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What Is CrossFit's Murph Workout and What Makes It So Hard?


On Memorial Day, hardcore athletes, celebrities (such as Dwayne Johnson and John krasinki), novice athletes and weekend warriors flock to cross gym (so-called cross gym box) around the United States to solve Murph fitness problem. Prepare for Murphy training. span (image: Mike Harrington / taxi / getyimage)

how to prepare Murph work out

both Hayley and stangus agree with it and 39. It is crucial to enter Murph when entering the attack plan. For example, in her first year of Murph, Heilig initially tried to complete all the repetitions of one exercise before moving on to the next. She did a good pull up, but when she was more than half way through the push up, she found herself hitting the wall. At this time, she decided to change her strategy: & quot; instead of wasting time staring at the floor and praying for another push-up, it's better to start squatting, & quot; Heilig said, a good way to split weight exercises - hoping to avoid the kind of exhaustion Heilig had when doing push ups - is to organize them like Cindy. Complete 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats in 20 minutes and do as many rounds as possible. When you do math, you'll find that Murph training is equivalent to 20 rounds of Cindy (plus two miles of running). &"Then on the floor, you're just making chalk marks to show how many rounds you've done," Heilig said. In fact, practicing Cindy regularly is a great way to prepare for Murphy. You have a feeling that you can feel what you like through these actions, and even though people won't play 20 rounds, at least you're ready for it, Heilig said. She also recommends practicing three actions (pull up, push up, and squat) after a routine exercise when you are exhausted, because you will feel tired at the end of the exercise. Choose an action and do 50 push ups at the end of the exercise to see how it feels (let alone how long it takes). 20 pull ups or 100 squats. &"Because it's the killer, it's part of Murphy, it's the volume of these movements that makes it challenging," Heilig said. Start with a challenging but viable number of sales reps and gradually increase the number of sales reps based on your feelings.

for more information or to register for the Murph challenge, visit the event's official website. Get inspired by searching instagram for "Murph challenge" and experiencing the Murph actions of the past.