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Best music moment of 2015


There were some fairly stable musical moments in 2015. Like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and one-way stars, there has never been a dull moment. However, as with anything in the media, not so cool moments have caused some major backlash around the world. From unnecessary comments on women and music to a man band leaving his team, Shh! It will happen. We put the best and worst music moments of 2015 together, hoping to illuminate the positive side through a false optimistic rotation, while making a less beautiful sound. At a "Foo Fighters" concert in Sweden this summer, lead singer and rock god Dave glor designed a rather majestic throne to continue touring with an injured foot. On the throne of rock and roll music, the video clip of grol's guitar solo quickly surfaced and won great reviews. You must love him! Although it won steady (and loyal) popularity with its first EP "room 93" in 2014, 2015 was a breakthrough year for Halsey. The 21-year-old singer released her first concept album "wilderness" this summer, and fans flocked to support it, making it one of the most successful debut albums of the year. In August 2016, a year after the release of wasteland, Halsey will perform a sold out performance at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York. Sharing her past love, sex, fame, drug lovers and her bipolar diagnosis experience, you are likely to have seen Halsey's lyrics on social media. The girl has started a campaign and we can't wait to see where she will go in 2016!

garbage celebrates their 20th anniversary

obviously I'm biased because they're my favorite band, but I just need to add the 20th anniversary of garbage to the list. Last fall, the band toured for six weeks to support their 1995 debut album of the same name. Twenty years later, quill saw the band play their entire debut, including the B side of the album, and a good way to throw a surprise there. Last October, I walked out of Westbury's space with the most wonderful performance they had planned, almost in tears - happy tears, of course! When music can evoke something similar, you know it's definitely worth it. We congratulate garbage on its success and hope for more! When we learned that Justin Bieber would perform at this year's Music Video Awards, we were not sure what would happen. When the singer appeared on the stage to perform "what do you mean" in the new album "mission", the 21-year-old singer began to shed tears and let the audience at the scene and home go, "ha? "There are rumours that Bierce is crying for her ex girlfriend Selena Gomez (it's said that the song is about whom), but after Jimmy Fallon's tonight show, Justin clarified that, saying he was just overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the performance. He went on to say that the last time he appeared at the awards ceremony (Fashion rock 2014), he was booed during the performance. We are very happy that Biebs has opened a new page and found hope and clarity for the future.


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Jimmy Iovine thinks it's hard for women to find music

when Jimmy Iovine's Interscope records and beats, co-founder of DRE, appeared on CBS this morning to promote Apple's new music streaming service, he may have said too much. A series of ads featuring Mary Blig, Kerry Washington and taraj Henson show the playlist management of Apple Music as "having a boyfriend makes you a mixer.". To "better explain" myself, Iovine said, "women sometimes have a hard time finding music," he added, "as if it wasn't enough, I just thought of a problem: girls sitting around talking about boys. Or complain about the boy! They need music, don't they? It's hard to find the right music. Not everyone knows DJ. " Since then, Iovine has publicly apologized for its poor wording, but the damage has been done. It's natural that female music journalists and listeners from all over the world are strongly opposed on the Internet! Fortunately, women have one or two things to know about finding new music without the help of men. If I say I don't want him to be the planning playlist of a band he may never have heard of, then I lie?


Kanye West , although he is a very talented and innovative musician - we will give him this opportunity, it seems that his 100% time is related. When the rapper decided to announce that he would run for the presidency of MTV VMA in 2015 in 2020, the US was a bit confused At least I'm scared. I don't know if it's worse: trump or west. It's just... No Is he serious? There's no clue, but we really hope not.

Ariana Grande doughnut

when Ariana Grande is seen licking the doughnut she doesn't buy (shocking, isn't it?) The media claimed that she hated America, but she lost no time to shout out every name in the book and use a rather absurd and ironic moment for the world to see. The singer later had to make a statement that she loved her country and apologized to anyone who might have offended her. I must have had some eye circles at that time. So a pop star licked a doughnut. How is the news? On the plus side, it just makes us want to lick more donuts and think about what TMZ will catch us doing, which may require an apology. I heard Springer's cupcakes calling my name Jeremy Davis left Paramore for ten years, including brother Josh and Zach Farrow in 2010. Now, nearly five years later (in the same week, again), the band announced that the bassist Jeremy Davis had left the band. Such aTo be honest, founder (Warrior Queen) and guitarist Taylor York will be paramount's duet. It is worth noting that the band has experienced numerous failures while continuing to create music. We just hope that everything goes well for Paramore and Jeremy Davis. The next chapter should be interesting. What do you think is the best and worst music moment of 2015?