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15 Stylish and Functional Gym Bags for Every Budget


If you drag a plastic shopping bag with your shoes and other fitness equipment to your favorite gym or gym, it's time to upgrade. You need a gym bag big enough to hold all your stuff and keep it fashionable so you have confidence on your shoulders. It would be great if it didn't break the bank. Choose a fashionable and practical fitness bag. (picture: westend61 / westend61 / gettyimages)

in addition to a suitable pair of sports pants and a positive attitude, your fitness bag also provides you with an excellent opportunity to feel great on the way to the gym and meet all your necessities. These are the most suitable fitness bags for women at different prices, so you can find your own fitness bag while maintaining your budget. It is forbidden to use fitness bags with less than 50 US dollars. Fitness bag

this mesh fitness bag is one of the most suitable for women you can find. It has a comfortable strap and side pocket that can hold everything you have, and a space to put earplugs through so you can listen to your favorite playlists on the way to and from work. In addition, it is also very ambitious. Who doesn't want to eat tacos after exercise?

buy: bando.com; price: $35

2. The Nike gym club bag

features a double zip compartment and water-resistant fabric that handles sweaty bras and tights and stores everything from shoes and laptops to towels and cushions. In addition, it has pink or gray colors.

purchase: nike.com; price: $35

3. Spiral Lavender flash duvet fitness bag

this super cute Lavender fitness bag is a great fitness bag, thanks to its feminine tone and unique design. You'll come out of the gym and shine, and it has durable materials and a few pockets to keep everything clean.

buy: asos.com; price: $40

4. "Madden girl parachute nylon weekend bag"

this metal nylon weekend bag is very suitable for the gym, because there are a lot of compartments to accommodate everything you need, and this is a fashionable choice, you need to bring it to and from the office with you. In addition, it is still on sale and the price remains below $50.

purchase: nordstromback.com; price: $29.98

5. Luludamo overnight bag

with adjustable cross shoulder strap and multiple inner bags, as well as waterproof lining and Vegan Leather bottom to prevent abrasion, is a good choice lovely and cheap. In addition, you can choose cool color block pattern to lead the trend.

buy: luludharama.com; price: $19.98


$50-100 sports bag

1. Maika bag

with waterproof lining and four interior pockets (two large pockets for clean and dirty sportswear or shoes, such as sneakers or flip flops), this spacious sports bag is still fashionable. Feminine leather decoration and design.

buy: maikgoods.com; price: $90

2. Coco + Carmen AVA drawstring handbag

this handbag is designed with a pocket, suitable for all your sporting goods, from water bottles and shoes to changing clothes. It's a great gym bag for women because it's fun to design and it can also be compressed into your wallet so you can easily go from the workplace to the gym. It's great for any type of exercise, especially in Barre or Pilates classes where you want to look forward to fashion.

purchase: cococarmen.com; price: $55

3. Adidas sport to street Tote

is a relatively small women's fitness bag, this tote is fashionable and affordable, and has several different pockets to help you separate items. It is light and suitable for any type of course, such as HIIT or spin. Purchase: amazon.com; price: $52.99


this sports bag is also relatively small, but the at puma duffle bag has a unique appearance and is suitable for anything you need for exercise. It's only $55. It's cheap. Light blue and pink give it a good pop color. Of course, it also has many compartments to keep your items safe. Purchase: puma.com; price: $55

5. Victoria's Secret Pink tweed

Victoria & 39; s secret has a series of great sportswear and accessories. This tweed bag is a fashionable and affordable choice for carryall. It comes in several different colors, but this metallic silver is fun and adds some personality to any sportswear you put on again.

buy: amazon.com; price: $54.90

$100 to 200 sports bags

1. Lululemon's run all day backpack II women's fit 13L

this backpack may be expensive, but this material is very light and durable. It's suitable for any type of exercise, also for hiking and sprinting. It's printed and basic black. Purchase: lululemon.com; price: $118

2. Sports fashion handbag

if you are a yoga practitioner, this handbag is your next favorite gym necessity. It can put your yoga mat and have a heat preservation bag to keep the drinks hot and cold, whether it's hot coffee, cold squeezed juice or sports drinks. It's also very light, so it doesn't feel like exercise until it's in downdog. In addition, it also provides interesting colors, making it one of the best fitness bags for women who want to enter the classroom with fashion.

buy: shopportschic. Com; price: $119

3. Go to Duffel 24L lululemon x soulcycle

another great fitness bag launched by lululemon in collaboration with soulcycle, which is even on sale, with a ton of different compartments to accommodate your sweaty clothes, sneakers and even your hair straightener. (after a high-energy, humid indoor bike class, this is definitely needed!)

purchase: lululemon.com; price: $139

4. AndI New York the andI

you can put this bag on your shoulder or unfold it to fit your laptop and shoes as fitness luggage. In addition, it is also lovely, there are many colors, such as rose gold quartz and peacock blue. Purchase: carbon38.com; price: $198

5. The luggage bag in the north base camp can keep your items dry, and it is very spacious, which can put your computer, shoes, snacks and clothes after sports. It's super durable, but not too heavy, and easy to carry. It's a very suitable sports bag that needs a lot of equipment or water sports.

purchase: northface.com; price: $149