9 episodes of Halloween TV series

Can you believe Halloween is still a few weeks away?! If the upcoming festival hasn't really sunk in yet, it's the best time to put your brain in a perfect seasonal weird / funny Halloween mood. Let's review 9 episodes of Halloween TV series to cheer you up.

1。 Geek and geek – season one episode three of "trick and treat"

when Sam and Lindsay had a party in their parents' absence, they didn't go through Halloween as planned. Clothing in the 1980s was pure magic.

2。 Friends - Halloween party man episode 8 Episode 6, Monica and Chandler have a costume party. Who can refuse to dress up as a special guest of the galaxy like Sean Penn? 3. Picture. How do I know your mother? Ted goes to the same Halloween party every year to find the girl he met three years ago.

4。 Supernatural – "monster movie" Season 4 Episode 5 it's not exactly a halloween themed episode, but the whole show is black and white, and the Winchester brothers confront a transfigured man full of passion for the classic horror movie.

5。 Glee - the fifth episode of the second season of "rock and roll horror chorus show" will decide to let the chorus put on a version of rock and roll horror film, which is not bad! Please pay attention to. Office - " Halloween" Season 2 Episode 5 our favorite office hosts an annual Halloween party. When Michael knows that he needs to fire someone, he will go mad as usual.

7。 Park & Entertainment - Halloween surprise season 5 Episode 5, Leslie and Ann give Jerry a fart attack.

8。 Vampire killer Buffy - Halloween season 2 Episode 6 Buffy and friends visit a clothing store where customers can transform into anything they wear.

9。 Vampire Diaries – –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––