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Five reasons why we love Brigitte mendeler


When we saw that she was one of the Disney Channel's new stars, Bridget mendler took our heart first. Her first album in 2012, Hello, my name is 》It used to be Buzznet's main album. Now the singer has reshaped herself and her music style with her new EP "Nemesis". We are even more fascinated. Here are five reasons why we like this singer / actress! Like you really need it! She is one of the most underrated innovative artists. Brigitte always seems to be one step ahead of the rest, as evidenced by her new materials. Combining the influence of the 1990s with modern pop and R & B, we can't wait to hear what her next album contains! She is not interested in the status quo. Now most pop stars want to be famous, but Brigitte is quite low-key and full of fresh air. She does her own business. We like her. She is versatile and always has her own ideas. From her performance in Disney's "good luck Charlie and lemonade" program to NBC's unremitting efforts in her budding music career, she has nothing to do and is worth seeing. Not many celebrities can be so perfect in both fields, but Bridget nailed it! She has a killer style. This girl knows how to dress, she can almost undress. Envy!


she interacts with her fans as much as she can.

Bridgit is a social media professional who uses it to help her supporters: Fans!