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7 underrated pop songs


When it comes to pop music, it either succeeds or fails It depends on who you ask. Although the top 40 players are likely to play the most popular tracks, they often miss some truly incredible gems. To make sure you don't miss it, we've recorded seven of the best under rated pop songs of the past six years, and you need to hear them at this moment!

Xiali xcx – "nuclear season"

missed. In 2014, xcx gained a good reputation with its breakthrough cooperation "family" and "Iggy azalea" as well as "boom clap" and "after the after party". This is her first album "true love", which is full of electronic pop music!

Brigitte mendeler - "Atlantis" feat. Keido

Bridgit mendler has left an incredible mark in the Indian world with her new materials, but Atlantis has never been on a popular radio station, and fans must have missed it! After the success of mendler's music debut "ready or not" in 2012, mendler's EP "Nemesis" in 2016 showed mature and popular / R & B treasures for several days in a row!

flor - "heart"

flor has risen slowly and steadily, but we still feel that the rest of the world has not caught up. If you like all the fantasy and indie pop music, give them their first album, come out. You're hiding. Listen to me!

strike expertise. Kelly ray Jepson – "love me like that"


anything related to Kelly ray should be successful, but unfortunately, this time it didn't. Perhaps one of her best collaborations so far, "love me like that" will be fully in line with 2015's e * Mo * ion!

Dua LiPA – "hotter than hell"

Dua LiPA finally started to use "new rules" to set off some waves in the United States, but we really should catch up earlier. "Hotter than hell" is no doubt worthy of the name!

Phoebe Ryan – "dead"

Phoebe Ryan may be the most underrated star in the pop music industry, but the top 40 stars failed to catch up! "Death" is a wonderful song. When the beautiful things are in front of you, you will feel that you are not worthy of all achievements. We can all be sure! The feats of smokers. Xyl Ø – "set fire"

and in the past year, these smokers have been burning. Their popular songs are "closer", "don't let me down" and "something just like this". The "sleeper track" set fire in the collage EP with brother and sister in 2016 is one of their best works so far!