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Why Zumba Is Perfect for People Who Find Workout Classes Intimidating


Let's start the party! If you're looking for an interesting class that you really don't want to work out, consider signing up for Zumba. There's a reason why this dance class is becoming more and more popular. Each class will provide an interesting and challenging exercise, which can enhance cardiovascular health and strength. The course of


Zumba is an interesting and high-energy exercise way, which will not make people feel that you are studying hard. (picture: fatamera / E + / gettyimages)

read on to learn all the information you need about this popular sport. What is Zumba?

Zumba is a kind of dance fitness exercise, suitable for Latin music and other international and optimistic styles, such as hip-hop. "It and 39 are like a dynamic dance party," said Carissa Izquierdo, a licensed Zuba coach in Los Angeles. The

you can even find special Zumba courses, such as Aqua Zumba (perform in the swimming pool, so it's easier on the joints), Zumba gold (specially designed for the active elderly), Zumba kids (suitable for children aged 7-11), etc.! Who should try Zumba? Zumba is the best choice for all physical and ability levels. No, you don't need any previous dance experience to attend and enjoy the course. &When you go to a wedding or party, are you worried that you are not a dancer, and there is a DJ? &Izqueldo asked. &[Zumba] is the same thing - you're just moving and having a good time. &Don't worry if you don't finish choreography right away. Just like any new exercise, here is a learning curve. Remember: everyone starts from beginners. As long as you exercise happily, you will get good exercise. The more courses you take, the more familiar you will be with these sports. The Zumba is especially suitable for people who want to start working out but feel intimidated by the gym because it provides hard aerobic exercise, but it's also popular and fun, izqueldo said. What's the best? You will unconsciously get good exercise. &'people are always surprised by the speed of an hour,' says Izquierdo. 'if you've started exercising, Zumba can give your daily life a new energy, or as an off the shelf cross training.' You just need to change your usual aerobics class to take a Zumba class every once in a while. For those who don't like aerobic exercise, Zumba offers an interesting alternative to traditional steady running or cycling. Although Zumba is very interesting, it is not an easy exercise anyway. Izqueldo said many people, especially the young people who finished a class for the first time, would be surprised by the intensity of the class. &I just bought an apple watch and I've been frantically checking how many calories I burn. She said the number was as high as 600. (your personal calorie consumption during your stay in Zumba will depend on your height, weight, fitness level, effort level and other factors.) That is to say, if you are absolutely afraid of any and all aerobic exercises, don't dance, and don't have a strong preference for strenuous weight lifting exercises. Zumba may not be your favorite tea. The form and scale of Zumba courses may vary depending on where you go, but Izquierdo usually teaches for 55 minutes. Conversation is fast-paced - expect to transition from one song to the next without rest. The good news is that there's a mix of low intensity and high intensity movements in class, so you and 39 seconds. And the movement can be modified at any time to adapt to your physical and ability level. For example, if the group runs in place for 30 seconds, you can reduce the intensity by simply walking or walking.


the voice is loud and lively in the classroom, but teachers usually use non-verbal prompts (such as applause, whistle, instruction) to show the change of movement and direction, because we hope everyone can feel the music and feel izqueldo, just like they do at the party, rather than listen to other people's instructions.

want to perform steps in traditional dance styles (such as Merengue and salsa), fitness moves like side steps and squats. &Izquierdo says many steps are repeated or additional. &For example, if there is a song about what we do with our feet, the next time the song appears, we will do the same thing with our feet, but with our arms. Many courses will also include a brief warm-up and cooldown, and the format will change. For example, some coaches may use slow salsa to reduce intensity and add pauses to stretching. Izquierdo prefers to change a slow song and lead the students to a series of stretching exercises. The degree of classroom congestion will depend on the location and time of the day. At busy times, Izquierdo can hold 40 people at a time, while at slower times it attracts far fewer people. If you're curious, go to the gym, community center or studio, and you're interested in learning about their typical class size. Thank goodness, you don't have to worry about bringing any special equipment to Zumba - just be ready to play and sweat. Because you may sweat a lot, you will want to bring water and towels. &"One day I forgot to bring towels when I was in class, and I kept taking paper towels from the bathroom," izqueldo said. "She suggested that I wear Zuba's typical sportswear. For shoes, choose cross training shoes instead of running shoes: running shoes are designed for front and back movement, while training shoes are designed for left and right movement, she said. That is, if running shoes are your only choice, be sure to wear the opposite of street sneakers. If you remember the following points, you will have more fun in your first Zuba class: first, be sure to find a place in the room where you can see the coach. But that doesn't mean that if you feel uncomfortable and in the spotlight, you have to be in the front row. However, izqueldo said it might be wise to post where the instructor's gestures can be seen in the center. Secondly, we must have a rest as needed. Class moves are fast and you may not get a formal water break, so when your body tells you, be sure to stop and take a sip. Also, don't be afraid to modify exercises if necessary. If the whole class starts to do jumping jacks, but you know it's hard to move on the knee, just step by step, with the other foot on the floor and the arm raised overhead to imitate the action. If you are injured or need help in class, please inform the instructor in advance. In the end, remember to have a good time. &Izqueldo said, "Zumba should be a ball, so don't think you are too self-conscious." &As long as you keep going, you will have a good time. &Quote;

find a Zumba course around you

because Zumba is very popular, it is easy to find a large number of course options. You can search for courses in your area on Zumba's official website, or view courses in your local gym or community center. Prices will vary by location.

if you like to try it at home, there is also an online streaming option. These include Zumba digital training (via Zumba's official website) and studio sweet ondemand.