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17 interesting ideas to change the date night



on this Valentine's day, it may be time to update your relationship goals - another thing to add to your list is to get rid of the "dinner plus movies" dating model. Through creative dating, you can rekindle old sparks or new ones. Dating is not only good for your love life, but also good for your health. A 2013 study in the journal marriage and family found that couples with happier marriages were healthier than those with less. Here are 17 interesting dating ideas from experts to help you strengthen your relationship and happiness.

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1. Do something exciting, stimulate your adrenaline, and you'll increase your attractiveness. Go to horror movies, bungee jumping, amusement parks, or boating on rocky rapids. " Bella Gandhi, founder of the school of smart dating, said: "when you produce adrenaline, it creates attraction." Do something that scares you, whether it's watching horror movies or sitting in the front row of a roller coaster. " A study published in the archives of sexual behavior in 2003 found that people thought others were more attractive and attractive after roller coasters accelerated the production of endorphins. So close your eyes, hug, hold your partner's hand and start a passionate adventure.

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to create some suspense in a date by letting the other person guess the other person. Hailie Quinn, a dating expert, suggests going to a lovely coffee shop, a nearby restaurant or other leisure place and exchanging notes for only 30 minutes. " "When you're really exchanging notes, you're surprised how good a flirt you are," Quinn said. When you write down your thoughts, rather than talking directly to the other person, you may find some inhibitors. Maybe you can use this opportunity to discuss a hot topic, or to exchange ideas about what you can bring to the rest of the evening.

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if you have a period of time with your partner and are tired of your regular date night activities, please have another couple together. A study from Wayne State University found that two dates can help couples rekindle their passion. Although passionate love is often one of the primary areas in which love between couples decreases over time, research shows that interaction with other couples helps bring these feelings back. The researchers believe that such interaction may give partners a new positive perspective on their relationship.

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4. Maybe you all like animals or are keen to help the unfortunate people. Volunteering is a cheap date that can give you warm and fuzzy feelings in return. Most animal shelters have many opportunities for volunteers. Many non homicide shelters welcome volunteers to only interact with and pay attention to animals. If you don't like animals, volunteer in the soup kitchen or help the community beautification Committee grow a garden. The possibilities are endless. Search opportunities by region and interest to find the perfect volunteer experience on websites such as allforgood.org and volunteermatch.org.

related: 10 interesting yoga postures, practice with partners. Develop a vacation mindset. To mix it up, try non seasonal activities. Bella Gandhi, founder of the smart dating academy, suggests turning the seasons upside down and having a unique date. " "In summer, it's fun to drag out your winter clothes and go to the rink and shake things," Gandhi said. She suggests trying to recreate a holiday as if you spent a whole day at a ski resort and then warmed up in a hot tub. Skating in summer will make you feel that you have gone to another climate. You may be refreshed by the sunshine after the holiday.

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6. Make your own progressive dinner Irene lacota, President and chief marketing officer of international lunch in San Diego, suggests that you make your own progressive dinner to add a few changes to a predictable appointment. " "Start with the app in the bar, then go to a nearby restaurant and eat at the dessert bar," Lakota said. You can add a pre dinner cocktail in a trendy bar, or end the night with espresso at a cozy coffee shop, which can increase your stay time. Stick to a dinner theme or choose to mix it up and enjoy a variety of delicacies throughout the evening. Maybe you can't travel to Italy, Brazil and Hawaii overnight, but your taste buds can.

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7. Looking for passion in table tennis Let your blood circulate through friendly competition. " Forget bowling, "said dating coach Haley Quinn. Now retro is considered cool, she explains, "big cities are full of ping-pong clubs." prepare a cocktail in advance and don't worry if you miss the chance. Table tennis is an interesting way to stay engaged and active in dating, unlike some typical dating activities, such as watching movies. " You can stick together in a game, not take turns like bowling, "Quinn said. While mastering the hand eye coordination ability, enjoy some flirting fun.

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open the entertainment part of the newspaper, close your eyes and click Select. Unless you are engaged in activities beyond your price range, you must go to any of your finger guidesYour place. Maybe you'll end up at a comedy club, or a concert or movie you don't usually choose to go to. You may find yourself on a unique festival or bingo night. The sky is the limit. " "Try something new to make adrenaline work," says Irene lacota, President and chief marketing officer of international lunch. "It can help you communicate naturally and give you a real sense of each other," she explained. Related:

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9. Take advice from your inner child

have a good time! One night, let go of the adult's worries and depression, and invite your inner child to play. Go to the local playground, make clay sculptures for each other, distribute art supplies, and start drawing fingers or kissing with candy. Imagine what your two young people would think of an interesting date if they had the chance, and then run together. Under your leadership, it can be a creative way to learn about new love interests, or it can be confused with your current partner.

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10. Exploring a new community

couples who have been together for some time may find that they go to bars and restaurants in the same community over and over again. Get out of your comfort zone and go to a strange community. Bella Gandhi, founder of the smart dating academy, suggests looking into a new area and keeping it fresh. " "Sometimes we tend to go on the treadmill and do the same thing over and over again," Gandhi said. Explore a new community on foot, look at the shops, stop at the local gym, or have a meal. "

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11. Learn something new

learn more about each other while acquiring new skills or enhancing old ones. Maybe one of you can play chess, teach the other, maybe you always want to learn to play guitar, and your partner knows how to play. Or learn something new together - take a cooking class and try to recreate the meal on a future date. Painting and sipping classes are an interesting new trend, offering an opportunity to enjoy wine and engage in dialogue, while creating a masterpiece. Maybe you both want to be actors. Find an improvisation workshop or performance class. If you've always called yourself a wine connoisseur, take it to the next level in the tasting workshop. Explore the types of courses offered in your city and turn your dating into a positive and passionate learning experience.

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12. There is a magic possibility to be a bookworm. Countless pages are full of stories from faraway places and exciting adventures. They have the power to blow your mind and spirit away and stimulate your imagination. " "I love old school, mom and pop bookstores," says Bella Gandhi, founder of smart dating college. Gandhi suggests reading beautiful travel books and dreaming that one day you can travel together or take turns reading each other's love stories. Choose a book for others, read a few chapters and discuss your ideas, or chat with the owner and ask for advice.

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13. Hand over the reins of the plan. Sometimes it takes half the effort to plan a different date. If you have been married or have been dating for a while, you may have other couples you like and who have a good handle on your likes and dislikes. Ask your friends to set up an appointment for you all the time, and then do the same for them. Sometimes it's easier to think outside the box when you think for someone else rather than yourself. You will do the same for your friends, which will automatically form a "repayment clause". They may not plan an outdated appointment for you, knowing that you can repay your kindness.

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14 years old. Getting physical

is not that kind of physical - at least not yet. Make your body move and your heart thump by planning the activity date. " I firmly believe that the best date is a positive one - you and your partner work together, do something together, not just focus on each other, but get to know each other in a natural way, "said Irene lacota, President and chief marketing officer of it's just lunch international. To play golf or bowling, to hit the cage or play basketball. The key is to stay active so that endorphins are activated at the start of a date, and perhaps at the end of a date.

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16. Share your passion

introduce your passion to each other. This is especially interesting for new love. Whether it's yoga class, salsa class or comic book convention, your partner is a good mutual in your hobbies and interests.The way of understanding is also a touchstone of compatibility. Even if you are more interested in love than you are passionate about it, it is enough to say that he or she is willing to try something special for you. " You're going to be 100 times sexier, "says dating coach Hayley Quinn. So forget about self-awareness of what you love, and instead let them get involved and see how they fit you. "

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17. Time reversal

get it, just like, in the 1980s: visit a video game machine and get a pizza. You may not have to look too far: "bartender" is a new trend, it will cause a stir in social occasions. "Even people in their 20s can browse old arcade games like Pacman and centipede," said Bella Gandhi, founder of the smart dating Academy. There are some great arcades everywhere, "play doubles, play interesting gambling. Instead of playing with money, trade in massages, dinner labels and future dating prizes.

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