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Every reference in the '80s is a stranger's thing you might miss when you're crazy about watching


Of all the Netflix primitives, some are higher than others. Whether it's because of their actions, storytelling, character development, or all of the above, some programs are just more enjoyable to watch. In 2016, streaming services launched one of the most ambitious shows ever, the stranger thing . The show was well done, and they almost immediately sequestered it to the second season. One of the features of stranger's story is all the retro quotes. Did you see all the references from the '80s in the second season? It's a risky business. Fans of Netflix Netflix Tom Cruise may seize this opportunity right away, but if not, it's a cool retro. On Halloween night, everyone was dressed up. The lovely couple decided to pay homage to an old but good Cruise movie. Steve and Nancy appeared at the party dressed up as the protagonists of the venture. They drew Joel and Lana very well, too. A perfect couple of clothes, it was very 80's. In order to keep 11 away from the outside world and find her "villains", officer hopper took her to take care of her. Instead, she couldn't really go out on the 11th without strict supervision, so on Halloween, hopper put a perforated sheet on her. This is what E.T. wears when he goes out to play trick or treat on Halloween. The biggest difference here is that Hooper didn't take the little girl out to eat candy!

Bob is basically a fool.



Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) found a new love interest for the second season of stranger's story. His name is Sean ASTAN. Astin was also one of the most famous films of the 1980s, "the fool," but he was only a child at that time.

Bob's role story is almost the same as Mickey's role story in a fool. First, he knows how to read the map, then he doesn't want to leave the tunnel until everyone is safe. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The reference of

is very similar to that of Indiana Jones

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is very fast, so it's hard to notice even if you observe carefully. Once hopper lands in the tunnels where all the demogorgons live, he will find that the reversed world is leaking to Hawkins.

back when hopper landed. As he looked around the tunnel in confusion, his hat fell off him. Then he started running away, but not before grabbing his hat, Indiana Jones style. The dafers said it was a decision they made at the last minute to add to the retro era. Steve and Dustin became very good friends in the second season. Well, that's because they had to start working together, but their union time took them to the train track. Steve and Dustin left raw meat outside so they could try to grab the loose demodulator Dustin found at home. They walk on the tracks like children standing next to me. This is also the scene of bringing these two characters closer together.

Spielberg's inspiration

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will Byers has the ability to see the reversed dimensions, thanks to the events of the first season. It means that he can see all the terrible things in another world, but in the real world. It may have been a reference film in the late 1970s, but it was still popular in the 1980s, and will looked at the open door, much like Steven Spielberg's "close encounters" movie. Both scenarios have excellent execution. At the beginning of this season, Dustin found a baby demodog in a trash can near his home. He didn't know it was a cannibal, so he decided to take it in and feed it like a pet. The whole plot is directly from the elf, who gave the beast dart a name, and the two are very close to "I like the elf," Matt daffer told the vulture. "I like elf 2, too. I think it's a great series. Apart from the will to be attached, this story always incorporates our first thought: a boy and his monster, Dustin finds a creature that will grow. " Two bill's

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stranger's things really like to pay homage. Fans of "the fire of St. Elmo" may have caught the movie right away, but everyone else thinks Billy is just an ordinary character. Billy looks like rob law in the fire of St. Elmo. The magic mullet, the single earring and the whole facial expression make people dizzy. It's almost frightening how close they are when you see their side-by-side images. He will come back in the 1980s. The terminator was released on October 26, 1984, which set off a new trend of film themes. The Hawkes theatre in Hawkins presents the film for screening in their theatre. This may be the weekend that the movie was shown online in the show's time. If children are not busy with dangerous activities, they may watch movies in a real nerd way on the night of the opening ceremony. It's not the original arcade name at the end of the season, we see boys strolling around the palace arcade. This is where fans met one of the first new characters, Max, who later became Lucas's lover. Immediately, fans will be hit by a reference that may not be easy to find. The name of the playground comes from the 1983 movie war games. Rose duffer said it was his favorite opening of the '80s.


real medical breakthrough

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on the front page of all papers that Hawkins's parents seem to have read, you may see a random set of words. "Baby Fay's baboon heart" is on the side of the newspaper, but it's a real thing. This is the first successful infant heart transplant.The operation was performed in October 1984. This will make it fully time for Season 2. One of the most obvious tributes to the 1980s is the Halloween costumes worn by boys. Steve and Nancy paid homage to Tom Cruise and the venture, while the hunters of Demogorgon showed the best image of a ghost. Yes, ghosts have to fight their monsters. We have to say that Hawkins' children have to deal with more dangerous monsters. They can get a pass in these vintage clothes. Now let's go back to another Goonies reference. When the children and Steve walked into the tunnel where the demodulator was located, they all had different protective equipment. This is where we noticed that Steve was wearing the same big handkerchief that Josh brolinde wore. The duffer brothers who make this series really want to have visual similarities with "fool" and "stranger 2". That's the same camera!

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Bob is an interesting character in this series. He doesn't look like Joyce's type, but after all of the first season, he's a safe choice. Bob works in the studio, so he has all the cool gadgets. Of the many beautiful toys he has, JVC gr-c1 may be the best. Not only because of the name, but also because it's the same camera Marty McFly uses to record travel tests! There is no ordinary Max

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New Max immediately left a deep impression on these children. In the first episode, they met her on the arcade. She was playing their favorite game. Dustin and Lucas got the two highest scores. Later, we noticed that "madmax" was at the top of the list. It surprised the children. However, madmax is not just her gamer name, it's from Mel Gibson's movie. One store employee even called her "road warrior," another reference for the movie.

from Stephen King,

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speaking of this creepy, huge psychopath, are other people familiar with her? This terrible beast wanders in this upside down field, which looks very similar to the monsters in Stephen King's fog. In the story, when the fog comes, we see these creatures land in the city. In the stranger's business, this is almost the only thing psychopaths can do, sneaking in the fog. However, this is a terrible thing to see.

for Tom Cruise's love

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Nancy showed her love for Tom Cruise in Halloween costumes earlier in the second season. Thanks to cruise ships like Zach Efron's in this modern era, Nancy had to have him on her wall. He may not be as exciting as he used to be, but he still attracts many women's attention. Nancy was right only when she put the actors on the wall as a real symbol of that era.

Classic shark attack

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with the release of many iconic films in the 1970s and 1980s, the duffer brothers have a lot of work to do. From "terminator" to "Indiana Jones", the audience of "strange things" must have made a great sensation from the past. One of the important films they have to include is jaws. So will put a poster on the wall. Many of the kids on the show have great movie posters on their walls, but jaws is probably the most classic. Have you ever seen a pink beauty before? Well, in the last episode of the season, Dustin became a duki, thanks to what happened at the ball. When Dustin and the children go to snowball, everyone else seems to have something to lean on. When he sat down to hold back his tears, a beautiful girl (Nancy) noticed him and approached him. She asked for a dance, and Dustin's night was changed. When he realized that he couldn't find his dream lover, the same thing happened to him. This is the defining moment of the 1980s. One of the most intense moments in the second season of "strange things" is that will has to face the exorcism. The spiritual Skinner is in the will, so those who are close to him have to endure this terrible moment, because they expel the evil entity from his body. The whole device is similar to the Exorcist. From scary screams to facial disfigurement, the collection is reminiscent of the Exorcist. Because of that scene, people may have nightmares. Well, you got us the Exorcist, which premiered in 1973, but it's still a cool reference