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You can do 11 of the best video workouts anywhere



no gym? That's all right. Open one of the DVDs, launch one of the apps, or play YouTube Videos in the living room for a great workout in your own privacy. There is no need to face crowded PE classes, loud music, or coaches who are too fast for beginners. With these video workouts, you can train on your own schedule, add your own music (and adjust the volume accordingly) and move at your own pace. It's time for you to sweat!

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1. Motion Traxx

let top coaches like Tom Holland, Amy Dixon, Jessica Smith and Paul katami push you to the next workout. These equinox shoes will take you through a variety of aerobic activities, designed for outdoor running or treadmill, bicycle, elliptical machine, etc. Download the motion Traxx app to your phone and choose between 20, 40 and 60 minutes of intense workouts to take your workout to a new level.

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fitness coaches Jillian Michael, Jane Fonda, Denise Austin and others help you build your body through the befit channel, which offers free fitness videos. Choose from videos designed for each fitness level and goal, such as losing weight around your waist, adjusting your arms, or shaping your abs. Exercise ranges from dancing to aerobics to strength training to Pilates and so on. So subscribe and start looking for and feeling your best.

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Credit: provided by befit. Fitness mixer

YouTube couple fitness team Daniel and Kelli offer three to six new free fitness videos on the blender every week. You can also find printable exercise programs and healthy recipes. Choose from full-length training videos such as Pilates, HIIT, boot camp and strength training. Their profile can be searched by exercise time, heat consumption, difficulty, body part concentration, exercise time and required equipment.

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Credit: provided by fitness blender. Barre amped aerobic fat burning

for low impact and high fat burning workouts, check out Suzanne Bowen's DVD, which contains four different Barre inspired workouts. She has come up with a gentle and effective way to keep you sweating and raise your heart rate. She is characterized by a variety of longer aerobic intervals, as well as low impact fat blasting and shaping exercises that can hit every major muscle group.

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Credit: provided by Suzanne Bowen. Movemefit

you can find more than 1000 online trainings on movemefit.com. Movemefit.com manages online trainings, many of which come from youtube and DVD to help you achieve specific goals. Type in the amount of time you can spend exercising (from 15 to 60 minutes), your attention (whether it's toning, endurance or something), and the type of exercise you like (from yoga or dance to aerobics and Pilates, etc.). Popular workouts include XHIT six pack abs and Tracey mallet fusedance cardio.

related: find out more and try movemefit. Thank you for movemefit's help. Physique 57

if you can't access one of physique 57's studios in New York or Los Angeles, you can still prepare for summer through its video on demand. You can watch them order or buy a monthly subscription. The latest is physique cardio burn, where you can twist and fold your body through the fat burning cardio Barre program, which is designed to strategically burn calories, improve your metabolic rate, and chisel your abs and obliques into tight, neat shapes. They also offer DVDs to help you stay healthy at home.

related: find out more and try physique 57. Thank you physique 57. The 21 day superhero release program

was selected as one of the hottest new coaches by women's health magazine. Emily schrom, NASM certified personal trainer and level 1 crossfit coach, provides $21 online training, including daily exercise videos and nutrition tips and techniques. She also launched a 21 day challenge that rewards scores for sticking to everyday health habits, such as avoiding sugar and alcohol. The program focuses on ancient diet and cross fitness, but anyone can benefit from her idea of eating cleaner and stronger.

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Credit: provided by Emily schrom. Xtfmax: find your shape DVD Set

this 90 day program provides different exercise plans, which can adjust the whole body at four different fitness levels (from beginner to advanced). Exercises include fat burning cardio, full body blitz, and exercises for your core, legs, and arms. The program also includes a planning calendar and a nutrition guide to help you "chop fat and build long, thin muscles."

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Credit: provided by x-trainfit. Strength yoga is suitable for every body to 120 minutes, and each body's strength Yoga includes the exercises of beginners and experienced practitioners. Yoga coach Barbara Banerjee uses her slow flow method of vinyas (posture, flow together), while emphasizing alignment and breathing. You can choose between flexibility, strength, balance, stress relief or relaxation from your morning or evening routines and processes.


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Credit: span > H3> 10. For those who want to build a strong body in 90 days, body beast combines high-intensity weight training with nutrition skills, which is suitable for any level of fitness enthusiasts. Developed by Sagi Kalev, a world-famous coach and former two Mr. Israel, the set-up and representation is designed to improve testosterone production in order toMuscle mass. While marketing is primarily aimed at men, women can definitely benefit from the program.

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Credit: provided by beachbody. We acknowledge that livestrong.com's powerful features

are fully self-improvement, but these 10 video training series are very effective. Join our host Nicky holender, who will take you through these 30 minutes of intense training with just your weight. We even made an eight week plan for you to start. With myplate calorie tracking, you can get to the body you always want.

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What do you think? Have you ever done these video training before? What's your opinion? What are your favorite fitness videos, apps, or YouTube channels? What are your favorite other ways to get fit? Please let us know in the comments below!

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