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Lesson 20 you can only learn from traveling


Have you ever been bitten by a traveling insect? Most of us have the impulse to travel, whether domestic or international. You may even have a list (or pinterest board) of places you want to go. Maybe you want to dance in the Caribbean colonial city of Cartagena, drink Malbec in Argentina, climb glaciers in New Zealand, or hike the dangerous Mount Etna on the east coast of Sicily. But apart from all the amazing memories, crazy stories and incredible pictures, the lessons you've learned about yourself and the world are just as powerful and enduring. Even if you don't have extensive travel, you can still learn from these travel bloggers who specialize in travel art.

Credit: Jody etenberg / legal nomad. Sometimes you just need to take a big step, there will never be a perfect time to do something. In travel, we have limited time to experience a specific place, so we focus on the present, and "perfect time" becomes the present. Although we can tell ourselves that "one day" will be different - one day we will decide to face the bully bravely, one day we will decide to start exercising - one day is not a day of the week and will never come. Now is the time. Today is the time. " ——Klaette and Scott Stoler, bloggers of roamaroo: Credit: klaette and Scott Stoler / roamaroo. Once in vinales, Cuba, the owner of a roadside fruit hut asked me if I wanted to see his land. When he closed the hut at 5pm, I agreed. I arrived on time and closed the door for him. We went through a grove to the richest place around us. He showed me all the fruits, vegetables and sugarcane they planted. Then he and his uncle prepared a special juice with rum. Some of the freshest and best juice I've ever tasted. It was a unique experience because I promised a local. Be sure to choose the local experience, not the old one. " ——Ben walker, President of zoom public relations Co., Ltd.

Credit: Ben Walker / @ bensroom

3. Let something go.


"if you're late for a trip, you miss a plane, you're delayed, or the bus stops, learn to move fast. Don't indulge in negative emotions, otherwise you will spend the whole journey in a bad mood when others are happy. One of the hardest things in life is to let go, but it's crucial to have a really relaxing and stress free holiday. The more you vent your anger on others, especially in foreign countries, the more likely it is to dramatize and tension will occur, so try to laugh everything off - one day it will be a story for children. " ——Rachel pedresh, the blogger who roams the world, is not wrong. No matter what happens on the way, it is not wrong. As has been said, "your choice is only half the chance, so are the choices of others." When you let the road unfold in front of you, there is no reason to regret or think you have made a mistake. You can make the best decision, and in the end, the journey is adventure. " ——Matthew kepness, blogger of nomadic Matt, credit: Matthew kepness / nomadic Matt

5. Take the time to use all your senses

"we are often immersed in mobile phones, computers or work. During our two-week vacation, we will soon be able to see the scenery, take photos and move on. When you take the time to embrace a city or a scenic spot, you will feel the real beauty of tourism and sightseeing. Sometimes we are so worried about taking this picture or uploading something to social networks that we can't see the real beauty of the world and let it affect our emotions. When you put down your camera, listen to the voice, look up around you, and feel what the world is telling you, that's when rich experiences come true. Thank you for coming from

"family Roaming is a simple must for everyone on earth. My inspiration came from a close friend who went to Coral Bay on the northwest coast of Western Australia and brought back some amazing photos of coral reefs. I've lived in Australia all my life and never been there, which made me jealous and sad, so I packed and left. I will never regret that trip. I now understand why people love Australia and how amazing it is. In addition, I now cherish my privilege in growing up. Go ahead and Google your city to see what the top five attractions are. " ——Rachel pedresh, blogger of global roaming blog, credit: Rachel pedresh / global roaming

7. Even if you're not the traveler or person you want to be, it's not too late to change. Travel is about change. The more "tomorrow" you say, the less likely tomorrow will be. Travel shows me the personality I hope I don't have, and also shows me that I'm really lazy. I've always lived with the word "have fun now," but sometimes I don't really do it. But it's never too late to realize that it makes it easier to be more proactive. " ——Matthew kepness, blogger of nomadic Matt, credit: Matthew kepness / nomadic Matt

8. Let your brain accept that our body is working. Our senses get information and experience and give us tools to go through different environments. When we cross a new destination, our brain will absorb everything and let us enjoy it. Whether it's the marvel at art and architecture, the taste of new and different cuisines, or the feeling of the historical fragments that the tramps have been exposed to for many years, all the beauty is attributed to our brain. You exist in your brain. Let it take full control of your experience. Don't worry. " ——Kate Cummins, PhD, neuropsychologist and blogger at Kate cummins.com. Collect the moment, not the thing

"sink into the original sunset, rather than fumble for the mobile camera. It took four hours to catch the last train at the corner bar. With a smile of new friendship. May you leave souvenirs, sightseeing and a part of your soul. " -Kristen cofti, life coach and founder of Kristen cofti's lifestyle. Don't think people in the world are the worst. I have met many amazing people who not only changed my life, but also helped me. This taught me that the old saying is true - you can always rely on the kindness of strangers. My friend Greg taught me a long time ago not to be wary of strangers. In America, we grew up in a culture of unrealistic fear. 99.9999% of the world's people are not murderers, rapists or thieves. There is no reason to assume that someone is one of them. Sometimes, people just want to be friendly. " ——Matthew kepness is a blogger for the nomad Matt. On my first day in the city, I will tie up my running shoes and run in the city. I can not only get good exercise, but also see a large area of the city clearly in a short time. One of the great benefits of running on holiday is that it helps to adjust your biological clock. If you're not a big runner, try walking or renting a city bike. Best of all, you don't need to explore Paris or Cape Town. Open the door and go for a walk. Changes in the landscape are good for the mind, the mind and the soul. Besides, it's free. " ——Klaette and Scott Stoler, bloggers of roamaroo:

Credit: klaette and Scott Stoler / roamaroo

12. A little anxiety is a good thing:

P> "when we travel and experience new places, new lands, new unknown areas, we are forced out of our comfort zone. Travel has pushed us to a new level of discomfort. However, for most people, learning and maximizing their potential can help create new spaces, which in the past may have limited opportunities. Although some situations or places may increase anxiety, these experiences will also create new brain connections and memories, and they will also teach you the ability to overcome internal abilities you didn't know about. " ——Kate Cummins, neuropsychologist, blogger: Kate Cummins / Kate cummins.com website

13. Always travel with pediatricians

"travel will have a long flight, a long day's travel, maybe too much local beer. All of this puts you at risk of dehydration. If you want to go to a bar at night and still cruise on land during the day without a hangover in the morning, have some tea before you go to bed. Unlike water, sports drinks, or fruit juices, catechu contains a medically recommended balance of sugar and sodium to promote absorption and help replenish what we lose from the drinks we have to drink. It's been my secret for years, and it works like a charm. You can thank me later. " ——Dana Conklin, world traveler and director, credit card: Dana Conklin

14. Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely

"the strong nature of travel is that you can meet someone in the hotel's public lounge, or drink a bowl of soup at a stall on the street, and then become a fast friend. You can share not only one meal, but also the next, maybe even the next, and then suddenly you find yourself in a different city, rather than your imaginary friend. People are nervous about traveling alone, although there are some common sense tips to consider, but if you go out of the comfort zone and are willing to chat with strangers, loneliness is rarely a factor. The blogger of legal nomadic tribe

Credit: Jodi attenberg / legal nomadic tribe

15. Keep your sense of humor

"maybe the most important quality on the road is a sense of humor. The beauty of traveling is that you will encounter difficulties in your life, which are outside of your daily life. But sometimes, so many changes can be stressful. Coping with change is an important part of life, and travel teaches you how to deal with change and unexpected situations. One of the best ways to deal with this kind of pressure is to have a sense of humor. That doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about the sudden pressure, but if you can laugh and get off at the wrong station or miss the train, the pressure will be much less. " ——Stephanie Huynh, blogger of passport lifestyle, credit: Stephanie Huynh / Passport lifestyle

16. Before you leave, imagine your journey

"have you ever sat down and imagined that you have gone to a place where you finally want to go? Before you get there, do you imagine and describe the culture, people and energy of a place? Visualization is a powerful tool. Before you travel anywhere, imagine being there. When you embark on the pace of exploration, you will find the beauty of travel. Now, with the development of science and technology, we have a way to explore the whole planet. Leaving fear of the unknown is one of the most exciting abilities in life. The world is rich, and now (unlike any other time), we can explore it all. " ——Jazz Washington, blogger of big apple lifestyle, credit: Jazz Washington / Big Apple lifestyle

17. Pack the clothes you want to donate

"do you have any clothes you want to donate? You may want to wait. If you want to travel for a long time, reduce the burden and make room for souvenirs, I learned a simple trick: Pack clothes you don't mind losing - shirts, shorts, even underwear. Put them on when you travel and leave them. You can even donate clothes to a local organization to help people in need. Every day your bag will be lighter and you will have more shopping space. " ——Dana Conklin, world traveler and director. Bring some unusual necessities, no matter what kind of climate I'm wearing: safety whistle (which can also be used as monkey scare device), door stop (which can make you feel safer when you're in a single room), headlight (always used), adhesive tape (used for wrapping, screen on the window, a pajama (very comfortable) and gauze cage (towel, scarf and cover combined). I have many other pillars, too, but these four are for short or long journeys or anything in between. " ——Jodi etenberg, legal nomads blogger, credit: Jodi etenberg / legal nomads. Write your own story


"at the end of the day, it's your own life, and it's your own story.In order to pursue our dream of traveling around the world, my husband and I quit our jobs and decided to create our own life and love. When you're old and gray (unfortunately, this will happen to all of us), and you're fast moving to the future, what do you want to tell your grandchildren about your life? What do you want to teach them? What do you want to be proud of most? This is your story, only yours. Choose your path and do it without apology. " ——Klaette and Scott Stoler, bloggers of roamaroo: Credit: klaette and Scott Stoler / roamaroo

20. Don't worry about trifles. I learned it after I was frustrated by my financial situation in a recent "travel frenzy". I'm frustrated with how I spend my money just to get everything done. The best way to deal with setbacks and travel is to remember that everything is solved by yourself. It's always like this. If you relax, let the universe meet all your needs... When traveling, expect unexpected things to happen, including spending more money, but don't let it spoil your choice of how to deal with it. Because at the end of the day, it always succeeds. " ——Jazz Washington, blogger of big apple lifestyle, credit:

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? Do you often travel? Where did you go? Where would you like to go? What did you learn from traveling around the world? Do these travel courses resonate with you? Do you think you will apply these to the next trip? Share your thoughts, stories, and suggestions in the comments section below.

Credit: klaette and Scott Stoler / roamaroo