Your favorite celebrity as a classic art

We already know that our favorite celebrities are not lacking in the appearance department, but seeing them as old-fashioned paintings really takes things to the next level. Worth1000, a website that hosts creative contests, requires artists to incorporate celebrities into classic paintings, with good results. These classic modern twists and turns let us look at our favorite A-lister from a completely different perspective. But what we like most is that if you don't know they are celebrities, you may just think these are original works of art! Look at some of the most famous celebrities in the world who have become classic works of art. Office fans never want to miss Steve Carrell!

Anne Hathaway

the beautiful Anne Hathaway has transformed for various roles in her career. She is the most unforgettable princess in princess diary. She's Fantine, the desperate prostitute in les miserables. Who else can forget when she became fashionable from a geek in devil in Prada? Now, the ruddy faced genius is a rather striking work of art. When she looked at the audience, she seemed to say, "yes, my movie has made 6.4 billion dollars in the world. So what? "Jack Nicholson is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. The Witch of Eastwick stole our hearts not only because of his acting but also because of his idgaf attitude. Jack's personality is perfectly reflected in this funny portrait, and his dress is sharper than what usually appears on the red carpet. This pose is also perfect because it really shows his bad boy image, a happy spot and signature smile, exuding Nicholson's confidence. If there is an auction, we will buy it. Don't you? Our favorite part - the perfect hairstyle and the beautiful wide brimmed hat.

Natalie Portman

Scarlett Johanson appeared in the 2003 romantic drama girl with pearl earrings, which is adapted from the famous paintings of the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. This time, however, Natalie Portman's face was superimposed on a 1665 work of art. We have to say it works a little bit. Portman has the angular face and killer cheekbones that artists dream of, so it's not surprising that she integrates into classical painting so naturally. Yes, this suit may be a little too many. She is unlikely to wear that dress at the Oscars, but as far as makeup painting is concerned, this one is OK for us. Before Hugh Laurie played the grumpy (but cute) Dr. house, he was dressed in the British Time Travel Comedy Series. It was for him then, and it is for him now. Laurie, in a jacket and bent on writing an undoubtedly important letter with a quill pen, taught everyone how to shake the five o'clock shadow in a portrait. If he doesn't have this Commission and hangs in his home, then we'll eat our slightly more modern hats. What is the book he relies on, an encyclopedia of mysterious diseases? Is there anything better than Drew Barrymore playing a zombie in Netflix's diet of Santa Clarita? Drew Barrymore was like a young girl with a bright face. Of course, she carried a dead bird on her shoulder! Drew always looks like an angel. Think back to her days in E.T. - she's a lovely miniature of a round face. It certainly translates well into her adventures in the art world, doesn't it? You are attracted by the farsighted eyes cast from her shoulders to the audience. It's a bestseller, but her eyes sparkle, and it's hard to believe she's never been kissed, and Steve Carrell is known for his roles in virgin 40 and office. In this work, his slightly confused face is strangely suitable for his gentleman image. Looking from a distance, this is the kind of portrait Michelangelo is sure to be proud of, don't you think? We dig more than we think, though it's hard to stop our imagination long enough to believe that Michael Scott can sit up straight all the time and become the real subject. Jennifer Aniston made headlines many times in her career, mainly because of her failed marriage. It looks like Jennifer can't rest, but if she gives up acting, she's likely to make a bomb sitting and photographing. The subtle tone of the work perfectly matches the classic Aniston color. Don't let us see those eyes. Do you feel a picture following you in the gallery? Don't worry, it's probably just a portrait of Zhan. There are fewer more representative legends than the late great king of Pop Michael Jackson. In his life, he was often ridiculed for his changeable appearance. If you compare a young MJ to a 50 year old MJ, the two are just as different as chalk and cheese. Despite the plastic surgery, one thing that has remained the same throughout Jackson's life is that he can make incredible music for the public. This particular portrait is like the one you see in Versailles. King of pop music. What do you think? Owen Wilson may not look like someone who can inspire painting, but as a general, he has created a rather awe inspiring image. In fact, he looks so believable that we think he can look directly at his home in the National Gallery, or even the Louvre. Who needs the Mona Lisa when you have Owen Wilson? They'd better get ready and put some safety details on the beauty. The tourists will soon line up to take selfies with Admiral Wilson.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has grown up a lot since Harry Potter, leaving behind her bookish Hermione and her messy long hair. These days, you can see Emma walking on the red carpet of all the famous activities, looking like she came out of a picture. In this case, the 27 year old actress looks chic, wearing a Tulle fabric and a beautiful ivory bow for extra details. If there is a picture of BritainThe perfect picture of a rose, that's it. We bet Ron would be happy to hang this on the fireplace. In the '90s, you were either Johnny or Brad - it seems the fight will continue. Although Brad's portrait is undeniably gorgeous, radiant and almost angelic, Johnny has an obvious dark hue that reflects the bad boy's attitude that we all know and love in his decades of career. We have to say that the costume of this period looks similar to that of the actor in his 50s, especially when he and his band are performing on the stage. All in all, we will bid at the auction. But let's not exclude Brad. Brad Pitt is not only an actor, but also a qualified actor. Since his sudden appearance on the scene decades ago, he has become the object of many fantasies. Put him in a classical work of art, just like the change of seasons and the tide of the sea. His blonde hair hangs from behind, and he yearns for the future, over Angelina Jolie, to the next wife - or the next prize he dreams of. Everything works. If there is a face more suitable for painting, we haven't seen it yet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I will come back In a painting. " The king of action movies and questionable acting, Arnie has conquered Hollywood as the highest grossing movie ever. The Austrian American actor, a former governor of California, is a rather formidable figure. According to the biographer, he began weight training at the age of 15. Although he may never have thought that he would eventually be depicted as a classical work of art, he is very suitable, don't you think? Very formal appearance, but also on behalf of those trademarks ani cheekbones. What it's missing is Sarah Connor.

H3> Danny DeVito picture> > Danny DeVito is a vivid legend, which has attracted audiences since his role in "taxi> / I> in the late 1970s. He has more movies and shows than we can calculate. The 73 year old actor is also known for his height, which is only 4 feet 10 inches. Danny can make the audience laugh, cry and sometimes hiss (think of Matilda), which is a special trick. One thing is for sure, he loves the whole world, which may be why he has such a complacent face in this painting. Taylor Swift, a 28 year old singer, is famous for her emotional history and a long list of popular songs. Recall that for the first time in the 2008 "love story" video, swift really appeared in our eyes. Tyler played the story of a Star lover, wearing a lovely skirt, looking young and radiant. It succeeded in bringing the 18-year-old into the mainstream of pop music. This well done painting reminds people of that stage of her career and is heartbreaking. Long, perfect curly hair, a light smile and a cream robe - all right. Gary Alderman is probably one of the best and most popular actors in the UK. With three BAFTA awards, two critics' Choice Awards and a golden globe, the 59 year old has undoubtedly made some waves in his career. Oldman was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for quite a long time in the 1980s, so he was obviously suitable for formal wear - but don't you think this work of art is a bit out of line? Fanning in Dakota may be 23 now, but she made her mark at the age of seven when she starred in the 2001 drama I am Sam. Her success soon made her appear in various films, making her one of the most famous child stars in the 20th century. Although she is now an adult, most people still remember that she is a little girl. This portrait perfectly captures Dakota's young face and innocence, making the little girl we see in cat in hat and Charlotte's net immortal. She has been an icon of Hollywood for decades, and Charlize Theron is a force that cannot be ignored in the industry. The South African born actress has won critical acclaim for her films, including her description of the serial killer Aileen wurnos, where she barely recognizes her. The beautiful 42 year old actress received as much attention for her beauty and her ability to perform on TV as for her age, which made her an ideal theme for a classical portrait. We have to say that this depiction of Charles as a period of noble women is amazing. Pay homage to the artist.

Sean Connery

without Sean Connery as a living legend, you can't draw a series of famous classic portraits. The 87 year old Scottish actor has been awarded several honorary titles, such as "the greatest life Scot" and "Scotland's greatest national treasure". In 1999, he was even named "the sexiest man of the century" - all impressive evidence. In his time, he was one of the most sought after men in Hollywood, and he was still a charming man at the age of nearly 90. It turns out that Connery's rugged charm can also be transformed into art. Penelope Cruz has a unique appearance that makes men want to date her and women want to be her. This photo perfectly captures the 43 year old Spanish star, whose big brown eyes look back at the audience with almost tragic eyes. Penelope, like her character, is convincingly placed in the painting, evoking the same amount of emotion while maintaining the mystical edge. It doesn't look as good as her, but she did it so well, it hurt