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Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift just started dating


Hello Monday! Let's see what makes the Internet so popular on weekends. It's just in time for this year's host Miley Cyrus to attack Taylor Swift's "bad guy" music video in her interactive video with Marie Claire magazine. "I don't understand violent revenge," Cyrus told the magazine. "Is this a good example? I'm a bad example because I've run out of assets? I don't know how they can be worse than guns. "


starts her 18th birthday celebration, Kylie Jenner provides time and very generous care packages and other benefits for children undergoing renal dialysis at Los Angeles children's hospital. It's cool to see celebrity feedback!

baby mother of Louis Tomlinson, Briana Joyce was photographed in Los Angeles at the beginning of the baby crash Watch officially on, until one-way cute officially become a father! According to Gigi Hadid, she and Kendall Jenner are actually related! Okay... Watch Gigi disconnect in the video below. In order to make you smile and forget that today is Monday... Here is a cute little dog GIF. Ah! That's lovely!