Louis Tomlinson explained the meaning behind the new song;

Louis Tomlinson has gone through difficult years. After traveling around the world in one direction, he has a lot to deal with. After the band dissolved, he lost his mother to cancer, and less than a year later his sister died. In spite of the difficulties, he continued to devote himself to music. In April, he told fans on instagram that he was creatively "turning the page" and that his new focus was on creating music he and his fans liked, rather than focusing on business success. Tomlinson's latest single, "we made it," was released on October 24, and he seems to have done it. It reminds me of his early life with his longtime girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

"lyrics is a time when I visited my girlfriend Eleanor at University of Manchester. I learned from my experience in the world tour and then went to live in the hall of my girlfriend." Tomlinson said that the lyrics of

itself tell how Tomlinson felt "undervalued" and "underestimated". "

" Oh, my God, what will I become / don't know why they put all this on us when we are so young / handle it well, "Tomlinson sang on the track, saying his girlfriend was" very proud "of his work in the music industry. Last month, however, he admitted that he had struggled for his personal identity while in the boys' band one way. "I don't sing much, I'm not the lead singer," Tomlinson told the guardian I don't think I'm a poor little B --, I think: "how can I do better, how can I make myself an identity?"? "

although Tomlinson has gone through all the difficult things in the past year, he seems to have done well. His first album, wall, was released in January this year, and he recently announced that he would be touring the world next year. "

" I'm really glad to be here at last, "he said on instagram." thank you very much for your patience. "