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Kelly Clarkson announces living in Las Vegas


Kelly Clarkson proved that you can do it! The musician now has her own talk show, the Kelly Clarkson show, and made an incredibly exciting statement with it last week. On November 1, she announced that she would go to live in Las Vegas!

The 37 year old will make headlines in a Las Vegas neighborhood called Kelly Clarkson: invincible. The residential area will open in April 2020 at the Zappos theatre at the Hollywood star resort and Casino.

she announced the news in the "kelloke" section of the talk show, after mixing her hit songs with the backup girls. You may want to know two things: first, why are there show girls here? I want to say, why not? Clarkson said on the show. "Second, why should I sing my own songs in Kerry York? Because it's very vain and weird - I don't usually like doing this during kelloke because I feel like a tool - but there's a reason today, so I did it. " "

" when I launched this program, I heard fans everywhere worried that I would stop playing new music and touring. Well, don't worry. "I got you," she said. "I got my own residency in Las Vegas! I will not only perform, but also play the wheel of wealth, which is the real reason why I went there I like gambling, acting, all the buffets and crab legs you can eat. "

so far, the apartment has 16 performances, which will "immerse fans in a unique and shocking close-up music experience" in her award-winning hit song catalog for nearly 20 years, "she should go to Las Vegas!