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Zoe Kravitz plays the heroine in Batman;


It seems that we are not excited enough about the upcoming DC cartoon Batman. We finally find out who will play one of the most representative Batman characters. Hollywood reporter recently announced that Zoe Kravitz will play Selina Kyle in cat girl.


director Matt Reeves tweeted a picture of Kravitz's GIF saying "Hello," which seems to confirm the news? "14 October. "Cat woman" is one of the most representative villains in the series, and it is also the object of interest of the crusader in his cloak. Fans are already excited about the chemistry of Batman's Robert Pattinson and Kravitz on the screen. Kravitz has some experience, just like she used to dub Catwoman in recent Batman LEGO movies. It's special for her to play this role in Reeve's film version, because she didn't have the chance to make the last film, "the night rises.". She told nylon in 2015 that she was refused auditions for a character in the film because they did not "go to the city" for the film.

Michelle Pfeiffer played the iconic role in Batman returns in 1992, Anne Hathaway in the dark night rises and Halle Berry in Catwoman in 2004. The film won't be released until June 25, 2021, so we have a lot of time to predict her and Pattinson's performance in their respective roles. Now, we just need to know who will play the big villain.