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#FBF & 8211; 7 is a famous actor and guest star of Gilmore Girls


I don't know about you, but the whole team of Buzznet is counting down until we have the new Gilmore Girls show on our TV screen that is broadcast through Netflix. As we can't wait to get back to star again and bet on Henk Rory's current favorite character, let's review some of the good memories in this series. In this FBF program, let's revisit seven famous actors who have guest starred in Gilmore Girls:

Jon Hamm – a few years before playing "the advertiser", don Draper in "mad men" and Jon Hamm geist in "Gilmore Girls". He met Lorelei at an auction in the third season. Their relationship lasted only one date and one episode.


Seth MacFarlane – Seth was playing a college graduate of Lorelei when a family member was already on the air. Seth is now a household name, not only the creator of "family man", but also the creator of Cleveland TV and American Dad. And don't forget his Ted 1 & 2 and a million ways to die in the West!

Adam Brody – set out to play Seth Cohen, the lovely emo child, on the O.C. Brody plays Dave, Ryan's band partner and boyfriend.

Danny Purdy – perhaps the most famous in the community is abed, who played a Yale Daily writer with Rory in the sixth season.

Kristen Ritter – Kristen Ritter is well-known for his role in bad news. Of course, he also played a leading role in the Netflix series Jessica Jones. In the final season of Gilmore Girls, she played Lucy, one of Rory's university partners.

Jane Lynch Jane's performance in the 40 year old virgin glee and the best show has become a comedy idol. On GG, she played an angry nurse who had to deal with Emily Gilmore when Richard was in hospital. As one of dean's bachelor party partners, Max made a short guest appearance. Since his debut in GG, Max has played Veronica Mars and new girl.