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#Fbf5 amazing Boys music video we almost forgot


Since there are only five people doing solo in one way, there is no boy band in the world. Before you cry to sleep, remember there is a bunch of boy band's eye candy to remember. On this "FBF", please enjoy five amazing old-fashioned but brilliant music videos of boys' band.

O-Town – "all or nothing"

the clothes and hairstyles in this video are really untrue.

BBMak – "back here"

this video is so cute. The street show in the subway was well done.


* nysnc – "make yourself crazy"

who doesn't like to see a boy band imitating madmen in a mental hospital? And how do you do with the silk jam! Welcome to the future! Or at least, our vision of the future and space in 1999.

98 degrees – "I really (cherish you)"

Oh, that scream relief is a classic!