These horrible TV shows will make you stay up late in the best way

For many people, the adrenaline surge in horror movies is sometimes not enough. Horror movies usually last 90 minutes, which makes them want more. Fortunately, there are many creepy horror TV programs worth watching before going to bed. These programs scare us in many ways, whether through jumping, strong psychological scares, or other terrible tactics. But which one should you spend your time on the sofa? These are the most terrifying TV shows that will surely make you stay up late in the best way. Which one do you like best? The ghost of Hillhouse is a classic re conceived film, the ghost of Hillhouse, which was first published in 1959. Today, it is regarded as a pioneering work of horror novels. At the end of 2018, Netflix released their adaptation, aptly named "the ghost of Hillhouse.". The highly acclaimed series has taken the horror of television to a new level and won loyal followers. The story tells the story of the crane family in the past and the present. They work through the psychological impact of the tragic death of the family caused by supernatural causes. The second season will focus on a new family, titled the ghost of Blythe manor.

Castlevania proves that not all video game adaptations are bad. The first season of the animated American series is loosely based on the NES video game castellania I I I I.I. As soon as it's released, it's not always bad to be hailed as a video game adaptation. In his comments on the first season of audiovisual club, Matt Gerrard wrote, "the creators of this series have gone beyond the past to write a resonant story This makes it one of the most successful video game adaptations to date. "

walking dead people set the standard


when walking dead premiered in 2010. The drama about the dead end survivors revived the horror atmosphere on TV, making the zombies scary again. The show has been on air for ten years and there is no sign it is slowing down. There is not only the derivative series "fear of walking dead", but also a second derivative in development. Did we mention the planned trilogy of drama distribution?

just ahead, another program that may never end. The horror story of America is a spectacle you can't avoid. Each season's American horror story will deal with the horror of different brands, from witch to summer camp to clown. Because of its freshness, it has been one of the most popular horror shows of the past decade. Of course, every season's incredible cast helps. Many stars, like Jessica Langer, come back every year, and superstar performances dominate the stage fright. During the entire performance of the series, it won 94 awards, including 16 Emmy prime time awards.

zero channel take advantage of the Internet era, premiere in Syfy channel in 2016, and then finish in four seasons in 2018. Like many other programs, this program is based on anthologies. In this case, every season is based on the "horror movie", which has become a viral sensation on the Internet. It has an average audience of less than half a million per episode, and it has basically maintained its vitality due to its active position in the media. A classic revival is coming soon!

ash vs. Evil Dead re launched boomstick


for decades, Hollywood has been talking about re launching the Evil Dead series for new audiences. The original franchise hero Ashe, played by Bruce Campbell, got a TV show after a 2013 movie made viewers want more. Produced by chartered producer Sam Raimi, the series is back to Campbell's roots in the battle between Ashe and evil death. On Starz, Ashe's new adventure lasted three seasons before it was cancelled. After the cancellation, Campbell said: "ashwilliams is a lifelong role. It's a great honor to meet rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, partners of evil death, and let our tireless fans experience the horrible horror / comedy they are asking for again. " The Bates Motel took Norman Bates home before the death of Norman Bates and his mother Norma. It didn't stop the panic, because it took five seasons to lead to the Bates Motel incident in Mercury News, chuck Barney wrote in his comments: "it didn't include the shock and blood in walking dead. It also doesn't rely on cheap, freaky acting techniques from the American horror story. Instead, it took a more subtle route, evoking a strange sense of fear and fear. The cast for the first season includes Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies. Adapted from the novel of the same name, this novel tells about an expedition of the British navy on the northwest channel. As the season unfolded, the crew struggled to survive in the difficult journey. The second quarter of the s brought fear to the west coast of the United States during World War II. Next is the Gothic masterpiece!

Petunia's terrible let all monsters


go deep into Gothic terror, and Petunia's terrible followed the interwoven life of Dracula, Wolfman, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein and his monsters in Victorian England. However, the play did not follow the kampi route of monster mixing as expected, but took the characters and scenes seriously. Show time aired three seasons of "Penny's terrible" before giving it the axe. At that time, it gave birth to a large number of cult followers. The demand for more fear is so high that Showtime greenlight has launched a by-product series, city of angels, which will premiere in 2020.

black mirror is everyone's worst nightmare


black mirrorEach episode is a separate story. Some are interesting, some are creepy, but they all have something in common - each episode is a critique of modern society and our dependence on technology.

Tim Goodman reviewed the fifth season of black mirror, and wrote an article for Hollywood Reporter: "different, a timely reminder, Brooke still keeps creating and is still very interested in the genre, shifting it from" technology paranoia "to a more subtle exploration of how technology can change our emotional and intimate relationship with loved ones." As the prequel of a famous movie, Hannibal Lecter shows the world Hannibal Lecter and his relationship with will Graham. Brian Fuller, the show's developer, took the show apart and created something truly unique that never appeared on Internet TV. Matt Routh of the

TV guide praised the show. "Its intensity, intelligence and dark power are comparable to anything on cable TV. The wonderful performance led by Mikkelsen is the bold and unrestrained evil devil, and Hugh dancy is his tortured PASI," he wrote. "Black summer has launched a chaotic attack on zombies." Shaconado, the studio that brought the world, came to the black summer. This series takes place in the same universe, just like "state Z" and "another super zombie" are staged in Saifei. Summer, however, has no time to joke, presenting a more grounded and chaotic world at the opening ceremony of the end of zombie world.

has been praised and criticized by critics, but most of them are positive. The next show to discover second life streaming media is coming soon!

Lucifer is a devil like good time.

Fox / Netflix / Netflix

is more interesting than terror. Lucifer is tired of running a underworld and has opened a nightclub in Los Angeles, and follows the devil. Oh, yes, he also helped LAPD to crack down on terrible crimes. The show premiered on Fox and moved to Netflix three seasons later. Making a darker rotation in the program format than most other formats helps with this highlighting. The fifth and final season has been planned, but no release date has been announced. [P>

Sabrina's chilling adventure makes the magic terrifying


Sabrina's chilling adventure may seem like an unnecessary restart of the Teenage Witch Sabrina, but once released, it has been proved that there is a spell of its own that can be cast. In the comic world of Archie, the darker spin makes magic terrifying. In her review of the collider, Alison Keane praised the play, "there are many surprises about Sabrina, which is the first really revelatory new play in autumn. It's a kind of happiness and obsession, and the most terrible thing is how good it is. " It's more interesting than scary to not list izombie on this list because it's full of brain. This teen oriented TV series tells the adventures of a zombie, a forensic doctor who helps solve a crime. What's her trick? When she eats the patient's brain, she also gets part of their memory. After 5 seasons and 71 episodes, the play officially ends in 2019. It may have disappeared, but if you miss it, you can still see it online! The vampire classic is in the front! Before finding the second life on the small screen, it was a failed horror movie. Sarah Michel Gaillard starred in the title role, bringing innocence, strength and comic timing to the character. For seven seasons, Buffy has saved the world from what happened at night. Angel, a derivative series, has been broadcast for another five seasons, creating a TV heritage and setting a benchmark for such series as izombie and supernatural. This is not only a great science fiction, but fox is also regarded as one of the greatest science fiction TV series ever. Some of the plots in this play are very scary, and they don't involve aliens at all. One of the scariest monsters in the play is fugman. It appears that "after h was made of radioactive material in the Chernobyl nuclear accident, this creature lives in the sewers of New Jersey. He looks like a giant tapeworm, and many people still have nightmares about him. When the first episode of supernatural was broadcast in 2005, no one expected that it would broadcast 309 episodes in 15 seasons. Somehow, in the whole process, the play always makes people feel fresh, and each season brings a new horror and funny vitality to the whole process. Charlie McCollam of Mercury News praised the first season of the show: "it's creepy, atmospheric, and sometimes terrifying on TV." season 15's comments were just as good, and many critics praised the show's "back to basics" approach for the final competitive performance of the Winchester brothers. The story from the crypt gives us a crypt guardian.


a series of original horror anthologies "Tales from the crypt" helped HBO make the ranking when it premiered in 1989. Over the next seven years, it terrorized viewers with its unique TV horror brand. Because it's on HBO, producers don't have to worry about vulgar visuals or bad language. This TV play is very popular. It produced a children's animation for ABC. The cartoon hired a child psychologist to make sure the script wasn't too scary.

ghost adventure bring fear to lifeAdventure begins as a documentary that tracks Zach Bagan's search for supernatural phenomena. The travel channel saw something special, turning the film into a documentary. The first episode was broadcast in 2008, and today, after 213 episodes, it's still strong. Although some critics think the play is fake, bagan has gained a lot of followers by using the platform. His exploration of the truth has helped modern audiences develop a new interest in the "other side" of life