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15 Ways to stay healthy on holiday



just because you're on vacation, you don't have to give up your healthy eating plan, exercise or personal health. According to Christine Fenner, founder of fit traveler and sculi palmason, a personal trainer and founder of the travel and fitness blog, staying healthy in a new place is an excellent way to learn about local culture and people. Find out where the local people work, visit the nearby farmer's market, and meditate in the beloved holy land. If you remain flexible and open-minded, you will move from a tourist to a healthy citizen of the world. In the next slide, we will provide some useful tips.

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1. It usually takes hours to sit still on a long flight before you arrive at your destination. Coach Scully Parmesan says you can take a walk in the hallway to keep your blood flowing. If you can't walk, do seat exercises every hour - bend your toes, rotate your ankles, squeeze your glutes, and raise your calves. " "Exercise can not only reduce the risk of thrombosis, it can also rejuvenate you, prevent rigidity and maintain a high mental acuity," Parmesan suggests. Combat time difference

if you want to travel a long distance, please adjust your sleep mode gradually before leaving to avoid time difference. 'if you're flying east, go to bed an hour before you start, one week more than usual,' said Scully palmerson, a personal trainer. If you fly west, adjust your bedtime in an hour. If it's still daytime when you get to your destination, go outside and walk as much as you can until it's dark. " "The sun will tell your body to produce less hypnotic hormones and your internal clock will adjust faster," Parmesan said. It's wise to adapt your body to the meal time at your destination. For example, if you arrive at noon, but your biological clock is 6 a.m., please have lunch instead of breakfast.

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tourism and fitness blog skuli palmason said that airplanes are notorious for dry, stale air, which can cause headaches, dry mouth and dry skin. Drink more water on the plane and avoid alcohol - a diuretic that can make dehydration worse. Coach Christina finner likes to bring a water bottle with her on the trip. " I can take it to a safe, empty place and fill it on the other side, "finner said. She points out that drinking more water can "give you energy, prevent headaches and relieve constipation." Study your destination to see if tap water is safe to drink, Parmesan added. If not, take extra care of the ice and liquids you eat.

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4. Be prepared for

you never know when you're going to get a sunburn, knee scrape or stomach upset. Christine Fenner, a travel and fitness blog, always provides medicine and toiletries, including sunscreen, antacids and painkillers. " "I always bring a small bag of plums or buy them at the local grocery store," finner added. The Centers for Disease Control and prevention urged travelers to study the health of their destinations. Depending on where you are going, you may need to take malaria pills, antihistamines, insect repellents or water purification pills. Remember to put prescription drugs in your carry on items, and bring copies of the prescriptions and their common names. CDC also recommends that you contact the U.S. embassy or Consulate at your destination to ensure that your drugs are approved.

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5. Tourist skuli palmason said: "it may be convenient to walk on

P>> tour buses and taxis. It's better to walk to the scenic spots you plan to visit." "You save money and burn more calories," Parmesan said. You may get lost, but you will see your destination in a totally different way, if you drive around, "walking can also give you a deeper cultural experience, make you contact with people and places, and you may miss isolated cars. For an additional challenge, bring a pedometer and push yourself to a daily goal. However, be careful when walking in a strange city. Consult with hotel staff or trusted locals to make sure you don't venture into unsafe areas and take the appropriate maps, cell phones or GPS and emergency contact information with you.

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6. It's usually very easy to stay active while doing aerobic exercise

vacations, because many destinations offer sports. " Do something interesting! "Climb that mountain, cycle, surf, swim, hike," coach Scully Parmesan said. Christina finner of fit traveler likes to start her journey by running in the morning, combining sightseeing with exercise. " When I was in Louisville, Kentucky, I went for a run in the history block. I walked all the streets you couldn't even drive down, and I saw all the historic houses in Louisville, "finner recalled.

related: 15 of the most difficult anytime and anywhere exercise actions, gital vision / Getty Images. There is no reason to stop exercising because you are away from home. Before you leave, study the gym at your destination to see if you can get a short-term pass. The gym in your hometown may even belong to a national or international organization that allows you to enter gyms around the world, says Christine finner. She added that if you like a certain type of course, you can look for similar courses at your destination. " It can be hard to keep your daily life on holiday, but if you don't do anything but eat, drink and sleep, it's even harder to get back to your daily life at home, "coach skuli palmason suggests.

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8. Create aGym

if you can't go to the destination gym, please create your own mini gym in the hotel room. Coach skuli palmason recommends packing resistance bands, skipping ropes, water hammers or other lightweight equipment. You can also find sports videos online, exercise in front of a computer, or make sun salutes on a travel yoga mat. Parmesan suggests challenging yourself with set goals, such as intensive training every other day, to make the holiday more difficult.


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9. Blogger Christine Fenner says exercising like locals is a good way to learn from them. If you're in Australia and you see cricket, she suggests, talk to the players and ask if you can join. If you're in Wisconsin in winter, try snowshoes or cross-country skiing. " "Do something that scares you a little bit," finner urged. When I was in Australia, I tried to descend where I slipped into the canyon. "Study your destination to see if you can take part in the local 5K. She added that training for it will keep you active until race day. " According to trainer skuli palmason, the local park is a great place to find like-minded people to exercise.

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10. Pack healthy snacks for the holidays to save your life on a long journey, said sculi palmason, a coach who brings healthy snacks. Your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruit bags will give you enough energy when food choices are scarce. He added that dry food also has a longer life span. If you want fresh food, consider bringing or buying a portable fridge, advises blogger Kristen finner. While traveling in Australia, finner bought a refrigerator and put it in the car, which was full of yogurt and other healthy snacks. She often adds ice to keep the food fresh.

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11. Limit the number of times you eat out when you are on holiday, according to Blogger Christine finner. If your hotel has a refrigerator, please buy yogurt or milk and cereal, and make your own breakfast. Finner suggests having a healthy lunch at a local grocery store or food stand and then going out for a big dinner. " When I travel, I go to a grocery store and buy something from a deli, such as a prepared salad, Turkey, a loaf of bread, lettuce and tomatoes. I use a Swiss Army knife to cut food and have a picnic. It's a good way to eat healthier, and it helps to save money. "If it's right for your destination, consider packing camping equipment, roughing it up for a few days in the camp, and then cooking by yourself.


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12. One of the best cultural experiences to eat in the local area is to eat the local food or visit the farmer's market during the holiday. You will support local growers and learn more about destinations. Don't be afraid to try new things. " When I was traveling in the south, I bought okra at a farmer's market. Coach Scully Parmesan said that when he travels, he always eats what the locals eat. " "It's much cheaper than a tourist restaurant, it has better food, and it tends to be healthier," Parmesan said. I've never been sick from eating street food. "

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13. According to Blogger skuli palmason, if you drink every day during your holiday, the empty calories in alcohol will accumulate. Usually, people who drink a lot of wine on holiday will also eat a lot, which will increase their weight. " I'm not saying you should not drink at all, just try to drink in moderation, not every night, "Parmesan suggests. Moderate drinking also helps maintain the energy needed for exercise and activity. " Who wants to go to the gym when they're suspended? " Palmason pointed out.

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14. Reward yourself with health. You've paid attention to eating well and staying active, so give yourself a reward that is not only fun, but also can improve your health. Visible light this is a day of spa and massage, foot therapy or facial care. Or, if your destination has it, go to the local hot spring to relax the natural inclination, which will make you feel charged and give you a new prospect. Study the online message board and visit the little-known hot springs around the world. Many cities also have dedicated websites that offer special or group discounts on services such as massage that only local people know about.

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15. Christina finner says meditation, eating right and exercising are important parts of a healthy holiday, but so are maintaining mental and mental health. She always takes her iPod on holiday, which is full of soothing music and meditation. " Whether it's a bumpy plane [flight] or a bad day, you always feel pressure when you travel. She suggests setting aside time to breathe and relax. Study your destination to see if there is a public Tai Chi or yoga class, or consider visiting a chapel. " If you're in a city with different religions, visit a church, mosque, or synagogue to learn about religion, "finner suggests. You may be surprised to find out how other people find spiritual connections.

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are you a master of keeping healthy during travel? How do you keep healthy? We'd love to hear from you. Share your tips with peers in the comments below.

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