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13 instagram value camping sites exuding luxury


Patting bugs, sleeping on the ground and peeing behind bushes are not for everyone. But you don't have to give up the experience of being outdoors because you don't want to suffer outdoors! Luxury camping, also known as glamour camping, is a more upscale and charming traditional way of camping.

basically, you can get similar outdoor experiences through more convenient facilities - from private bathrooms, 1000 linens to fancy restaurants and butler. We've collected 13 of the coolest, most chic, and most stunning spots instagram can use, from one coast to another, and some expert advice on how to make the most of your experience.

Credit: Rushmore mount

1 under cadey Reisner / Canvas. Green Acres: Green acres, 25 miles east of Austin, Texas, is a pet friendly boutique offering leisure and vacation space. Unique and eccentric accommodation options, such as yurt tents, old-fashioned Spartan trailers and old-fashioned air trailers, allow you to choose your own outdoor adventure. All visitors can enjoy the hotel's public open-air barn, outdoor kitchen and grill, fire pit, animal farm (full of alpacas and donkeys), modern bathroom, hammock and walkway. Plus, you're close to everything Austin has to offer. The price starts at $125 per night (plus cleaning and taxes).

Professional Tips: be prepared to disconnect from social media and email. Green Acres doesn't have Wi Fi, and encourages guests to put their phones down until they leave - except, of course, for taking photos!

Credit: Green Acres

2. Hotel: "New Mexico", located in Taos terrace of high desert, provides tourists with a comfortable bed, kitchen, bathroom, hot air, free coffee and other facilities. Each trailer has its own private deck, facing the mountains and open fields, which is very suitable for watching the spectacular sunset and all the stars. Extra bonus? The tausmesa brewery is next door, making world-class beer with live music every night of the week. A trailer rental of $70 to $170 per night, or a beach berth of $40 per night, a hotel Trailer with eight beds, is the perfect choice for single travelers who want to mix.

Professional Tips: bring your comfort items. All the necessities are included, but glamping is about getting an amazing place home. We encourage guests to bring their favorite food, a special blanket, pets or anything else for a perfect holiday.

Credit: Luna Mystica Hotel

3. Intermittent spring peak Ranch: Sonoma, California, is one of the last generations of family owned ranches in California. In order to reach your destination, you have to go from the gold rush hour to the ancient stagecoach road to the top of the mountain. Guests can customize their accommodations and activities they experience - whether it's making chocolate from wild flowers on the grass, looking for dinner from the farm to the dinner table, or shooting mud pigeons overlooking the mountains. Fangcang company is a senior activity planning company, specializing in non grid decoration, providing all furniture, including tents, customized furniture and accessories. Prices are available on request.

Professional Tips: this hotel is only suitable for activities and acquisitions, which means you'd better start to build a large team as soon as possible! Credit: intermittent Quanfeng ranch

4. Vitana: in Grand Sur, California, vitana's luxury resort offers a whole new dazzling plan, and it's very luxurious. Fifteen Safari style canvas tents span a 20 acre Canyon in an ancient forest, each with inspirational cottage style decorations, a custom designed luxury glass mattress and luxury hotel sheets, a firewood burning pit and other amenities. Glampers can experience the grandeur of the outdoors without missing out on daily housekeeping, morning coffee and tea, freezers and custom picnic baskets, as well as a bathtub full of towels and showers. The new glamping bathroom also offers a more refined outdoor experience, including teak enclosed showers, heated floors, marble vanity and toilet facilities. From $325 per night.

Professional Tips: there are five "markup" tents, close to the toilet with sink, two of which are the most hidden!

Credit: Venta Big Sur

5. Collective resting place: New York Long Island is only 800 yards from lower Manhattan, even closer to Brooklyn. The long island provides 10 private peak tents and 27 more public travel tents, all inspired by the integration of Scandinavian minimalism Aesthetics and the island's navigation history. From the skyline in New York, the rooms include a luxury bed, a French coffee bar in a tent, electricity and Wi Fi. The peak tent is equipped with high-end facilities, including 1500 linens, private suite bathrooms and private decks. The resort also boasts three peaks of its iconic restaurant, offering a variety of food options. Activities include night time motorcycles, cycling, lawn games, yoga classes, art exhibits and installations, and cultural events on Long Island. The price starts at $150 per night.

Professional Tips: use the whole island: rent a bicycle and visit the long island.

Credit: Patrick chin / group holidays

6. Rushmore mountain under canvas: Keystone, South Dakota


is located between the wasteland National Park and the National Forest of Montenegro, in the suburb of the original gold settlement. Rushmore mountain under canvas is the perfect choice for adventurers with national historical talent. From the comfort of your travel inspired canvas tents (including luxury items such as bathrooms and showers, king size beds and daily room service), you can enjoy the iconic presidential monument. Environmentalists will be happy to know that Wi Fi free camp has a way of leaving no trace, using solar energy and using 87% less water than hotels of the same size. Customizable activities include buffalo tours, Jeep tours, rock climbing, gold rush or horse riding. The price starts at $199.

Professional Tips: "do some research and arrange your escape time during the meteor shower!" Chaz brewer, a tourist and tourist influencer under the canvas, said.

Credit: cadey Reisner / Mount Rushmore under canvas

7. Firelight camp: Ithaca, New York, in the center of Lake finger District, adjacent to Ithaca's iconic buttermilk Falls State Park, with 19 facilitiesThe complete hunting tent is located in the woods. The lobby area features a harvest table, a local European breakfast every morning, a full-service bar, craft drinks, a camp store, home-made S'more kits and other products, such as co-founder Emma Frisch's new recipe "feast of fire: a simple recipe for camping, cabins and outdoor activities." The campfire lounge area provides space for you to move freely under the stars. Other amenities include Bocce court, lawn games, bathrooms with hot showers and ample space, spa and gourmet restaurants. The price starts at $189 per night. "

Professional tip: " packing for a great short trip is very different from packing your own gear for a camping trip, so we've compiled a list of what to bring, "said Emma Frisch, co-founder and owner.

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8. Gwen Hotel: Chicago, Illinois. Thanks to Gwen Hotel, you can camp under the stars on Chicago's famous Michigan Avenue. From summer to September 30, Gwen's city Carnival can be attended. You will be housed in a lotus bell tent, a luxury glamp venue on the 16th floor of the landmark McGraw Hill. This package will save you $5500 per night, plus shuttle transportation and s'mores denial of service. Guests can either sleep outside the luxurious lotus bell tent or enter the Gwen lux suite, a two bedroom, 2.5 bathroom suite with a dining room and spacious living room. Professional tips: if you are a light sensitive sleeper, please select an eye mask. The bright morning sun is your alarm clock when you shine. Credit: Collin Pearson photography / Gwen Hotel

9. Pass up resort: greeno, Montana, is the only way for travelers who want to personalize their five-star dazzling experience. The concierge service of the hotel will arrange your itinerary before you arrive. You will notice from your favorite drink to your equestrian experience level. In addition, the hotel also provides convenient facilities, such as suite bathroom with heated slate floor, plush bedding, temperature control, Wi Fi, camping housekeeper, etc. It has an extensive list of activities, including all terrain vehicles, horseback riding, real cattle drives, clay shooting, dog drawn sledges, snowmobiles, snowshoes, cross-country skiing and water rafting, kayaking, boating, wake-up boards and water skiing, as well as access to fishing boats, sailing boats and water trampolines. It starts at $522.50 per person per night.

Professional Tips: choose a dazzling destination with beautiful scenery and a place equivalent to a mountain dessert. In this way, you can enjoy great outdoors without sharing experience with too many bugs!

Credit: PAS resort

10. Hutton Manor: Kingston, New York City is located in the center of the Catskill Mountains, along the Hudson River is the unique and simple Hutton manor. Each hunting style tent is equipped with large beds, foam foam mattresses, plush bedding, wooden flooring, personalized carpets and elaborate furniture. A separate shared bathroom structure features toiletries from apotheker Brooklyn. Special shows throughout the season include sunrise yoga, guest astronomer conferences, farm to table dinners, and more. While there is a mobile service, there is no Wi Fi available in this "unplugged environment" to encourage you to make the most of all the areas available, including hiking, cycling, kayaking, swimming and boating. It's $225 a night.

Professional Tips: "check the weather before you travel, even if you are in summer, you should enjoy it. "The temperature drops at night, so it's important to bring a comfortable sweater or jacket just in case," said co-founder David Levin. Autocam: Santa Barbara, California

Autocam Santa Barbara allows guests to experience the air flow, and has a short walking distance from all restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries provided by the famous coastal town of socal. Autocamp offers ample amenities, complete suites with comfortable beds, duvets, Malin + Goetz bath products and flat screen TVs, but encourages guests to experience the DIY nature of camping and outdoor accommodation, barbecue grills for outdoor cooking, outdoor patio chair kitchens and cookware. The price starts at $225 per night.

Professional tip: "one thing that enhances the dazzling experience is that I can make an incredible dinner outdoors. With cast iron and bonfire, you can create infinite things. "It also brings all the attributes of the perfect S'more," said Ryan Miller, co-founder and chief marketing officer. Heritage inspiration: Taos, New Mexico

unlike many other gorgeous resorts, heritage inspiration is not a fixed property or place: you are taken to the rugged and charming wilderness in northern New Mexico by a guide. The company dragged field supplies (comfortable canvas tents, foam mattresses, bedside cupboards and canvas chairs) to remote camps in the wilderness, set up charming facilities at different locations, and guided you along an outdoor outdoor adventure in New Mexico. Think of this experience as an all-round, multi day southwest caravan trip, so only real adventures need to be applied for! A three-day, two-night trip costs $850. "

Professional tip: " bring a headlight or flashlight so that you don't stumble in the dark when you need to get something out of your tent or bag at night, "said Angelia Murray, the owner and guide.

Credit: Paulina Giovanni photography / Heritage inspiration

13 years old. Camping: nationwide

if there is no place for you to enjoy, please choose your own campsite at will. It works like this: you book a campsite anywhere in the U.S. (extra shipping fees are required outside California), and the Los Angeles based company handles everything from building to demolition. Accommodation uses locally purchased goods to create fashionable and fashionable accommodation for each tent. In addition, each tent bag can be arranged to personal weekends through additional components such as coffee cart, toiletries bag, camp housekeeper, etc. Tents with furniture start at $650 for one to three nights.

Professional Tips: Shayla Quinn, a travel influencer and yoga instructor, was stunned at the Joshua Tree campsite in California. She suggested wearing a face towel because many places don't have a real bathroom. Must there be anything else good? " Rose water spray, comfortable socks or slippers in the tent, a reusable stainless steel water bottle (which can hold hot and cold drinks), a good book, a flashlight or lantern and hand washing liquid! " What do you think? Have you ever camped out? What about oiling? Can these attractions inspire you to travel? Does it appeal to you? What other websites do you recommend? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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