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10 pairs of exercises for each other



choosing the best exercise to help you achieve your fitness goals depends on many factors. Jason machowsky, board certified sports nutritionist and performance expert at New York special surgery hospital and CSCs, said exercise choices will vary based on your intrinsic abilities, medical or orthopedic limitations, and your overall quality of exercise. " In general, the best practice in pairs is either to keep the muscles in balance (push and pull first), or to have one part of the body work and the other rest, such as alternating upper and lower body exercises. "The following pairs of exercises will help you achieve your goals faster. Add these to some of your current workouts, or try a super full body workout.

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1. Push ups + push ups

after push ups, push ups can exercise similar muscle groups, which makes the requirements higher. " This technology is best for more advanced exercisers, "said Jason machowsky, a performance expert at CSCs. The so-called "composite set" or "superset", the pressure on each muscle is composite, because every movement will recruit the same muscle area. You will need to use less weight and less repetition because using the same muscles will fatigue them faster. Do a group of push ups, then do a group of push ups immediately, and rest for one or two minutes after each composite action. There are three pairs in total.

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2. Dr. Michele Olson, a professor of sports science at Ben University in Montgomery, Alabama, said: 'if you pre pump your biceps, you are less likely to use them in the back row. Olson said that when rowing, you should concentrate on squeezing your shoulder blades together instead of pulling your elbows back and bending your arms with biceps. Do bicep curl, back row - sitting cable row or dumbbell row - and repeat the three action sets.

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3. Dr. Michele Olson, a sports physiologist, said that the combination of lunge and single leg lifting (such as single leg lifting) is similar to the bicep curling and back row movements: "you pre deplete the hip and gluteal muscles on one side, and then maintain balance on the working leg (bow lunge in front of the right leg, and then maintain balance when doing single leg lifting). "Pre exhausted muscles have to double their efforts at equal distance to maintain balance. She said it was a good way to complete the lunge. First do the right leg lunge: three groups, then 30 seconds single leg lift (but slow movement). Repeat the sequence on the left leg.

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4. Barbell biceps curl + triceps stretch

working biceps, then triceps represents another type of superset. This method does not need back-to-back training similar to muscle groups, but uses alternative "push-pull" techniques, also known as agonist and antagonist muscle groups. This technique involves performing a specified number of repetitions on one group, followed by another exercise immediately. By using active muscle groups alternately, you can ensure that the same muscle group is not used for two consecutive workouts and is overtired. Do barbell biceps curl (or replace dumbbell), then stretch triceps, rest and repeat three groups of actions.

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5. Another example of the chest flight + support dumbbell row

push-pull superset is that the chest flight needs to be pushed and pulled, and the support dumbbell row is composed of Lala, thus acting on the opposite muscle groups: chest and back. When flying in front of the chest with dumbbells, lower the dumbbells in a large arc until they are flush with the shoulders and chest. When the elbows move down, the handles of the dumbbells should be parallel to each other. During the whole movement, keep the wrist stiff and the elbow slightly bent. Hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms and shoulders should be in the same plane. When rowing as a dumbbell, lean forward on the platform, pull the dumbbell up and down, and squeeze the shoulder blades. Do one, take a minute off and repeat three. "

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to rest one part of the body, while the other part works - the most common is alternating up and down physical exercise - to improve the efficiency of exercise, because it reduces the required passive rest time," said Jason machowsky, a performance expert at CSCs. These combinations are also part of the circuit training program. For the barbell squat, feet shoulder width apart or slightly wide, toes slightly outward. Keep your back flat, elbows high, chest up and out. Keep your heels on the floor and your knees on your feet. Each time you repeat, lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor and you begin to rise from the floor around your back or your heels. Do a group of chest compressions and squats, rest for a minute, and repeat the three groups.

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7. Both shoulder pressure and shoulder side elevation had effect on deltoid muscle, making it a compound group. To do a sitting barbell press, use a grip slightly wider than the shoulder width. Take the bar off the shelf with an observer. Keep your wrists stiff, your forearms parallel to each other, and slightly extend your neck so that the barbell passes in front of your face, while the barbell lowers and touches the collarbone. Do not arch your back when lifting the barbell. A perfect side lift technique: keep your elbows slightly bent as you lift the dumbbells. The upper arm should be raised together before the forearm and hand. Do one, take a minute off and repeat three.

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8. The lower body exercises of back squat + lifting

are completed together, which is a push-pull combination, representing a super set of heavy lower body. Back squat is push, death is a full pull, a perfect dead water, about an inch in front of the calf and on the ball on the foot. Eyes should be focused straight ahead or slightly upward. Lift the barbell off the ground by straightening the hips and knees;Don't let your hips rise in front of your shoulders. When you lift the barbell, try to keep it close to your calves. When the barbell has just left the knee, move the hips forward so that the thigh rests on the barbell and the knee is under the barbell. Until you stand straight. Do a group of squats and lifts, rest and repeat three or more groups.

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9. The combination of squatting + donkey leg type

squatting and donkey leg type imitates the less advanced squatting lifting combination. Squatting is mainly to strengthen and exercise gluteus maximus and quadriceps femoris, while donkey legs are concentrated on hamstring muscles. When squatting, be sure to keep your hips behind your heels and knees above your toes. Down until the hips are parallel to the floor (or if you have more hip flexibility). When the donkey kicks, keep the trunk still and the hips in balance. Do one before the break. Repeat three times.

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10. Sit up + sit up

sit up can strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle, which is a kind of "six pieces" muscle downward along the center of the abdominal muscle, while sit up can exercise the lower back, gluteus maximus and hamstring, making them a very good antagonistic muscle group. Instead of pulling your neck when doing sit ups, imagine putting an orange between your chin and collarbone (or putting it under your chin with your fist, mimicking the size of an orange space), as you roll up your torso toward your thighs. Back stretches can be done on the stabilizers or back stretchers. For the latter, you can only stand up when your body is in a straight line; avoid swinging or arching your back at the top of the action. Do one, rest and repeat three.

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