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Buzz: Kelly Jenner was investigated for neglecting animals


Today is Thursday! Wow, it's been a fast week. Let's see what the headlines are on the world wide web!

Gigi Hadid dances in the coming holiday calendar of lingerie of love magazine. Watch the video below!

Justin Bieber's instagram basically broke the Internet when he and Selena Gomez returned. Oh, Kyle!


Kendall Jenner famous heart hair photos and Taylor Swift cats can boast that they have the most popular products on instagram in 2015. Cool. What is Emma Watson's style? Now you have a chance to buy directly from her wardrobe! No, seriously.

Annnd… Apparently, after releasing a snapshot of her dog, Bambi, Kelly Jenner was reported to the Los Angeles animal authority, who thought her dog was desperately thin. An investigation is currently under way. P>

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