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Sock filler for 8 fitness enthusiasts



in your life, it's easy to buy a big gift for a gym mouse, cyclist, runner or yogi. A new mat, a heavier Kettlebell, a shiny sandbag, a new helmet or cold fuel belt can be placed perfectly under the tree. But what about the present on the sock coat? Candy cane won't cut it, so filling your fitness enthusiast's stockings with these little gifts can have a big impact on their results. It should make them very happy.

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1. The spri super band

resistance band allows you to do strength training anywhere, turning a hotel room, park or backyard into a fully stocked gym. But the handles make them bulky, and for frequent travelers, every inch of space they carry is important. Let the road warrior in your life not deal with super bands and solve problems. These little wonders can be rolled up as small as a belt, allowing the user to do overhead presses, push ups, rowing, pull downs and even advanced stretches (see next slide). Price: $18.74 and above. Where to find: spri. Com

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how to use: triceps and lateral extension

Brett klika, director of sports, fitness quest 10, San Diego, California, recommends using Superband to relax the muscles in the back and upper back of the arm. Method: hold one end of the strap with your right hand and lift your arm straight over your head. Bend your elbow so that the strap is behind you. With your left arm down by your side, bend your elbow and reach up to grab the strap behind you. Pull the right hand up and the left hand down. Then change sides. You can also wrap the belt around your waist when your partner insists on resisting the sprint from behind, or use it to help pull up. Now listen to how Seamus Mullen, a famous chef, saves himself by eating right. Jared meachem, director of fitness services at sky Fitness & wellbeing, said that valslide (or fun movers) fitness has started selling products that allow bodybuilders to glide across the floor for good reason. " Instability training and gliding is an incredible way to move through a full range of motion, "he said. This type of training "ensures that your body works harder because all small stabilizing muscles have to be involved in the exercise," but you don't need expensive equipment to achieve this effect. Although your local hardware store (furniture slide) offers a cheaper option, we recommend that you choose valslide. Price: $29.95. Where to find out: valslide. Com

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how to use: reverse lunge and recumbent leg bending

how to slide reverse lunge: start with a glider under your feet and push your feet back until your front knee bends to 90 degrees. Stand back with the front leg and slide the back leg back to the starting position. Repeat and change legs. How to do the recumbent leg curl: start from the back, bend the knees, put your feet on two gliders, and lift your hips off the ground. Slowly press your feet down from you until your legs are almost straight. Then squeeze your hamstrings and let your feet slide back to your body and back to the starting position. Repeat.

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3. Science has proved that the right music can cheer you up. In one study, researchers found that athletes increased their strength by 10% by listening to happy music. However, you can only benefit from listening to music. After a long run or cycling in the rain, your headphones may smoke. Use these sports headphones to keep the band moving. They're designed to be sweat resistant, and the cables won't get tangled when you're done running your route. Price: $29.95. Where can I find: cold. Com

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how to use: interval running (or cycling) to music

do you want to do some challenging interval training? Your tune will help. Combine playlists with songs from different BPM's. Use fast-paced tracks during working hours and slow-paced songs during breaks. This way, when you step on a treadmill, elliptical machine or stationary bike, your headphones will help you set the right speed.

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4. A

hockey gym provides many foam rollers for myofascial relaxation. This self massage can relieve muscle soreness, speed up recovery and feel great. But at crossfit gym, a smaller, simpler tool has been added to Arsenal for release - a hockey. Expensive healing balls are missing, so you don't want to lend them to others. "Hockey is about two dollars," said Kelly Starrett, founder of mobilitywod.com and pioneer of hockey technology. Starrett uses these balls to exercise the thoracic spine, restore the movement of the ribs, help all the people who sit in the chair all day to improve their mobility and reduce the dependence on painkillers. Price: $5.98. Where to find: amazon.com

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how to use: lower body relaxation

Starrett recommends spending 15 minutes on the ball every night, expanding hamstrings, gluteus maximus and feet. Start by placing the ball on a chair or hard surface, such as a wood floor. Slowly put the weight of a gluteus maximus on the ball. If you find an ugly place, shrink around your hips, "Starrett said. Then suddenly, release. You'll soon be sunk by that thing. After two minutes of each gluteus maximus, try to do your best on one gluteus maximus and roll around the ball very, very slowly. Do this for two minutes, then change your gluteus maximus. When finished, do the same in the hamstring and under the foot.


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5. The josa yoga mat is very smelly. The same porosity helps prevent dogs from having long faces. It also helps them absorb sweat and eventually stink. Make your yoga mat more durable, and ask their mat friends not to hold their noses and presents with josa yoga mat wipes. These individually packaged mat cleaners have four scents - Lavender, mint, eucalyptus and orange - no wineFine (Hello, burning elbow) or bleach. The first ingredient? Water. Price: $15.33. Where to find it: amazon.com

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6. Enso silicone ring

it may be a dangerous suggestion to wear a wedding ring in sports. When you sweat, it slips, and if your hands are prone to swelling, or even get stuck with fitness equipment, it gets stuck. But these soft elastic rings from ENSO solve this problem. Put on a ring before you go to the gym and keep it at home. They come in many colors and styles, so you'll definitely find something for everyone on the holiday gift list. Price: $11.99 to $39.99. Where can I find it: expenses. Com

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7. Fitjoy's protein bar

replaces candy bars and sugary foods. Fitjoy's protein bar is installed in socks. They contain 20 grams of protein and only 220 calories per bar. All ingredients are free of transgene and gluten, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Now they have Holiday Themed flavors, including peppermint skin, gingerbread and pumpkin pie. They think you're eating too much indulgence, but not guilt, so you can taste indulgence instead of it getting into your gut. Price: 12 yuan 27.99 US dollars per box. Where to find it: fitwaynutrition. Com

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8. 50 inspirational water bottles

make drinking water more fun when you exercise! It's drinking water. With these 50 pound water bottles, you can not only get the talent of replenishing water, but also add a little motivation to the sports fans in your life. There are three choices: be happy, think positively, or enjoy every moment. Each reusable bottle contains no bisphenol A, has an easy to carry tether, and the cup holder is ready and made in the United States (literally, Lima, oh). Price: $11.99. Where can I find: be50strong. Com

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What do you think? Are there any fitness enthusiasts in your life? What do you usually buy for Christmas? Have you found any creative sock fillers? Have you given everything on the list? What else would you like to add? Share your thoughts, stories and suggestions in the comments section below!

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