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How to make a perfect boiled egg with 7 recipes



one of the easiest ways to get high-quality protein is to enjoy boiled eggs. They are nature's convenience food, wrapped in its own eco-friendly packaging ( Credit: Adobe stock / Artem shadrin

how to cook eggs

whether your eggs are fresh from the farm or close to the "use date" on the carton, here is a foolproof way to make boiled eggs. We suggest cooking six large eggs at a time. Add at least half of the cold water to a medium-sized pan. Put it on fire. Use a large slotted spoon or mesh filter to add eggs quickly but gently. Set up your yolk timer, boil for 10 minutes, keep the boiled yolk moist, or keep the boiled yolk dry for 12 minutes.

  • drain the cooked yolks, cool them in an ice water bath (a large bowl filled with ice and cold water), and drain them again. You can peel or refrigerate for a while. When peeling, gently pat the counter with eggs to crack the whole eggshell surface, and then peel. The shell should fall off easily. But if the shell is not easy to remove, peel under flowing cold water and begin to have a slight bubble at the end. Enjoy the dry shooting!
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      nutrition of cooked eggs

      eggs are rich in healthy fat and protein. How much is it? This is a nutritional breakdown of a large egg.

      • 78 calories
      • 5g fat
      • 0.6g carbohydrate
      • 6G protein
        • because of the balance between fat and protein, eggs will increase satiety hormone and tell the brain that you are full, which means that cooked eggs are very helpful to lose weight. In addition, although eggs contain cholesterol, the myth that they raise blood cholesterol is just a myth! So you can enjoy the guilt free feel of the whole egg (yolk and all yolks).

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          soft boiled eggs vs. medium boiled eggs vs. hard boiled eggs

          one egg, three different ways to boil eggs. But what's the difference? Not many. Cook soft eggs for a shorter time so that the yolk (and sometimes the whites) remain liquid and fluid. On the other hand, boiled eggs should be boiled until the yolk and the egg white are solidified. So that means a medium cooked egg is somewhere in between. You can change your cooking time until you find the most effective consistency for your taste buds.

          : sup> Adobe sturt / maxm kyrt 1. Eggs, bacon and tomato salads sometimes look like hindsight. Not this one! It's full of flavor and may steal the spotlight. This is a misinterpretation of the classic combination of bacon and eggs. This dish is tomato salad. It's delicious at any time of the day. If you like, you can change bacon into roasted pine nuts. In 2015, a study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition showed that the effective way to improve the absorption rate of carotenoids is to eat cooked eggs. Therefore, eating eggs as part of a salad can significantly improve your absorption of lycopene, a healthy ingredient in tomatoes.

          calories: 151

          recipes and nutritional information * * : * * eggs, bacon and ketchup. If you like devil's eggs, but need faster snacks or appetizers, this recipe is specially made for you. Instead of beating the yolk with mayonnaise and other condiments, add a little mayonnaise to the yolk of each cut egg and sprinkle with chopped fresh leeks. That's it. You may also need to sprinkle a little sea salt to make the taste popular. These can be fixed in just two minutes, but they look quite charming. Most importantly, eating these devil's eggs helps ensure you get enough protein all day.

          calories: 174

          recipes and nutritional information * * : * * deconstructing devil's egg

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          if you ordered Chinese or Thai takeout last night, there is still steamed rice left in the refrigerator. Try this fast food that looks and tastes better than the original. When you want to twist and increase the protein content of ordinary old rice, prepare it. All you need to do is sprinkle the cooked diced eggs, soy sauce and green onion on the newly cooked or reheated rice (preferably brown rice). Use it as a side dish to balance a light main course that may not be rich in protein, such as eggplant "steak" or vegetable skewers.

          calories: 242

          recipes and nutrition information * * : * * simple Asian egg and meat meal


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          4. It's hard to say no to avocado sauce and omelet. Fortunately, you don't have to. A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association in 2015 found that overweight and obese men and women significantly increased the ratio of total cholesterol to "go" after a moderate fat diet, including a fresh avocado a day. Od cholesterol and the ratio of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol. There's a way to buy avocados today: top of the line organic tortillas with fresh guacamole, boiled eggs and fresh cilantro. It's easy to eat tacos now!

          calories: 294

          recipes and nutrition information * * : * * avocado sauce and omelette

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          5. Eggplant sun dried tomato chickpea is one of the healthiest condiments, after all, it is based on chickpea. It provides an interesting and delicious way to get plant protein, which is a particularly fast way if you pick up a ready container Hummer. If you did that, you should be kidding. Create your own unique hummus mix. Here's one for you: mix the classic hummus with chopped boiled eggs, sun dried tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. It stimulates the flavor, andProvides a larger punch protein from egg white and yolk. Eggs are rich in leucine, an essential amino acid. Leucine contributes to muscle development.

  • calories: 142

    recipes and nutritional information * * : * * eggplant drying tomato puree yolk and avocado pie

    many people used to think that yolk and avocado were "fast" in a healthy diet. But now people think these foods should be: delicious food rich in healthy fat. In fact, most of the vitamins and minerals in the whole egg are in the yolk. People who give up egg yolks can damage their nutritional health. Please enjoy avocado and boiled eggs. Do it together - they're a brilliant couple. Alternately, place the avocado and egg slices on the whole wheat bread and sprinkle with fresh lemon juice. Don't worry if your pie doesn't look perfect, it will be delicious anyway.

    calories: 268

    recipes and nutrition information * * : * * eggs and avocado pies

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    7. Eggs are broken in a cup. This simple formula of eggs brings a comfortable childhood memory to many people. A cooked egg and sliced or chopped toast, butter, salt and pepper can be made into this snack in a cup. You can also enjoy this recipe with a medium boiled egg, which allows the toast to soak in some yolk.

    calories: 173

    recipes and nutrition information * * : * * eggs are crushed in a cup

    What do you think? Would you like hard, medium or soft eggs? Do you have different ways to make perfect boiled eggs? What's your favorite way to enjoy yourself? Can you try these Egg Recipes? Please leave a message below, let us know! In addition, visit livestrong.com on Facebook to learn more about healthy diet suggestions and recipes.

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