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Exclusive: Hayley Kiyoko talks about new EP CSI & more!


Have you heard of this lovely lady? Well, get ready to explode her music and fall in love with it! Haley is not only an actress who starred in foster and vampire diaries, but she has incredible voice! She just released her EP here in heaven, which you can buy from iTunes! Let's take a look at our wonderful interview below!

for readers who have never heard your music before, please describe your voice in three words! When did you find your love for music? My first exposure to music was the first drum bag I got from Santa when I was five years old. It was cherry red. I fell in love with rhythm.

you just released your EP here in heaven recently. Please tell us more about this! Yes! I'm very excited to finally have EP out so that people can finally hear it! I've been doing it all year and I'm very proud. I suggest you roll down the window, cruise on the road and hear the explosion! Choose a song from EP and tell us the inspiration of lyrics! The edge of the cliff is a very intuitive source of inspiration. I want to write a song with sexual tension. I imagine standing on the top of a cliff, the wind blowing the air of the ocean, a little gloomy, crazy about someone. That thrill and instant butterfly you get. I imagined a moment I didn't have to experience, but at the same time felt so close to it. Most of my inspiration for songs comes from my feelings and puts them in a new environment / world. What is the hardest part of being a musician? I think one of the hardest parts of being a musician is that you are inspired by so many artists and musicians. You love so much that sometimes it's hard to focus on one thing at a time. You like all kinds of music and want to do everything. You find that your journey as a musician is to find your own voice in all these voices. If you could design your dream tour bus, what would it look like? I can't even get started. It will be black to black. It will hold a big refrigerator full of so much food. A huge bed with Restoration Hardware pillows and decorations. Movie projector. And my whole Qingzi team and best friends. I'll take my dog Henry, too. He'll have his own rest area.

so far, what's a song you've heard this year that you hope you can write down? There is no show this year, but Lianke's I follow the river This is my jam. What can we see from you this year? Is there a tour in the factory? Yes, I'll be on my first U.S. tour as a direct prologue, actually next week! I'm glad to hear this song on the way. I hope to continue my tour again and again between performances. My new show, "crime scene investigation: CBS's network premiere on March 4," so be sure to see it, too. What's the best advice you can give people who are trying to follow their dreams? When you finally become true to yourself and believe in your intuition, you will achieve great and full potential. Do your fans and our readers have any last words? Thank kiyokians for his incredible love for my EP this side of heaven. If you haven't seen it, go for a walk. P>

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