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How to shop like a nutritionist



olive oil? Check it out. Chicken breast slices? Check it out. Cabbage and quinoa? Check and recheck. We know the staple of healthy food, and we "should" buy and keep inventory in our kitchen. But in addition to these basic things, what else should we add to the shopping cart? We summed up 15 things nutritionists can't do without. From miso sauce to cocoa powder, these foods prove that a healthy diet and weight loss are not necessarily boring.

Credit: small / Adobe inventory. Potatoes

Yes, you read it right: potatoes are our first choice. " Remember, white potatoes are naturally white, not processed like spaghetti or rice, "says dawn Jackson Blattner, a registered dietitian and author of superfood exchange." smart carbohydrates like white potatoes are the main fuel for your brain and the main source of energy for your muscles. " Blattner likes to wedge them, bake them and dip them in organic ketchup with turmeric, an anti-inflammatory spice. Beef jerky

beef jerky is a simple and convenient snack with protein, which can keep you full for a long time. " As a dietician who specializes in weight loss, people are often surprised to find that I eat beef jerky. In fact, I don't just eat dried meat, I'm one of the biggest fans of dried beef - and for good reason, "said Tanya zuckerbrot, M.S., RD, a registered dietitian at New York City's private clinic and founder of the popular f-factor diet. Many dried meats contain extra sugar, which increases the amount of carbohydrates, so check the ingredients list and nutrition panel before you decide on the taste. "Carbohydrates should be 3 grams or less per ounce," zackbrot suggests. Now let's hear why the obsession with "happiness" in the U.S. has put us under pressure.

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3. Banza chickpea spaghetti has been criticized for its rich in refined carbohydrates. But new innovations in the pasta sector - replacing wheat with beans, for example - have been hailed by some nutritionists. Compared with ordinary pasta, the protein content of chickpea flour is twice that of ordinary pasta, while the fiber content is four times that of ordinary pasta, only two ounces. It's almost the same texture as regular pasta, but because of its high fiber and protein content, banza cooks faster and makes you fuller. Speed and satiety? Talk about win-win.

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4. "When I want something sweet, I always have dry sour cherries on hand," said Patricia Bannan, MD, RDN, author of eating when time is tight. "These ruby red super fruits have a unique sweet sour taste, and they come in the form of dry, frozen and juice all year round. I like the Montmorency Tart Cherry Variety, which is the main variety you can find in the United States, because it is the most healthy variety. "One of the benefits includes better sleep." Montemolensic acid cherry juice helps improve sleep quality and duration, reduce the severity of insomnia, and improve overall sleep efficiency, "Bannan said. Cocoa powder

"I like chocolate, but I don't want the calories it provides. Cocoa is actually calorie free, "said Elizabeth ward, M.S., RD, author (betteristhenewperfect. Com). It's also versatile, so you can incorporate it into almost anything. " I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the smoothie, mocha seasoning to the carton of coffee yoghurt, and chili powder to my favorite chili recipe to increase taste and nutrition. Cocoa powder is the main component of chocolate, containing flavanol. "These plant compounds help to suppress inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, and make your brain healthier," Ward added. Avoid using cocoa powder that has been alkaline or Dutch treated.

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6. Anchovies

most of us are not enough in omega-3 system, so what is the simple way to increase the intake while increasing the flavor? Anchovies. " They are my secret weapon for healthy cooking. Maggie moon, the author of diet for the soul and the boss of minddietmeals.com, said they can add depth without too much smell. They replace the need for salt. I would secretly mash a piece of fish in my sauce, seasoning, pasta sauce, hummus and avocado sauce. Although small, they still count as 8 ounces of seafood a week as recommended in the US dietary guidelines (2015-2020). Scientific evidence also shows that their omega-3 fat is good for the developing brain and heart of both infants and the elderly, "moon added. GG Scandinavian bran crispy bread

"GG biscuits are my secret weapon to keep slim," said Tanya zuckerbrot, M.S., RD, a registered dietitian at the private clinic in New York City and the founder of the popular f-factor diet. These low calorie, high fiber cookie bombs are perfect for keeping you full on the road. " With low calories (four biscuits 80 calories) and high fiber (four biscuits 16 grams), GGS is a great alternative to bread and grain for people trying to lose weight or maintain weight. They are the source of carbohydrates and the need for energy. Because they have a high fiber content and a low carbohydrate content, they can make you full of energy, Zach Blott said: "no need to fill in, credit card:

8. Heaven organic mint chocolate honey cake

hide the sweet killer in the desk drawer or wallet. " They have only three ingredients: dark chocolate, raw honey and peppermint oil. Katherine Brooking, M.D., co-founder of appfor health.co m, said: "each pie has only 50 calories. They can help me control sweets without affecting my calorie budget." I have two after supper, which satisfies my need for sweets. "Moderate consumption of dark chocolate is good for heart health," Brooklyn added. Miso sauce

miso sauce is very popular recently. These nutritionists have good reasons to keep it regularly. " It is often used in Japanese soup and Asian dishes. As a probiotic food, it isIt's proven to support digestion by adding beneficial microbes to the digestive tract, "said Haley Kurtz and Erica penny, registered dietician and founder of Ma vie nutrition. How do you use it? " The paste can be dissolved in boiling water to make delicious broth, and can also be used for seasoning sauces and other dishes. Although you can make miso with different kinds of beans, the most common miso is made from soybeans. Due to the high content of miso sodium, it should be used properly. Plum, also known as "dried plum", has three advantages, making them the mainstay of the nutritionist's kitchen. They have no added sugar, and the natural sugar content is lower than other dried fruits, which is beneficial to the health of bones, heart and digestive system. Registered dietitian and author of superfood exchange. "I like to add them to the smoothie for a natural sweetness, or just eat some almonds to help me stay active in the afternoon."

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11. Beryllium fiber

sometimes it is difficult to reach the fiber quota of the day. This is where fiber supplements work. " Julie Upton, co-founder of app for health.co m, said: "I use ordinary tick fibers to increase the satiety of protein smoothies and oatmeal." I add a teaspoon of water to a glass of smoothie. The soluble fiber in the tin foil will increase the satisfaction of smoothie. I also mix a teaspoon of oatmeal and even Greek yoghurt to increase my satiety. From kimchi in Germany to fermented vegetables, or even "gastrointestinal injection", the farming culture makes it easy to integrate probiotics into the kitchen. Don't you think you're a pickle fan? "We didn't, either, until we tried five bold flavors of the brand, like Smoked Mexican pepper, pickles and garlic dill pickles," said nutritional twins lyssie Lakatos, RDN, CDN, CFT and Tammy Lakatos shares, RDN, CDN, CFT, CO owner of nutritwin.com and author of "vegetarian therapy for nutritional twins." The farm culture product line is "rich in natural probiotics, which can improve digestive system health and immune, brain and emotional functions; exercise performance and recovery; even skin and tooth health."


Credit: farm culture. Businessman Joe's Mini brie takes a bite and he's a nutritionist who's got the whole cream ready? Yes, you read it right. " Joe's Mini candy is the staple of my fridge. Whole fat cheese is making a comeback. Studies have found that substances in cheese help reduce inflammation, prevent colon cancer, and even help us stay slim, "said Karen Ansel, M.S., RDN, author of cure anti-aging superfood: stay young and live longer. Need more good news? They are fully prorated. " These little bite marks are just the right size for guilt free enjoyment. They're great for eating with a piece of fresh fruit, for diced scrambled eggs or for simmering on a warm whole wheat toast. "

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14. Chickpeas are a good source of plant protein and fiber. I add whole chickpeas to omelets, salads and stir fry. I also mash them with seasoning to make creamy, non dairy dips and sauces, or bake them in an oven to make crunchy snacks. I even store liquid from canned chickpeas to make low calorie nutmeg as a plant-based alternative to whipped cream, "said Cynthia sass, author of" lose weight now: lose weight with a pulse - new super food. "

Credit: and how to deal with it? What's your opinion? Do you often buy and store these foods? Is there any food you think should be on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments area!

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