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The Ultimate At-Home Workout for Women With Busy Schedules



you don't need a fancy gym to get a good workout. There are many family exercises for women! It's really hard to find the time to go to the gym. Although you want to exercise, life seems to get in the way of you. We get it. But we get the good news: exercise at home, only 20 minutes, you can meet the needs of the day. Even better: you don't need a ton of expensive equipment to do your job. 'because your body is always with you, you have the opportunity to do something every day that makes you sweat,' said David chesworth, fitness director at Hilton Hyde health center. Push ups, lunges, squats, burps, springboards, jumps and other weight exercises do not require any equipment, and can be done almost anywhere. We invite fitness experts to share their favorite quick and simple exercise methods, which can even be crammed into the busiest schedule. Before we further study, please note: Although these are designed for women, there is nothing that men can't do! The meat you need for the four best home exercises for women is entirely up to you. To maximize the impact of your stag, you can do a combination exercise - or a single exercise for multiple muscle groups. Here, Boston personal trainer Irene Bailey offers four great moves to integrate into your daily life.

action 1: squatting and pressing

squatting and pressing is a good low impact exercise. &"Your heart rate will rise rapidly without putting too much pressure on your joints," Bailey said. &Plus you & 39; squat down again, press your upper body up, and your upper body and abdomen together stabilize the whole movement.

  1. stand with feet and hips apart.
  2. lift a pair of dumbbells on your shoulders, palms facing in. (& quot; you can usually choose a slightly heavier weight than the standard shoulder press because you are using the squat momentum to lift the weight, & quot; she added.)
  3. squat down and press the dumbbell on your head when you stand up. Complete 12 repetitions. Step 2: rotate the scaffold to support you through daily exercise. Bailey added that spinning boards is a better core strengthening exercise because they not only isolate the core, but also allow your shoulders, back, gluteus maximus and quadriceps to be exercised. &It's more cost-effective for your money. &From the straight arm bracket, the shoulder is higher than the elbow, and the elbow is higher than the wrist. Your body should be a straight line from your head to your feet.
  4. focus on your core, shift your center of gravity to your left palm, and rotate your right arm up to the ceiling. Your heels will spin to the floor, your body will form a "T." pause, then go back to the starting point and repeat on the other side. Complete each side 10 times. If you feel difficult, you can replace it with a lower board. &You will feel your core strength at work and may not be able to support your board for a long time, but you will activate your muscles! &Bailey said the sport strengthens your lower abdomen, stressing the importance of keeping your lower back stuck to the floor all the time. &A few years ago, I had a mentor trainer who told me to think like this & 39; there's a row of ants crawling under a small curve on your back, and you need to flatten the ants. I really like it. &Quot;

    1. lie on your back with legs straight, hands behind your head, elbows open. Press the lower back on the ground to combine the body with the core.
    2. lift your head, neck, and chest while lifting your knees to the chest.
    3. pause and return to the starting point. Do not allow the foot or head to touch the ground between repetitions. Do 15 to 20. Step four, says Bailey, is to jump and kick. This step can exercise your entire abdomen, and it's very difficult. &'you have a very cruel feeling, especially in the low abs that women often try to attack,' she said. &This is a good step-up to increase your daily activities at home. &Quote;


      1. lie on your back and stretch your legs.
      2. put your hands under your hips, press your lower back into the ground, and combine it with your core muscles.
      3. lift your legs about 5 inches off the ground, one at a time. Complete 25 kicks on each side. Of course, it's good to do killer exercises in the gym, but Kate ligler, a certified fitness coach and physical and mental health program manager, says it's very easy to do it quickly at home. It only needs a plan and a little motivation. Here, she lets you focus on balance, flexibility and strength through a 15 minute core reinforcement circuit, which also increases your heart rate, target key muscles and makes you feel fulfilled.

        30 seconds for each exercise, alternating legs if necessary. Over time, it lasts 60 seconds. Finish three rounds with minimum rest between moves.

        move 1: inchworm

        1. start from standing, fold at the hip, until hands reach the floor in front.
        2. walk your hands forward until you reach the plank position and keep your legs straight. Go back with both hands and return to standing position. Step 2: the climber starts from the plank.
        3. alternately move the right knee and the left knee to the chest.
        4. speed up and keep legs shifting. Step 3: the lunge starts from the standing position, one step forward, and the next step when the knees are bent 90 degrees. Return to standing position and repeat on the other side. Step back on the first foot for a reverse lunge and repeat on the other side.
          1. Mobile 4: single leg lifting

            1. imagine taking a pencil off the floor while keeping the balance of one leg. The key is to extend the unbalanced leg behind you and maintain a good posture (long spine) when reaching to the ground.
              1. Mobile 5: windshield wiper frame

                1. supine, legs extended to the ceiling, consistent in the whole action.
                2. extend your arms to both sides to ensure that the shoulder blades, spine, and palms are in contact with the ground. Slowly lower your legs side by side toward the back of each hand. Try to keep the scapula fixed on the ground and challenge the posture muscles.