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Your mother brought 15 dishes you should have avoided



since you were a child, there have been many changes in the nutrition world. At that time, mothers may not realize that many childhood favorites are not entirely good for us. From Bologna and other processed foods containing nitrite, saturated fat and carcinogens, to processed snacks rich in artificial colors and hydrogenated oil, to refined white carbohydrates and sugary desserts, we now know that these foods have caused serious damage to our health. Read on to find out what mom should avoid at home today and how to make those old foods more nutritious.

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1. Boxed macaroni and cheese

If dinner is boxed on a busy night, you are not alone. Boxed dinner is an attempt at the end of a long day, and it's usually orange, powdered cheese and white macaroni noodles. According to the U.S. Department of agriculture, a cup of boxed macaroni and cheese contains 16 grams of fat, of which 3.5 grams are unhealthy saturated fat. One also provides nearly 670 mg of sodium, more than a quarter of the 2300 mg prescribed by the Institute of medicine. If you have to make Mac and cheese, avoid the box; use whole grain noodles and organic farm cheese, advises Carole M. farina, a nutritionist. Add spinach and other vegetables to increase nutritional value, and guilt will disappear!

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2. In fact, there is no appetizer for TV dinner, which is smoked meat and vegetables with gravy and served in tin paper tray, but it seems that TV dinner is always such a treat. What makes them so bad? In addition to unnecessary fat and sodium, consulting nutritionist Carol M. farina explains that they are rich in starch carbohydrates, such as potatoes and corn. " "There are not enough mung beans, carrots or mixed vegetables in it," farina said. You'll be hungry in an hour, because it gives you too many carbohydrates and not enough fiber and protein to meet your needs. " As for healthier frozen meals, farina suggests you make them yourself. Prepare meat, vegetables, and whole grains. Refrigerate each meal in a sealed container.

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3. Microwave popcorn

diacetyl, butyric acid, acetone, propylene glycol, 2-nonone, triacetin, p-xylene and perfluorol 8:2 telomeres are not components of gasoline -- they are compounds packed in microwave popcorn bags, some of which may be potential carcinogens researchers published in a 2007 Research Report in food science and nutrition review. If your favorite part of movie night is hovering over a bag of butter vapor, researchers report that more than 80% of the chemicals are released when the bag pops up and opens. A recent in vitro study (2012) also found that diacetyl may aggravate the effects of brain proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease. To avoid this, throw away the bag and put the whole grain in the pot on the stove. Once it bursts, put a little olive oil and sea salt on it.

correlation: Emission Research of cooking microwave popcorn in 2007 More worryingly, a small Harvard University study found that people who ate a can of soup every day for five consecutive days had more than 1000 percent more BPA in their urine, a chemical used in food packaging linked to birth defects. The researchers of the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in November 2011, reported that after the consumption of canned soup, the urine concentration of BPA was "the most extreme in the non occupational environment". Choose a low sodium soup in a box or make it yourself.

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5. According to a study published in the American Journal of epidemiology in November 2009, the increased intake of processed meat is related to the increased incidence of prostate cancer. A recent study found that eating hot dogs every day increased the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. In addition to unhealthy saturated fats, hot dogs also contain a preservative called nitrite, which researchers say plays a role in the formation of N-nitroso compounds, a group of potential carcinogens. If your mom bakes your hot dog, she'll hit you double hard: researchers also report a link between eating barbecue and cancer. Choose unprocessed meat and try to reduce your red meat intake.

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6. A slob remember a slob? Greasy ground beef mixed with ketchup or canned ketchup, onions, and seasonings (mainly salt) oozing from refined white bread. Or is your mother the one who likes to use powder seasoning? Anyway, it's rich in fat and sodium, and there's hardly any vegetables. Try a modern or ground turkey with a mixture of wasps, add a lot of vegetables and even some fiber rich beans to reduce its weight. Use less salt and add other spices, such as peppers, instead of reducing sodium intake. Place face down on a whole wheat bread with a salad.


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7. Fried chicken whether you like to eat chicken legs or wings, the fried comfort food you may have eaten in the process of growing up is harmful to your health. The two fried chicken legs contained almost 13 grams of fat, including 3.5 grams of artery clogged saturated fat and 87 mg of elevated sodium. Depending on the foods your mother fried, they may be rich in trans fats, which are associated with a high risk of type 2 diabetes. I want something that reminds me of my mother's Sunday dinner.For healthier dishes, peel the chicken and lightly coat it with a mixture of butter, spices and whole wheat flour, then bake in the oven. Carol, M, Farina, a consultant nutritionist with gelatin

said that this gelatinous, colorful dessert appeared in various forms on the table, such as molds, salads and frozen cakes, to appease sick children, but "sugar, sugar and sugar". Why do we eat this? " Why, really. A quick glance at the ingredients list reveals some startling facts: it's just artificial flavored gelatin made from animal by-products. I bet you didn't know when you were a kid! Although it provides nearly 2 grams of protein per meal, it provides nothing but empty calories from sugar - no vitamins, minerals or fiber. For healthier nostalgia, use agar and fresh fruit to make your own natural flavors of "gelatin." Agar agar is a gel made from seaweed (yes, it is a vegetarian!)


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9. Instant mashed potatoes are considered as root vegetables, which are thin in the box, rich in sodium and lack of fiber rich skin. In addition, you are also required to add margarine, which should make them a little edible. Try this: boil a potato or sweet potato, once cooked, let it cool enough to peel. Then, mash with a little olive or coconut oil and a pinch of sea salt. It takes longer than mixing a batch of instant foods, but it provides healthier nutrition. "> strong> correlation: 16 healthy carbohydrates that are good for diet, > Children are always looking forward to the hot pot night. What's better than dipping a big piece of bread in a pot full of sticky cheese? But when it comes to your health, almost anything is good for you. According to the way mom makes hot pot, that can of cheese may contain hundreds of grams of fat and more than a day's sodium. What's more, the delicate French bread she brought didn't satisfy your hunger or make you feel full, so you are likely to have prepared snacks one hour after dinner. According to the USDA, a serving of cheese is 1.5 ounces. If your need for cheese is undeniable, try melting a small amount of organic cheese on two slices of apple or a slice of wholemeal bread.

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No.11. Breakfast toaster pastry Because they are basically just dough and some fruit filling with icing, there is only one kind of frozen, and the pastry bought by the store provides more than 16 grams of sugar, with almost no other quality to make up. If you need dessert in the morning, spread almond butter on a piece of whole wheat bread, and then put some banana slices or strawberry slices on it.

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12. Sprinkle marshmallows on sweet potatoes

the following is a good way to destroy healthy food: mix it with butter and sugar, then sprinkle marshmallows on it. This is exactly the time that some mothers used to do this favorite, which often appeared during the festival. Butter and sugar are bad enough, but marshmallow, a byproduct of animals mixed with sugar, should not be near your mouth. Instead, bake sweet potatoes in olive or coconut oil and mix them with a lot of cinnamon. Consult nutritionist Carol M. farina. Cinnamon is a condiment that makes the sweetness of food appear, so you don't have to add sugar. If you have to increase your sweetness, registered dietician Nicole white recommends a little organic raw honey or maple syrup.

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13. In the late 1940s, both Betty Crocker and Pillsbury introduced a new convenient method: box cake mixing. The main ingredients of these mixtures are sugar, but they also contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, monoglycerides and triglycerides, thickeners and preservatives. Alpha. Do you want to provide healthier food for your children today? Discard packaged cake mixes and canned icing, and start from scratch with healthy ingredients and minimal sugar or sugar substitutes.

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14. Traditional peanut butter and white bread jelly are children's favorites. Pb & J is not everyone's favorite. Take refined white bread with all the fiber removed, plus peanut butter made from hydrogenated oil and sugar jelly, and you have a calorie and simple carbohydrate bomb that can have a serious impact on blood sugar levels. But that doesn't mean you have to give up traditional Pb & J foods, says Nicole white, a registered nutritionist. She suggests making an open face sandwich on wholemeal bread, all natural peanut, almond or walnut butter, unsweetened preserved fruit or banana slices.

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15 years old. Canned meat

you may never know what's in canned meat, but a can contains nearly 6 grams of saturated fat and nearly 800 mg of sodium. That's about a quarter of a person's 2000 calories a day of saturated fat recommended by the American Heart Association, and a third of the 2300 milligrams of sodium prescribed by the Institute of medicine. The bad news is that there is no healthy alternative to canned meat. Harvard School of public health reports that eating any processed meat increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It is recommended to take nutritionist Carole M. farina.

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