These are the gorgeous actors behind the horror film the most terrible villain

Even if you've never seen a horror movie, you probably know who the most legendary monster in this kind of movie is. From the old school villains Freddie and Jason to the new school villains such as nuns varac and pannevis, horror villains have haunted our dreams, and our imagination has soared for decades. But have you ever thought about what the bad guy is looking at behind the mask? Are they really so terrible in real life? The answer is No. Some of them happen to be the most beautiful people in Hollywood. We found the most beautiful people you can see on this list. Try not to get lost in their eyes, that's when they catch you! The fact that Sophia butra is preparing for the mummy red carpet does not mean that Rachel Luna / WireImage / Universal Rachel Luna / WireImage / Universal

Universal could not launch its "Dark Universe" after the mummy was released in 2017 does not mean that the title "villain" does not bring us nightmares. When we saw her on the red carpet, it was quite another matter. Played by the absolutely stunning Sophia butra, we couldn't look away when we saw her approaching! Now you know what she looks like, and you don't know. Every day bill scarscarigard makes us balloon animals. The film was a masterpiece when it was released in 2017. The clown frightened the audience with his evil smile and a red balloon. Behind the make-up, actor bill Skarsgard's smile will only melt your eyes easily. No matter how beautiful scarigard is, he scares away the young actors who shoot me. He even said, "some children cried in horror during the filming What am I doing? "

next, let's take Jason off his ice hockey mask. You can't see Ken Kissinger smiling behind Jason's ice hockey mask. He really showed kenkissinger's dark side to the world. Thankfully, when he finally took off the hockey mask, his relaxed side and his award-winning smile showed up. On his small contribution to the Friday, 13th series, Kirzinger said it was his favorite character. "I don't know at all what iconic characters I'm lucky to have." Strangely, he first tried the stunt double in Jason's Manhattan. "

Takako Fuji from" resentment "has played six roles

Barry King / WireImage / Columbia Pictures Barry King / WireImage / Columbia Pictures

if you have seen the film" resentment ", you may have nightmares against the pale ghost Kayako. In real life, actress Takako Fuji is nothing to be afraid of. She has played the role six times in Japan and the United States. Although the American version has been criticized by critics, Kayako has left an undeniable mark on the audience. The actress thinks it's because Japanese ghosts don't look like zombies or devils. Instead, they are more emotionally and emotionally connected.

Bonnie Morgan doesn't need CGI to make the Lord of the rings

Jason laveris / filmmagic / Paramount Pictures when American filmmakers decided to adapt the ring for American audiences, they planned to use computers to generate images to twist Samara into ridiculous shapes, and then they found Bonnie Morgan, a friend of the stunt coordinator, who took care of herself His name was passed on to the crew. Bonnie, who is very beautiful in real life, remembers that "spider walk originated from my living room floor. We shot some scenes of it, and the director couldn't be more excited." Now, do you remember the needles? The warhead survived Paul T. Taylor. The actor made his debut in sin city in 2005 and left Hollywood for health reasons. When he came back, he became a pinhead in judgment, and before taking on the role, the handsome man was a big fan of the role in his previous films. Many actors wear needle makeup, but only Paul T. Taylor looks so beautiful.

Sherry moon zombies are also terrible in real life

Jeff Vespa / WireImage / Lionsgate films

Sherry moon zombies shock the hearts of the audience, just like the small fireflies in the red chamber, 1000 corpses are . The thriller was directed by heavy metal idol Rob Zombie, who did everything he could to turn our bellies. The moon zombies, if you haven't guessed yet, are married to rob zombies in real life. She may be beautiful, but we know it won't make her angry! She remakes the character in the devil's refusal. Jonathan Blake is not a horror fan at all.

Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage / United Artists

any horror movie fan in the early 2000s has a special love for the jeep series. The most popular horror movie star, Jonathan Blake, plays a reptile, an animal that hunts one night of the year every 22 years. Breck is a giant teddy bear in real life. He plays the role in three films. The first two are dramatic. The third, and hopefully the last, premiered on Syfy in 2017.

Bonnie arenes is an amazing nun

Albert L. Ortega / Getty pictures / Warner Brothers Albert L. Ortega / Getty pictures / Warner Brothers adhere to the theme of modern terror villain. How many people have had nightmares in recent years like the nun varac in magic world? The role played by Bonnie arence was so popular that she even made a film of her own.

no make-up, arenas is amazingSharp features make it difficult to look away. Somehow, she was never considered beautiful in Hollywood, and eventually became the main hit of a horror movie. The good news is that Aaron likes to play bad people. To learn more about Aaron's unconventional Hollywood star road, please read on! The nun first appeared in magician 2. As an integral part of the magician 2 series, we have forgotten that nun varac didn't make her debut until the sequel in 2016. Aaron's role is very scary, and universal soon gave her a movie of her own name. Sister

opened in 2018 and earned $53 million on the weekend of the premiere. It ended its drama with $117 million. The production cost is only $22 million, and it's certain that Aaron will play the role again soon. The director doesn't want another actress to play the nun. When Corin Hardy was hired to direct nuns, his first thought was, "I hope we have made sure that the actress who played her is free." If Bonnie arence doesn't come back, the director won't be interested in making the film. There will also be some significance in replacing arenas. The actress has only briefly appeared in previous guest appearances. The studio could have wanted a bigger name to lead her own film. Hardy didn't want to change anything, and his intuition proved right.

magician 2 i s not Aaron's first horror film

Samsung pictures (Tristar pictures

before putting on the iconic look of varac and consolidating her position in the history of terror, Bonnie Arens tried to find a foothold in this type. In 2007, she appeared in the psychological thriller "I know who killed me" starring Lindsay Lohan. Two years later, she appeared in Sam lemy's horror film. In 2010, she played a more important role in the battle of Damo and Gacy. No film has prepared her for her sudden rise to fame in 2016. In the next slide, find out why Allen thinks horror movies are healthy!

Ellens believes that horror movies are good for your health.

Jason ravillis / movie magic master ravillis / movie magic

Bonnie Ellens plays a perfect nun role. She likes to scare people and believes that fear is good for your health. At the premiere, she even said that the release of adrenaline helped relieve depression. Of course, sometimes she's just trying to scare people. While filming "nun," she said she would scare her partner, Tessa famiga, to keep her nervous during the break. That's not good!

Tessa famiga doesn't like to be scared

Warner Brothers When shooting nuns, Tessa famiga is afraid of Bonnie Aron. She said that sometimes she didn't have to see the actress and told her, "Bonnie, I love you, but I don't want to see you now. Too much. " Famiga is not the only one who has problems with Aaron in makeup. YouTube was forced to delete a six second trailer for the movie because, as the metropolitan reported, it was "too scary."

Aaron stole the scenes of Naomi Watts in Mulholland Dr.

Universal Pictures Universal Pictures. Do you remember the movie? Critics, directed by David Lynch and released in 2001, hailed it as one of the greatest films of all time. If you see it, you may remember one scene from tramp, which is stealing the play. Interestingly, when Ellens played this role, she had no idea that she would be used to scare people. When she saw the film for the first time, she admitted that she was even afraid of herself! She has starred not only in horror movies, but also in Paramount's alamont, but Bonnie Allen may be the most famous horror movie, but she has put herself on the shelf. In fact, we're sure you've seen her before without makeup, and you just don't realize it. In David o'russell's fighter, she plays Bonnie. A few years later, she worked for Russell again, playing a role as a mother in the silver line game series. Most unforgettable of all, she played a drug addicted "teenager" in a public service advertisement. The timing of her comedy has been set. Next, we will show Bonnie's more relaxed side. If you can't deal with horror movies and don't like plays, Aaron will report for you. In the princess diaries, she was able to show her relaxed side as Baroness Joey von traken. Of course, Baroness is the villain in the film, but she can still show some of her comic style. Arence, who played the role again in the second film, said e made up more than nuns. Producers don't think she's beautiful enough for Hollywood. The entertainment industry is very cruel. When Allen began her career, she was shocked to find that she was not considered beautiful enough for Hollywood. Some professionals even told her that she needed to find another complete work route.

Ellens was glad she refused to listen. She thinks her sharp features have helped her find more interesting characters than ever before. David Lynch even said he had her play Dr. malholland because he was looking for the most incredible face he could find. She criticizes people around her and judges them online in her video log. The actress often posts "I" on youtube, and you know who you are. In her own vlog, Aarons gave a cruel view of the people she thought were the most annoying. Some memorable plots include "are you crazy? And "are you a preaching idiot?"? "She made the video to" encourage people who need a little correction to help make the world a better place. " The nun is bringing more and moreThe big role

Axelle / Bauer Griffin / filmmagicaxelle / Bauer Griffin / filmmagic

was pushed to the spotlight like valak to create a miracle for Aaron's career. Now in the spotlight, she plays an important role in the next few projects, including wizardream. Although she signed up for the film before the release of Nun, the success of the horror film made it a more eye-catching project. She hasn't signed on to any new projects, hot films. Our bet is that she is looking for a perfect role to help her career develop to a new level.

mark Steiger has played many villains and monsters

YouTube / @ Nguyen tung1 & Dan macmedan / wireimageyoutube / @ Nguyen tung1 & Dan macmedan / WireImage

actor mark Steiger has played roles in movies and TV programs, such as I am a legend, a stranger (he plays a monster!) The people who killed Hitler and Bigfoot, and the horror story of America. But perhaps his most terrifying role so far is Charles Barlow / Judas in the 2012 film "the engagement.". When Charles Barlow twisted his body into an unnatural position, Steiger looked gaunt and unhealthy. He surreptitiously bypassed the hidden passage of the house and peeped through the back of the hidden peephole. Next step: Mark Steger's another amazing transformation. As we have seen, mark Steger is a magician monster when he changes from a handsome and normal looking person to a strange person. It's very obvious in the TV series "the stranger's story", where he plays the terrible devil. In an interview with horror geek life, Steger describes how it feels to be a demon. "It's strange, it's different for me, because no one knows me. I go to meetings and other things, and if people know I'm related to this project, they need a minute to understand who I am, "a lot of people don't know who I am unless I work directly with them and they see that I don't have an animator's head." Now we can see Mark Steger as the Easter Bunny. From a ferocious madman to a devil, to Easter Bunny

twitter / @ horrorhomeroom & Todd Oren / Getty Images twitter / @ horrorhomeroom & Todd Oren / Getty Images

mark Steger also has to play the bizarre role of rabbit man in a 2016 black film called vacation. The role requires a lot of makeup expertise, which Steger said in an interview with "horror geek life," is an "inspiration.". "The independent f / X made up for this character, and I think it's a great design, and once I see it, it also gives me inspiration," Steger said. He continued with a smile: "it's really ugly. It's like seeing a picture of a dog being abused in a kennel. It's all dirty. It looks really sad. It feels a bit like this." Steger's career, let's review some of our favorite scary kids. What do you think they look like today? David chase is the original work of Samara. When Jordan Strauss / Getty Images of Bethesda came out in 2002, he redefined the type of terror. Although today's viewers can't understand the idea of a haunted VCR, fear is justified. The leader of the fear brigade is Bonnie Morgan in the ring . After the film was released, Chase's film career began to take off. From 2006 to 2011, she was one of the protagonists of love. In 2018, she voiced the TV series the king of the golden sun, which surprised viewers when it was released in 1983. The movie features a thriller, and the movie's grand finale was recklessly completed by actress Felicia Ross. If you think the ending of sixth sense is shocking, you need to rent a sleepwalking camp these days, and Ross is still acting. She has more than 94 films to praise. Ten movies will be released in 2018. She may be the busiest actress in Hollywood! Next, we know you will recognize the screaming queen! Danielle Harris is still the queen of screams. Once she got hooked, she never left. About 20 years later, she returned to Rob Zombie's Halloween restart. From 1998 to 2004, she was as child friendly as Debbie Samberg in the wild bramble. Harris has become a legend in the world of terror, and she was elected to the fonoria Hall of fame in 2012. Thomas Dekker blurs the boundary between terror and science fiction.

Dustin Finkelstein / Getty Images for Sxsw / Universal Pictures. Since then, the versatile actor has been busy jumping between horror and science fiction films, with some family dramas. Whether on the big screen or on the TV, he has found his way in front of you. His biggest role so far is John Connor's in the TV series Terminator: Sarah Connor's Chronicle. His name has a total of 69 credits. Isabel foreman is more than an orphan. Emma McIntyre / Getty McIntyre / Emma McIntyre / Getty McIntyre of Warner Bros. This horror film is one of the most original works in this type of film, and makes foreman a darling of Hollywood. If you haven't seen it, the film is worth seeing. The young actress returned to the horror genre in 2016, adapted from Stephen King's novel cell. She and John Cusack and Samuel JJason and I starred in the movie together. Unfortunately, the film was not as warmly welcomed as orphan. In the next slide, we will show you how the pet cemetery's gage looks today! Michael Hughes grew out of his terrible phase. When he appeared as little gage in pet cemetery, many couples were reconsidering whether they wanted children. Hughes is still acting these days, but he is not as terrible as before. He's still making horror movies. Don't get us wrong. He just doesn't play the crazy murderer anymore. Is there anything worse than a crazy murderer? [P>

Jodel fellAnd can never escape the Pyramid Head

rich Polk / Getty Images for IMDB / League films

Jodel fellAnd has been a terrible little girl for a long time. In 2002, she starred in "they" as a thriller debut, and in 2006, in "silent hill", she came to the video game adaptation, featuring the main villain pyramid in the game, who was defeated by Phelan. It proves that this type is just a big family gathering, and fellAnd is still participating in horror movies today. Neverknock is her latest adventure film in the shadows, which opened in 2017. Do you remember the first character of Kirsten Dunst? We assume that you know who Kirsten Dunst is. She is one of the most successful actresses today. But do you remember her first role? Dunst played Brad Pitt's eldest son Claudia in the 1994 movie vampire interview, which starred with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The movie made a big splash in the industry. In the film, the two kissed in one of the more controversial scenes in the film. Dunst was only 12! Matthew Holmes overcame his "cabin fever"

Lyn alweis / Denver Post made two films through Getty Images / YouTube Lyn alweis / Denver Post. In only one film, cabin fever, Holmes played a talking role. He likes pancakes the most. He likes breakfast very much, so he yells out before he takes a bite. The good news is that Holmes is still an actor. He has been trained in ballet since childhood and still enjoys dancing. He has been a member of the boulder ballet since 2011. Emily Perkins is a horror living person. In the early 1990s, Emily Perkins first experienced the taste of terror and its adaptation. Instead of giving up the type, she embraced the scream. In 2000, she starred in ginger snapshot, and the little-known ginger snapshot has become a classic idol drama, making two sequels in three years. Perkins also appeared in the X-Files and twilight. In 2016, she announced a moratorium on acting as a mother. The opening scene of the original Halloween Movie "Halloween Eve" is that a six-year-old Michael miles murdered his sister. The little boy who plays miles is will sanding. After the movie, he quit acting. Until the beginning of this century, no one knew what happened to Michael Myers, Jr. Sardins are alive, healthy and willing to participate in Halloween activities. He also revealed that Halloween hardliners knew he was ok because they were after him on social media. Lindsey Howe is still very terrible today under the command of Lindsey Howe. The actress played the role of an emotional child leader in the village. Now we have a nightmare to remember her performance. In a conversation with cosmopolitan in 2016, Haun admitted that she built her terrible performance on Jack Nicholson's role in glory. We don't know why she was allowed to see that movie when she was so young, but it obviously had an impact.

Alex Vincent no longer plays with dolls

dia dipassuper / Getty Images / MGM / UA communications dia dipassuper / Getty Images / MGM / UA communications

when "children's Games" was released in 1988, every child's dreams were revived. The most tortured child actor is Alex Vincent. The young actor starred in five children's plays, but he stopped playing with dolls. Vincent lived a quiet life, running his own studio, AV studio, in Florida. He also attended the terror conference, which he thought was his daily work. We want to know how much money he makes every time he shows up! Kyle Richards is not always a reality TV star. Do you remember the first time you saw her? When she was five years old, Richards played an indispensable role in the first Halloween. Well, maybe it's not an indispensable role, but it's still unforgettable. She plays Lindsay. Annie was supposed to be a nanny until she gave up her responsibilities and met her boyfriend. How could she? David doffman graduated from Harvard Law School and turned his career after playing Aidan in the Lord of the rings. If you forget, Aidan is Naomi Watts' creepy son in the movie. He also played a natural role in the Texas Chainsaw mass's reboot. Two horror films are enough to get doffman out of the business to study law at Harvard. In an interview with refinery 29, doffman acknowledged that his career was full of twists and turns, and he "appreciated all the great opportunities." In "resentment", y ū y a ozeki scared us all. In 2003, he starred in "resentment". Ozawa took over the part of Hideki Tojo when he was seven years old. This movie is very popular, heAlso starred in the sequel, as well as the American adaptation of the film. Interestingly, ozeki once said that scenes with cats are very difficult to shoot because he is afraid of cats. Now, at 22, he commutes between Japan and Washington.

Linda Blair plays devil possessed Reagan McNeil

Sunset Boulevard / writer / central publishing house / stringeson Boulevard / writer / central publishing house / stringer

if you have seen the Exorcist , you will be familiar with Linda Blair's wonderful performance. Blair, who was 13 when she played Reagan in 1973, was chosen from more than 600 applicants. With Blair's performance winning a golden globe and an Oscar, the cast apparently made the right choice. She went on to shoot a sequel to the film, which was largely considered a failure. She continues to perform on TV and in movies, but exorcism is still her best performance to date.