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24 basic push ups of body strength



push ups are everywhere - high school physical education, military, gym, studio and Dojo, even used as a form of punishment. The reason is good: push ups are hard. When gym people spend a lot of time on benches and other high-end equipment, push ups can be a more effective way to make you stronger and faster. They are much more versatile than people think. Changes to push ups can strengthen your abs, back, legs - almost every muscle in your body, really. Here are 23 extra versions of push ups (and how to improve the standard) you didn't do... But it should be. Add them to your workout and you'll see (and feel) powerful results.

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eliminate form errors

some typical form errors may indicate your weakness. If your lower back is sagging, it means your core is weak. If your shoulder blades open outward from the top of your body, the anterior serrations (muscles on the side of your ribs under your armpit) need to work. Try using a high plank (the top of the push up) as your core, and a climber (alternating legs with a high plank and putting knees in front of your chest) as your front serrations.

Credit: Travis McCoy / Livestrong. Com

1. Standard push ups

make sure you get the correct posture before you jump to the traditional push ups.

  1. keep your back flat, your abs tight, your hips down, and your shoulders spinning so that the curved part of your elbow is slightly forward. This position ensures that your core is engaged and your shoulders are in the least likely position to cause pain. From the board, bend your elbows to your body, and your chest to the floor.
  2. push the floor away and then stand up. If you feel discomfort with your wrist, do push ups on your knuckles to keep your wrist in a more neutral position.

    integral: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

    2. Improved (knee) push ups

    if you don't have enough strength to fully push up, or just want to aim at your chest, try this improvement to help you build the necessary upper body strength.

    1. kneel down and lower your hands to the floor, so you are a half board.
    2. raise the hips, tighten the abdomen, bend the arms, and lower the chest to the floor.
    3. push back.
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        knee to elbow (spider man) push ups

        the next two push ups increase the need for the core and upper body by reducing the body's contact with the ground. Start at the top of the push up position. Keep your back straight and lower your torso. At the bottom of the push up, lift the knee to the outside of the elbow.

    4. return the leg to the starting position and extend through the elbow until you reach the top of the push up.
    5. the other side of each delegate. Credit: Travis McCoy / Livestrong. Com

      4. Knee to chest push ups

      lift knee to chest, abdominal, shoulder and hip flexors must work overtime to keep off the ground. Start at the top of the push up position. Keep your back straight and lower your torso. Press back with your arm. At the top of the push up, lift one knee below the chest. Make sure your feet don't touch the ground.

    6. return the leg to its original position.
    7. lower the body, repeat the above actions and lift the other leg.
    8. continue alternating throughout the setup. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

      5. Pushing your hand up in a staggered position will increase the pressure on the opposite arm, which means that your triceps, pectoralis and serratus need to make extra efforts to keep you moving. Start in a standard push up position, but take a step forward with one hand, starting from the usual position.

    9. descend and retreat as usual.
    10. toggle each represents the front hand. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

      6. How easy is the final change of staggered hand and one leg push ups? Now try one leg balance! From the top, one hand stretches farther than the other.

    11. lift the other leg, keep the knee straight and tighten the core. Keep your back straight and lower your torso.
    12. when you reach the ground, raise your chest and shoulders, and extend at the elbows to return to the starting position. Repeat 5 to 10 times on one side, then with the other hand forward and the other leg up. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

      7. This kind of change is a good precursor for learning one arm sit up. Start the exercise like a normal prone sitting up.

    13. when you reach the bottom position, quickly extend your elbows and push them up. At the top of the action, lift a straight arm over your head.
    14. put your hands back on the ground, then put your body back on the ground for the next exercise.
    15. as you continue, alternately raise your arms for each exercise. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

      8. Warrior push ups t the top of each push up. From the bottom of the push up, bend the elbow and straighten the trunk.

    16. extend at the elbow to reach the high push up position.
    17. at the top of the action, turn your shoulders and reach as high as you can to the ceiling with one hand.
    18. then reverse the movement and return to the starting position under control.
    19. switch between lifting the left and right arms each time. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

      9. When you change the position of your legs in push ups (like this version), your entire center of gravity changes. Start with a typical push up position. Keep your back straight as you control your torso.

    20. at the bottom of the push up, kick your foot to one side and keep your knees straight.
    21. return the leg to its original position and extend at the elbow until it returns to the top of the push up.
    22. lower yourself again, repeat on the other side and lift the other leg. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

      10. In this version, your weight is distributed through your arms and legsIt's different, it takes all the muscles of the body to contribute. From the low push up position, extend the elbow to reach the high bracket.

    23. at the top of the action, rotate the shoulders, kick one foot under the body and as high as possible, while touching the toes with the other hand.
    24. return your feet and hands to their original positions, lower yourself to the starting point, and repeat on the other side. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

      11. Hip twist push ups are particularly challenging for your shoulders, arms and abdomen.

      1. start from the top of the push ups, extend the elbows and straighten the trunk.
      2. kick the left leg under and above the body.
      3. lower your chest to the floor and keep your hips off the floor.
      4. extend at the elbow, return to the original position and repeat on the other side. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

        12. Are you ready for the whole body challenge? This version requires not only a lot of upper body strength, but also a lot of core stability. Start with a typical high push up position and press your foot into the wall with your hand. You want your toes down, 8 to 12 inches off the ground. Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the ground. Try to keep your elbows close to both sides - try not to let them open.

      5. push your hands away, extend your elbows, and return to your original position. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

        13. Unlike the previous push-up, it should be much easier to change because it requires less upper body and core area. However, if you are a beginner, this is a good way to build up your strength. Start a few feet from the wall.

      6. put your hands on the wall under your shoulders.
      7. bend your elbows, chest down the wall, and keep your body straight from head to foot. Press to return to start.
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          14. Divebomber push up

          for this push up, start from the fifth group, and then gradually increase to the tenth group. Start with your regular push ups and slowly incorporate these changes into your routine as you build strength. Start in the high push up position, but extend your legs to one side, not directly behind you. Try to place your head and chest in front of your hands.

        2. keep your forehead as close to the ground as possible, while pressing your body back and your hips up.
        3. end with hips up, head down and elbows extended. Return to the starting position and repeat the cycle again. Points: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

          15. Tilt push ups

          tilt push ups focus on the muscles in the lower and middle chest, which is a good adjustment for beginners.


          • open your hands and shoulders on an elevated surface and place your feet on the floor for push ups. The higher the ground, the less the strength of the push ups. Points:

            16. Downward push ups

            downward push ups emphasize the front of shoulder and the upper part of chest muscle, which is more challenging than standard push ups. Place your feet on a raised floor, such as a step or exercise table, with your hands on the floor, slightly wider than your shoulders, and you can press up and down. Points:

            17. Push ups with hands on the ball are particularly challenging for your triceps. When you alternate hands, your core will activate to maintain balance.

            1. enter the push up position, put your hands on the ball, and stretch your legs back.
            2. bend the elbow, lower the chest toward the ball, and do push ups. When you stand up, raise your left hand and put it on the floor, put your right hand on the ball, and do push ups. Go back to the middle, put your right hand on the floor and repeat.
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                18. Do push ups with the stable ball

                but put your hand on the stable ball to increase the degree of activation of your core, so as to prevent you from falling.

                • put your hand on the ball, under your shoulders, with your elbows towards your ankles. Squeeze the ball with your hands and arms. Put your feet behind you.
                  • credit card: Travis McCoy / Livestrong. Com

                    19. Stable ball push ups and pull in

                    get the version from the previous slide, and add more abdominal muscle supplements. You must feel that in the lower abdomen. Place your hands on the ground and your calves on the ball.

                  • do push ups, then at the top, roll the stability ball up to the chest with your abs.
                  • roll the ball out and repeat the above steps. Points:

                    20. Pat push ups

                    this plyo push ups really excites all the muscles in your chest and back! Make a standard push up, but when you press up from the floor, do it explosively so that your hands leave the floor and clap together before you return to the bent elbow down position.

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                      21. Diamond push ups

                      goodbye, arms relaxed! With this change, your triceps (muscles in the back of your upper arm) will be more active.

                      • use the standard push up posture, but hold hands tightly in front of the chest, so that the fingers form a diamond. When you put it down, let your elbow brush your ribs.
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                          22. The wider the arms are apart, the greater the contraction of the chest muscles. It felt like a bench press facing the ground. Start with a standard board, but extend your hands wider than usual. Lower your chest to the ground. Our elbows will be a little wider than usual, but you should try to keep them as close to your body as possible. Press back to the top.

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                            23. One leg push ups

                            lift one foot off the ground and you will have to support more weight on your upper body to gain more power gain.

                            1. start with the high plank again, but lift one foot a few inches off the ground.
                            2. whenWhen you lean down and back, keep your center of gravity and your raised feet in place. Make sure that each side repeats the same number of times.
                              1. Credit: Travis McCoy / livestrong.com

                                24. Single arm push ups

                                are you ready for the crazy test of upper body and core strength? One arm push ups. Start with standard planks.

                              2. put your right hand in the middle of your chest and your left hand in the back.
                              3. separate your feet to increase support and stability.
                              4. bend your elbows as close to your body as possible and lower them as much as possible. Press back up.
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