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The craziest thing people do to repay student loans


Some people go to extremes in saving to pay off student loans or other types of debt. Some people think it's cheap, others think it's creative. The following men and women have made great sacrifices - for example, to give up their basic comfortable life and live in unusual places in order not to be in debt. A couple uses washable clothes instead of toilet paper. Yes, you read it right. This is absolutely extreme. It's a little disgusting. We can't help asking how much money they've saved. [/ P>

Amazon lists a 308 piece giant roll, six sheets of toilet paper in a bundle, for $6.99. It must last for weeks or a month. Is it really worth the trouble? The couple also burn wood as a heat source, forage in the wild and sew clothes for their children. They finally paid off $89000 and saved $20000 to buy a house. The guy brought and cooked his own food in a restaurant while sitting with his friends.


source: Vince talotta / Toronto Star via Getty Images. He paid the rent and chose not to eat out for two years until he could refinance the loan. One day, he was invited out to dinner. He really wants to go, but he doesn't want to pay for the meal. He brought the brisket from home, asked the waiter for hot water, and cooked it on the table, while his friends ate their own. Logan later felt sorry for being so cheap, but two years later he paid off his $20000 loan. A woman was deliberately homeless and moved into her boyfriend's car. Photo source: Bauer Griffin / GC images via Getty Images. At that time, she became what she called "intentionally homeless". She met a man and moved into his Toyota Prius six months later. They "camped" in the woods near the city. She can achieve the economic freedom she pursues, and her boyfriend can save enough money to buy a new Prius and a sailboat. He does it in cash. Christine said she would do it again without hesitation if she needed to. The couple refused to buy holiday gifts for each other (or anyone else)

photo source: Vincent Sandoval / WireImage via Getty Images

everyone likes gifts from time to time, but for a couple, it's a luxury they can't afford. A man named Richard and his wife made various attempts to pay off their debts, including cutting a terrible haircut at home. They decided to give up the traditional way of giving gifts on birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's day. Gifts on anniversaries and weddings are also prohibited. The couple won't buy anything from each other unless it's investment or real estate related. The two also refused to participate in social "obligations" that cost them money. They acknowledged that they had violated the expected social norms. The family moved to a bad community, where they raised their children happily. Photo source: seeing the picture of America / Uig through Getty Images

apart from being homeless or living in a car, another option is to move to a less ideal community. A woman named aja is in debt of $120000. Her solution is to move into a "hood". It's too bad there. There are bullet holes in the back door. However, the place is free, so they decided to do so. Aja doesn't regret moving. She eventually raised her children there and really loved the community. While many may not have made the same decision, it is the right choice to repay a large amount of debt. The couple spent $1 on a car. Photo source: Artur widak / nurphoto via Getty Images. One of the problems is that they only have one income, and their wife Alice takes care of their baby. They save money and sell things on Facebook. They also added water to the spaghetti sauce to extend its use (which is not good for the taste buds). This is certainly a risk, because a car of such low value may have some problems and may cost a lot of money. A person moves to South Korea. Photo source: deastini / Getty Images

you will think that traveling abroad will increase your debt, but for a person, it will help fight against debt. This man made a lot of money teaching in Korea. The company he works for pays his rent, and his expenses are very low, so he can save a considerable part of his salary. It's certainly helpful to live rent free when paying off student debt (or any other type of loan). If your salary is good and you can live in another culture for a while, it looks like a win-win situation.

a college graduate has been riding a bicycle for three years

picture source: Chris stores / AFP / Getty Images

a woman named Sarah graduated from university and obtained a student loan of US $23000. As a full-time teacher, she refinanced whenever she had a chance, but found that all the extra money had to be used to pay off the debt. In addition to after-school tutoring, she decided to give up owning a car and take the B cycle for three years. It must be a good exercise (good for her heart, too). It also enabled her to pursue a master's degree. When she can't ride a bike, she carpools. When she paid off her debts, she entertained herself with a new iPhone. Some people are playing a game program hosted by Michael torpe to pay their debts. Picture>

picture source: YouTube / truTV

everyone likes a good game program. How about one that can help you pay off your student loan? TruTV recently launched "paid for" hosted by comedian Michael torpe. Each episode has three contestants, usually in their 20s and 30s, who "have the opportunity to test their degree depth in an interesting, fast-paced little game show." This seriesIt's kind of like danger. settled will check 100% of individual student loan according to the number of correct answers obtained by the winner. It not only helps you pay off your debts, it also sounds interesting.

extreme coups and odd jobs helped the woman pay off $75000

source: Sean Patrick oulette / Portland Herald owed $125000 when they were diagnosed with cancer through Getty Images

Laura and her husband. A lot of it was due to his credit card and medical bills during his recovery, and part of it was due to Laura's classes. She decided to take charge and find a way to pay off the debt.

Laura started an extreme coup and, as a virtual assistant, paid off $75000 in debt. She also completed an online survey, participated in focus groups, and was a mystery shopper to pay such a large amount. Finally, she and a friend were waiters at the reception after the funeral. A pregnant mother works 60 hours a week, suffering from morning sickness and debt repayment. Photo source: Andrew Matthews / p a images via Getty Images. Nicole was pregnant with a third child, working 60 hours a week, in a physical intensive job. She is a physical therapist who has to lift weak and sick people from their beds. She did this against morning sickness. She vomited on the way to work and between visits. She described that time as a "crazy town" but did not regret that they paid off six figure debts. The woman organized someone else's garage sales and had no debt in less than two years. Feeling guilty about expanding her family's debt, she decided to earn extra money by charging others to manage garage sales. She is also involved in the consignment marking service.

stef likes this job because she not only pays off her debts, but also often receives surplus items for sale, which can be sold online or in a consignment store. No one wants their junk. It took steff only 18 months to pay off the debt. Some women hire themselves as "sweethearts"

photo source: JEP arenes / nursery, through Getty Images

some women use sexual attraction to repay their student loans. A woman under the pseudonym of Brooke told debt.com that she would be in debt of $100000 after graduating from Stern School of business at New York University. In 2014, she joined the "looking for arrangements" website, which links "sugar baby" with "sugar dad". Sugar dads are often older, wealthy men who pay young women to meet their needs. It doesn't necessarily mean that men and women sleep together. It's a way to pay the bill, Brooke said, which helps those who seek "a higher level of education without heavy debt.". In her spare time (private swimming class), the girl did an extra activity to earn extra money and decided to pay off 28000 yuan of student loan and 10000 yuan of car loan. Her daytime job paid just $12 an hour, so she decided to look after her children at the weekend for $15 an hour. Not enough. At that time, the licensed lifeguard decided to teach a private swimming course for $50 an hour. This summer, Lauren made an extra $1000 in "busy while busy", and her efforts paid off. It took her only 18 months to pay off the loan, and just before her 24th birthday, she was proud to be "debt free at 23". A couple bought second-hand furniture and set up a blog,

source: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images. They all have good jobs and good salaries, but they've been frugal for three years. Instead of buying new furniture, they chose to replace it with old furniture. And they didn't decorate their house to make it sparse. In order to pay off the debt, Lance also launched a blog called "money Manifesto". Their common sacrifice paid off. They had no debt for three years, and Lance's blog, initially for extra money, later became his full-time job. The couple lived in a camper for a year and almost got hit by a tornado. After graduation, the Roma school, which has more than $50000 in student loans, believes that minimizing their lifestyle will help pay the bills. They sold everything and searched Craigslist for the perfect camper. They put all their valuables in the warehouse and lived in an Oklahoma camper for 11 months (without air conditioning). They are suffering from ice storms and almost hit by tornadoes, but they believe that the experience is "totally worth it". In addition, they may have time to explore, which must be very interesting. She found a job in Qatar to pay for accommodation. Photo source: Sven hope / picture alliance via Getty Images

a woman named Holly has a master's degree in Library Science and owes 60000 US dollars in student loans. She had many interviews, but couldn't find a job. As a result, she taught English in Buenos Aires and later moved to Qatar to become a librarian at a museum of modern art. The company paid for her first three months' accommodation. She also has a monthly tax-free salary that enables her to pay off large debts. It took her less than two years to get out of debt. She moved to the Bahamas for some time, but plans to return to Qatar with her husband.

this women's sofa has been surfing for a year

picture source: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

Nikki graduated from Syracuse University with a debt of $10000. She got a job as a software trainer in New York City, but it was only enough to pay her rent, and not enough. She decided to leave the apartment and live with her friends. She "begged and begged" everyone she knew to find a place to live for a short time. She also uses the sofa surfing website to find a place to lie down at night. In addition, she did some odd jobs, such as taking care of pets, to pay off her debts. She has no regrets and advises others to bear the sacrifice so that they can live without debt. The lady started a cake business at home.

picture source: RobRoberto Machado NOA / lightrocket via Getty Images

Jason and his wife worked very hard and became very creative when they decided to pay off their debts. Jason works full-time for a week and is a remote network security consultant for the weekend. At the same time, his wife opened a cake shop in their home. They also started selling their products on Amazon. After a lot of work and research, the couple earn more than $100000 a year. They maintain this momentum by blogging and creating YouTube channels, both of which generate additional revenue. They paid off $40000 in more than two years. He joined the army in order to pay for college tuition. In order to meet the requirements of this special program, participants must take and pass the military physical fitness test twice a semester. In addition, students must maintain 2.5 GPA and abide by the law. The army will also provide a monthly allowance, a Book allowance and accommodation. But after graduation you have to stay in the army for eight years. It can be a four-year term and a four-year reserve or other combination.