, fresh grape tomatoes and crunchy almonds are the main ingredients. You will like cinnamon accented chicken to make this bowl from plain to POW!Lemon Greek yoghurt seasoning brings a bit of breakfast, a little bit of probiotics and a real Middle East flavor.

recipes and nutrition information * * : * * Middle East chicken breakfast Super Bowl

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9. Garlic sauce, quinoa and soft boiled egg bowl This is the highlight of lemon juice in this baking bowl of super foods, including spinach, quinoa, sun dried tomatoes, soft boiled eggs and pine nuts. In fact, pine nuts are often forgotten nuts. Snack nuts like pistachios and almonds may make most headlines for sure, but pine nuts also deserve some undivided attention. The natural oil in pine nuts can suppress appetite. So if you want to lose a little weight, it might help to sprinkle some pine nuts.

recipes and nutrition information * * : * * breakfast super bowl of garlic sauce, quinoa and soft boiled egg. Tamari, bok choy, sorghum and rolled omelet bowl

if you deconstruct fried rice and replace the whole grain of sorghum with rice, that's what you get here. This rich bowl is filled with vegetables, vegetables and more, but its top is a rolling omelet breakfast as attractive. But the strangest is sorghum. Of course, you can change it into brown rice or Farrow, but be sure to buy some sorghum in the natural food market and try it. It's a chewy, nutty, gluten free grain. It is rich in plant nutrients, including anthocyanins, phenolic acids and phytosterols.

recipes and nutrition information * * : * * tamari, cabbage, sorghum and omelet breakfast Super Bowl

Credit: Jackie Nugent

What do you think? Have you ever eaten a large bowl before? What ingredients do you like to put in? Would you like to try these rich bowls? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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