10 reasons why you want to eat Halloween candy

Happy Halloween! After one party after another this weekend, we finally ushered in the day of trick or treat. Although most of us are too old and may be too afraid of the danger of strangers to put on clothes and beg for candy, today is still a great opportunity to enjoy the candy. Before you start to feel guilty about your high sugar score in the future, remember Halloween is for you. Here are 10 reasons why you should eat all the Halloween sweets you want. Because the flavor of Yolo is like the combination of heaven and childhood. No matter what, the sweets you will encounter are bite by bite, and they are very interesting in size. Really... Everybody. You can burn calories by chewing. In addition, you have to work hard. You should enjoy a meal of

there are only so many "cheating days" in any calendar year

and Reese's cup is not like a pumpkin all year (and green)

so when candy goes on the market today and tomorrow, do it!