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Exclusive: Contrary to the current shared details on our bones & 8217; trip to the US


The pop / rock trio, made up of Chris Costanza, Dan Gogh and will Ferri, are preparing for our bone journey this month! A year after the release of its debut album of the same name, distorted touring and overseas performances, the band is on the brink of a career pinnacle and can't stop them now. With the support of ramen headquarters in New York, I was lucky to sit with the band and talk about everything. They wanted fans to take something away from their music. Of course, we all like this record. What's the most exciting aspect of launching this record that you didn't expect at the beginning?

Chris: it's a little strange. I think it's unique to the people in the band, right? We have a strange situation, we tour so much, only two EPS, which is so strange, because we are basically two EPS ahead, which is quite rare. So I think it's very exciting for us, maybe many bands don't even understand this feeling, but in fact, we can finally play our set by giving different personalities to the set itself, especially in the tour, rather than just using the same 10, and create a different set song with some vitality, and find out the most Good order. We can define the feeling of the scene we want. It's unfortunate that many bands fall into a particular category, but you seem to go beyond that. Do you have a special voice in our bones? Thank you! Maybe we should! *I don't know. We have learned a lot from this record, and we may do something different in the future. But no, we really have no idea. We just want to go in and write some catchy songs to see what happened.

Chris: I think we must know that we have come out of EPS.

Dan: Yes, we didn't go in as a metal band! *We will not change everything we know. We just want to start with our two EPS.

Chrissy: Yes, play different sounds. One of my favorite stories is that "forget me now" actually starts with an R & B song, probably the most popular song ever. So we just want to have this creative freedom, because sometimes when you define too much, you get stuck in a box. It's like, you're going to start writing a song, and all of a sudden you're going to say, "well, it doesn't sound like us, so we just stop here." If we stop there and "forget me now" doesn't sound like counter current, it will never be the way it is now. We like to let it go. I think It's against our name, but, yes. *Laugh *

from "wasteland" to "devil", there are many lyrical honest records. Would you say that the writing process is catharsis for you?

Chris: Yes! Catharsis is exhausting at the same time! It reached a level of catharsis so that for a few days I didn't have any emotions. I just thought, "well, they're all there, and I'm so tired I can't feel anything." But yes, everyone expresses themselves in different ways. For us, it's through music, for me, it's through lyrics. I have loved writing since I was a child. I used to write stories. I must have thought I was going to write a book. I wrote several children's books when I was 11 years old!

Dan: children's books!

Chris: * laugh * they never come out, I have some very good ideas, but they never come out. One day I will write a children's book! But yes, writing is the way I write everything out. I'm not good at speaking. I often hang out. Dan likes to tell me I'm wandering aimlessly! The U.S. tour starts this month! What can fans look forward to this time after a distorted journey overseas and this summer?

Dan: this is the first time we have used these new songs to really slow down some of the rhythm. We've stepped up the production in this tour, so it's interesting.

Chrissy: Yes, the production itself is what fans haven't seen. They have never experienced the non recording experience of these songs in the production process, so it should be very cool. It may be that we are playing your favorite songs. We are playing most of the songs on the new record.

Chrissy: even with a full album, we still have so many songs. The response to you is huge! Have you ever thought, "Wow, has this really happened? "

Dan: Yes, a group of people! *I think it's strange that "Wow, does this really happen" is always the time you don't want to happen, the time you want to happen is not those! For example, we had the biggest show ever in London, when the Sheppard Bush theater had 2000 people. It's beautiful and amazing, just an incredible feeling, but our last show is in Paris, it's 500 people at the smallest club. It must be illegal to have so many people in that basement; it must be some kind of fire hazard. It's so crowded, it looks like the fight club is there, the stage is small, but it's amazing, it's that feeling like, the room is full of energy, we say, "OK, there's something here." It's crazy.

Yes, I mean you see it on social media, someone is tracking you, but once you see it with your own eyes, I think it will open your eyes!

Chris: absolutely!

What do you want your fans to get from your live performance or your music? I hope it will inspire them to do something that they love music as much as we do. The idea is to put every fiber of your own into what you believe in, and at the same time lead them to something bigger than any of us or any of usA big journey.


Chrissy: when a fan comes to our program, we want them to leave feeling like it's a cathartic experience for them. There are good, bad, emotional songs that really touch the emotional point. Happy songs may make them feel something, even after the emotional things in the scene are over, we hope they feel relaxed, much better than when they came in. From the perspective of our general music, we always oppose the idea that we must integrate into a box or a specific category. Not to fight it or not to be like everyone else, but to be us. So we hope our fans can do the same. We want them to go their own way. Whatever is true to them, rather than feeling that they have to change or adapt to a mold or to meet someone else's ideas or standards. Every road, cause and corner of the universe has its precedent. Our whole mantra is to fight against the precedent and create our own way and way of doing things. We want them to know that they can do the same, so that they can stand out.

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