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Nominations for the 58th Grammy Awards!


Hello Monday! Is ley a friend today? OK, now that we have solved it, let's see what is the buzz on the Internet! Nominations for the 58th Grammy Awards! The leaders include 11 nominations for Kendrick Lamar, followed by Taylor Swift, with seven each in the second week! Congratulations! See the full list of nominees here. The lip set of


Kylie Jenner is still completely fascinated, and the first set is not even on the market (and sold out!) In the past week, there has been a rumor about the rose gold lip set in the brewing My God? Congratulations to Gigi Hadid who was just selected as the spokesperson of Versace's 2016 spring campaign. Damn it, her career is booming!

credit card: Steven Klein / Versace

last week Justin Bieber released a photo of his reflection with his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, which caused a stir on the Internet. he calmed everyone down, but now he's doing it again! What are you trying to tell us, Justin?

annond Miley Cyrus performed an amazing "silent night" cover, just immersing you in the atmosphere of the festival!