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10 exciting reasons for High School Musical 4


It's official that the high school musical is back with the fourth installment of the popular franchise for the mid-term oggett. Although it is unlikely that the original actors will be back in the lead (after Disney announced that they are looking for new star faces nationwide), there are still many reasons to be fully engaged in the HSM restart process!

1. A new cast means hot new stars are obsessed with tracking and understanding them.


2。 You will sing a catchy new song on July 24, 365.

3。 You will practice and refine the dance sequence with your friends and publish it online.

4。 The fourth movie means you can take all your old HSM swimsuits out and put them back on the monitor.


5。 Just because old actors may not appear in the front and middle doesn't mean that there won't be some great guest stars.

6。 If you are an aspiring actor, Disney really wants you to audition! Call all wildcards! Today, the nationwide "high school music 4" talent show begins! #High school musical ා HSM pic. Twitter. COM / cqe51cfbqq

- Disney Channel PR on March 1, 2016!

8。 As the story revolves around the high school competition, there may be a romance of the west side story.

9。 In the context of all the new technologies and applications we use every day, it will be interesting to learn how they fit into the storyline.

10。 It gives you reasons to marathon all three existing HSM movies over and over, when you wait for the fourth movie to be released!