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10 things you don't know about nightmares before Christmas


It's hard to believe that 23 years later, Disney's nightmares before Christmas have dazzled our young hearts (or scared, depending on the level of anxiety in your childhood). For the fans of Halloween and Christmas, Tim Burton has become a classic movie. From songs to works of art to costumes, it has inspired countless creative ideas. Here are some crazy gossip about Pumpkin King that you may not know!

Tim Burton didn't direct the film because of a conflict with Batman's return plan. Instead, he hired a friend, Henry Selick. The film is based on a poem written by Burton when he was an animator for Disney in 1982.


Disney considered to develop "nightmare" before Christmas in 1982, which was either a 30 minute TV special or a short film, but it was finally shelved because of "too weird". This movie has 230 sets in 19 sound fields! It took a whole week to make a movie for only one minute. In 1988, Jack skelinton appeared in the beetle juice for the first time.

composer Danny Elfman made music for the film without a script or storyboard.

the film made $50 million in box office revenue during its first release.

Disney is discussing establishing a movie based amusement facility in Disneyland, but Burton rejects the idea. Burton also rejected the idea of sequels, because he felt that some films should be left alone, so as to maintain their spiritual integrity.