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10 simple clean diet recipes



if you talk to anyone interested in food and nutrition (who doesn't like it?) , they may give you their own brief description of what a clean diet means to them - what to do and what not to do. Although there is no official definition of "clean diet," the general premise is to basically eat whole wheat food close to its natural state. Do not eat highly processed packaged foods (think corn syrup and hydrogenated oil) that contain ingredients that sound more like laboratory experiments. Focus on eating healthier whole grains, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts one great, great thing! Here are 10 simple, clean diet recipes that you can eat in 15 minutes or less!

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1. There is lemon dill juice in the Vegetable Bowl in spring. Would you like to make a salad? Do you really want to eat at lunch? Start here. With some fresh ingredients, you can turn your basic salad into a delicious flavor bomb.

calories: 415

recipes and nutrition information: Spring Vegetable Bowl and lemon dill vinegar

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2. Berry bliss bowl

let your day begin or resolve your afternoon slump with this beautiful smoothie bowl filled with berries, antioxidants and brain fuel. It is rich in healthy fat and vegetable protein, so that you can maintain a longer sense of fullness.

calories: 265

recipes and nutrition information: berebliss bowl

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roasted radish with herbs is your good friend with low carbohydrate. Traditionally, radish is famous for its powerful bite. Add a little oil, sea salt and a lot of fresh herbs to the oven, and it will magically turn into radish. Eat at the same time, or put a boiled egg on it as a healthy low carbohydrate breakfast.

calories: 73

recipes and nutrition information: roasted radish with herbs

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4. Cabbage is a kind of vegetable that most people don't know how to make. Sliced, it's similar to the texture of a crisp apple and the taste of a broccoli stem (by the way, when the hard skin is removed, the broccoli stem is tender and delicious!) Julien, throw them with a cup of citronella juice. You'll be addicted.

calories: 125

recipes and nutrition information: big head salad and blood orange juice balsamic vinegar

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5. Southwest fried eggs are very suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This stir fry is so simple and delicious that you will put it on your rotation for all three meals. The southwest condiments add extra flavor to the plate, excite your taste buds and keep your "healthy" taste.

calories: 409


recipes and nutrition information: eggs and stir fried vegetables in the southwest

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6. Mango Salad with lemon coconut cream

simple dessert, with ripe mango with refreshing coconut cream. It's incredibly satisfying (and beautiful!). A little sweeter with honey or maple syrup. This is the best way to use nature candy.

calories: 185

recipes and nutrition information: lemon coconut cream Mango Salad

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7. A pot of broccoli and white bean stuffing with a penny for spaghetti often makes you feel heavy. Pro tip: make the ratio of pasta, vegetables and protein on the plate 1:1:1. Payne's broccoli white bean combination is hard to beat and can be made in a pot in 15 minutes. Add some fresh herbs to add flavor and brightness.

calories: 219

recipes and nutrition information: one pot cauliflower and white beans

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8. Peanut butter energy ball

if you haven't jumped on the energy ball train, it's time to start! These balls are mainly made of oatmeal, flax and nut butter and are rich in protein, fiber and healthy fat. They are naturally sweet, with ripe bananas, maple syrup and crunchy cocoa beans to add energy and antioxidants. > strong> formula and nutrition information: peanut butter power ball

: > Sherrie Castellano / livestock. H3> No.9. Sesame and soybean carrot noodles are the trend. They cook very fast, incredibly satisfying - but not as heavy as all carbs and a typical pasta meal. Bonus: carrots are suitable for all seasons, which is a very affordable choice.

calories: 145

recipes and nutrition information: sesame and soybean carrot noodles

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10. Fancy ginger soup

use quality vegetable soup - homemade or low sodium store purchased version - you will be surprised how easy and delicious this dish is. Ginger and garlic give off a strong fragrance, not too arrogant, but also provide a lot of immunity and anti-inflammatory effects. The RY attribute. Eat it in small bites, or add your favorite vegetables, sprouts, or even a boiled egg for a big dinner.

calories: 30

recipes and nutrition information: fancy ginger broth

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